Committee Chair

  • Cherry Frederick

Committee Members

  • Angela Burt-Murray

The Committee will use VHCA website, the VOICE, Facebook and other media to raise awareness of association and neighborhood activities supporting the efforts of the organization.

Recurring Annual Goals
Ensure all communications reflect a consistent style and represent VHCA’s goal of community engagement, education, and empowerment.

Seek opportunities for interpersonal communication with association members.

Monitor relevant social and print media and recommend appropriate responses, as needed. Alert appropriate committees to respond.

Work cooperatively with local media outlets (Creative Loafing, Atlanta InTown, etc.) to share content, leverage subscriber databases, etc. – especially in support of events.

Reach out to communication chairs from nearby neighborhoods and find ways to leverage mutual communication efforts and email databases to increase overall reach.

Assist content providers in providing pertinent content.

Increase traffic to website by posting regularly to Facebook.

Specific Goals for 2020-2021
Publish meaningful and substantive content that promotes community engagement within VHCA, educates residents of pertinent policy and planning issues, and reflects the diversity of the neighborhood.

Increase social media following and regularly compare following with neighborhood demographics.

Implement communication strategies that allow residents to easily navigate VHCA’s structure and find tangible opportunities for involvement.

Recruit additional volunteers to help with ad sales, and content including copy, photography, video, etc.