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Join Neighborhood Watch

Get involved in promoting a safer Virginia-Highland. Help connect your neighbors and receive detailed safety reports about crimes in our neighborhood and what to be aware of.

Become a Street Captain for your block, condominium, apartment building, workplace or house of worship: If your street does not have a captain for the neighborhood watch initiative – consider volunteering to better prepare yourself and your neighbors for unforeseen incidents.

Click to send an email to VHCA safety and get connected with your Safety Team Street Captain to receive the Safety Team Report via email from them. Please include your VaHi street address with house number.
If the link above doesn’t work for you, send an email to

Virginia-Highland Security patrol

The Virginia-Highland Security Patrol (begun in 1995 at Fight Back Against Crime (FBAC) is operated as an independent 501c3 and funded by member contributions and business sponsorships. It is staffed by off-duty Atlanta Police officers with full policing powers such as making arrests, “running plates” on cars, etc. The patrols covers every street in Virginia-Highland with one five-hour shift each day, benefiting the entire community. Members enjoy added benefits like checks on their house while out of town and direct cellphone access to the patrol officers. FBAC is independent and not part of VHCA. Learn more about the patrol.

Safety tips

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