2015-2016 committees and chairs

The VHCA and the Virginia-Highland neighborhood thrives through community activism and awareness. We need and welcome your involvement in any of our committees. You can join through any of the emails listed below or by expressing an interest at any of our monthly meetings.

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Responsibilities: Review and approval of proposed annual budgets submitted by each Committee chair, together with any subsequent requests for funds or budget amendments that exceed $5,000.

Co-Chairs: Peggy Berg and Jack White

Committee Members: Lola Carlisle, Jess Windham, Robin Ragland

Contact: budget@vahi.org

Communications – Community Website, Social Media and Emails

Responsibilities: Planning and oversight of all VHCA outreach and awareness building including regular email communication, direct mail and publication of hard copy newsletters as needed. Maintain the VHCA website and sub-sites with up to date information for various committees. Manage community outreach through social media channels, email and other digital methods.

Chair: Lola Carlisle

Committee Members: Ida Centner, John Becker, Mary Johnson, Ernest Lessinger, Jess Windham

Contact: communications@vahi.org

Advertising Sales: John Becker (ads@vahi.org)



Responsibilities: The pursuit of various activities which involve and promote the neighborhood and the Association and raise funds to be expended in furthering the Association’s Goals and Objectives.

Contact: fundraising@vahi.org

Fundraising – Summerfest

Responsibilities: Organize and run the annual summer festival, the association’s single largest annual fundraiser. For more information on Summerfest, visit the  Summerfest section of this web site.

Co-Chairs: Pamela Papner, John Becker, Paige Hewell

Committee Members: Lola Carlisle, Pamela Papner, John Becker, Paige Hewell

Contact: summerfestinfo@vahi.org

Fundraising – Tour of Homes

Responsibilities: Organize and run the annual Tour of Homes, one of the association’s largest fundraisers. For more information on the Tour of Homes, click on the “Home Tour” button above.

Co-Chairs: Angelika Taylor, Robin Ragland

Committee Members: Robin Ragland, Jenifer Keenan, Erica Berg Brennon, Eleanor Barrineau, Karen Murphree, Angelika Taylor, Peter Harrell, Bill Bell, Pam Bullock, Mary Hallenberg, Mandi Robertson, Mande Harris, Kara Stringer, Sean Davey, Jo Ann Zyla, Alison Hutton, Lori Zurkuhlen, Lola Carlisle, Andy Monfalcone, Stephen Cohen, Kitsy Rose, Holle Gilbert, Amanda Lawhorne

Contact: tour@vahi.org


Responsibilities: The development, enhancement and maintenance of the park land located within Virginia-Highland, in cooperation with and as a local complement to the City of Atlanta’s primary responsibility in this area. Assisting with the preparation of the annual Comprehensive Development Plan, taking responsibility for the portion of the Plan regarding Park Land Goals and Objectives.

Chair: David Brandenberger

Committee Members: Lauren Fralick, Jack White




Responsibilities: Oversight and review of all variance requests, special exception or re-zoning applications and land-use proposals. Review of impact to the neighborhood from the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan.

Committee Members (rotating chairs): Chip Bullock, Lola Carlisle, Karen Feigh, Barry Loudis, George Van Horne, Jack White, Jess Windham

Contact: planning@vahi.org

Planning – Preservation & History

Responsibilities: Identify and educate the community on the historic features and defining qualities of Virginia-Highland.

Chair: Catherine Lewis

Committee Members: Karri Hobson-Pape, Judy Potter, Jack White, Jess Windham, Lola Carlisle, Raymond Keen

Contact: preservation@vahi.org


Responsibilities: Promote and advocate for the safety of the residents of the Virginia-Highland.

Co-Chairs: Peggy Berg, Jenifer Keenan

Committee Members: Eleanor Barrineau

Contact: safety@vahi.org

Virginia-Highland Conservation League

Responsibilities: Virginia-Highland Conservation League (VHCL) is a registered 501c(3) non-profit corporation. VHCL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Virginia-Highland Civic Association, but it has a separate Board of Directors that operates the League and makes decisions about League activities. VHCL can accept tax-deductible donations.

VHCL is organized exclusively for the promotion and furtherance of the common good, general welfare and interests of the residents of the Virginia-Highland neighborhood and the broader Atlanta community. It maintains and provides recreation areas (like North Highland Park), improves recreation areas (like John Howell Park and other facilities in the neighborhood), works on conservation and water quality, and supports other initiatives in Virginia-Highland like the renovation of historic Fire Station #19.

Chair: Catherine Lewis

Board Members: Peggy Berg, Lola Carlisle, Catherine Lewis, Genny Ferrera, Pamela Papner, Judy Potter, Jack White, Lauren Wilkes-Fralick, Jess Windham

Contact: vhcl@vahi.org