David Brandenberger

David Brandenberger (View Video Biography)

I have been a homeowner in The Virginia-Highland on Rosedale Road since 1999. I have served on the VHCA Board for the past four years–as a volunteer on the Planning Committee for the first two years, for the entire time as a member of the Parks Committee and as Chair of the Parks Committee this past year.

As Chair of Parks, in this role, I lead—with other Board members and volunteers—efforts to maintain, enhance and support the City of Atlanta Department of Parks in their mission to enhance our public spaces at John Howell Memorial Park, Orme Park, and the Triangle at N Highland and Virginia, in addition to doing the same for the VHCA-owned North Highland Park at St. Charles Place and N Highland. In this past year–in addition to our regular efforts to work with qualified landscape professionals to augment landscape maintenance at the parks, we have also been heavily involved in implementation of the improvements to John Howell Park set forth in the Park Pride ‘matching funds’ grant VHCA was awarded last year. Most work on this significant ‘Second-Phase’ grant focuses on further ecology, safety and beautification improvements to the park. Another significant project completed this past year included working with Friends of Orme Park to navigate planning and approval for the build and install of the youth GaGa Ball Pit on the north side of Orme that has added usability for that area of Orme Park. Last, I helped to arrange for more regular and scheduled maintenance of the Triangle at N Highland and Virginia to ensure that ‘centerpiece’ of the neighborhood remains inviting year-round.

If elected to serve another term, in addition to continuing to organize and execute the ongoing work above, I would like to work to ensure that the Park Pride grant at John Howell completes successfully this fall and then would like to focus efforts back on updating the master plan for Orme Park and looking to plan for improvements there.