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Minutes – November 4, 2002

November 4, 2002

  Virginia-Highland Civic Association Monthly Board Meeting, YWCA Monday, November 4, 2002, 7:00 PM Minutes   A quorum being present, Steven Kushner called the meeting to order. New business / old business: Anna Copello, Poncey Highland Neighborhood Association President, requested a letter of support in opposition to the zoning change requested by The Covenant House,…

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Voice – Winter 2002

November 1, 2002

Download PDF (3.2 MB) – Lighting the home for the holidays, by Darrah Horgan – Letters to the editor – safety – President’s address, by Steve Kushner (Summerfest, Hilan Theatre, Atkins Park parking) – Safety during the holidays, by Officer Nicole Rabel – Money magner misses mosquitos, by Chip Gallagher – Broken sidewalk? We can…

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Minutes October 2, 2002

October 2, 2002

Virginia-Highland Civic Association Monthly General Meeting, Ponce de Leon Library Wednesday, October 2, 2002, 7:30 PM Minutes   Steve Kushner opened the meeting with general announcements and introduction of the new board. Goals and Objectives for 2003 are being developed. $10,000 has been set aside for improving sidewalks. Update from Anne Fauver’s office: (by Janet…

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Voice – Fall 2002

August 1, 2002

Download PDF (1.1 MB) – VaHi gets first Jewish outreach center (Chabad Intown) – Letter to the editor from Ben Northrup: “New urbanism is not mere nostalgia” – Child and infant CPR classes – Fundraiser for Piedmont Park off-leash dog park – Officer Dave gives advice – President’s corner: Summerfest success – The 100 crape…

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Voice – Spring 2002

March 1, 2002

Download as PDF (1.3 MB) – VHCA unveils new web site for the new year and years to come, by Gina Davis – PEDS update, by billie jo – Summerfest committee introduces new chair of the Summerfest Artists’ Market, by P.K. Trettel – President’s Address – Ask Officer Dave – Intown Women’s Group to host…

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