Barry Loudis

If allowed the privilege of serving on the VHCA Board, my number one goal is to work with all residents to unite, understand the needs of our changing community and keep Virginia-Highland the best neighborhood to live, work, do business and play in.
Moving to VaHi (Kentucky Ave) almost two years ago from New York City, my family (wife, Kerri and daughters, Sloan (5) and Saylor (2)) and I knew right away that we wanted to not only have an address but a home. The Virginia-Highland afforded this opportunity early and I’ve been fortunate to meet and speak with many neighbors and city officials through my participation on the Planning Committee and other community activities.
I obviously enjoy our major events like Summerfest and Tour of Homes but experiencing our parks, taking in our commercial nodes, accessing Piedmont Park and enjoying the Beltline are really what make our corner of Atlanta special. I will continue to talk with neighbors in other parts of Atlanta (NPU-F and beyond) to hear about how they are facing their issues, learning what has worked, what hasn’t and how we can put those things appropriately into place from Ponce to Amsterdam, The Beltline to Briarcliff.
My areas of focus include neighborhood safety, proper planning for both residential and business development and continuing to make VaHi’s voice heard on the city, county and state levels.
I currently sit on the VaHi Planning Committee and have assisted with projects effecting the VaHi business districts, parking configurations and bike lanes. I live on Kentucky Ave.