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I am a mom, wife, lawyer, and community activist who has lived in the Virginia-Highland for over fourteen years. I take great pride in our neighborhood and have been an active neighborhood advocate on the BeltLine and important neighborhood issues.

I served as VHCA President this past term (Oct 2016 – Sept 2017) and have been on the board for several years. As president, I worked hard to build a new board made up of several directors who were new to VHCA. We accomplished a lot in our first year – including hosting two neighborhood socials, forming a new

business task force, and bringing more transparency by publishing minutes of our monthly meetings and monthly updates on VHCA’s finances. This past year, I served on the Planning, Summerfest, Budget and Tour of Homes committees, and in 2015 was the Co-Chair of Master Plan Committee. In my role as president, I learned a lot about what it takes to keep VHCA running and the details of our two major fundraisers – Summerfest and Tour of Homes.

For the coming year, I would like to focus on planning issues, including development, traffic, and transportation. I would also like to focus on fundraising to help increase VHCA’s revenue so that we can fund more great initiatives in the neighborhood.