NC zoning – Amsterdam node

Published Feb 8, 2012

A number of Virginia-Highland residents near the Amsterdam commercial node have shown an interest in learning how NC might impact them. Several have expressed concern over the likely recommendation to include the entire Sala parking lot (the back half of which is zoned R-4) as NC.  This page is intended to capture important details of this dialog.

Below is a list of diagrams on what would be possible to build on the parking lot in the Amsterdam node should it be rezoned to NC. Note that there are currently no plans to modify existing structures. Furthermore, these plans should be compared and contrasted to what is currently possible on the site as it is zoned today (C-1) to get an accurate understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of rezoning this property:

Additional garage restrictions requested by residents
Here are restrictions requested by Amsterdam node residents for parking garages should the lot behind Sala be included in the NC rezoning. Note that these restrictions do not imply endorsement of this project by the residents participating in these discussions.

  • Simulated view from rear of property on Highland Terrace
  • Only be permitted at such time as seventy-five (75%) percent or more of the existing structures located to the west of North Highland Avenue are redeveloped.
  • Have a maximum height of fourteen (14) feet as measured from the lowest point of grade located greater than one hundred and fifty (150) feet from North Highland Avenue;
  • Have a staggered double-row of x trees located a minimum of x feet on-center and with a minimum planted height of twelve (12) feet and a minimum mature height of sixteen (16) feet. (measurements TBD)
  • Utilize only brick, wood, stucco, stone or mansard as exterior materials. All materials shall be earth-toned.