SPARK Elementary School Student Safety

Thanks to Stephany Heller, Virginia Avenue Street Captain and SPARK mother, for getting the ball rolling for a 911 training session for these students. I attended one of the student sessions led by 911 call center staffers and was amazed at how well-trained the 1st graders were about stranger danger and how to call 911 for help. Thanks also to SPARK principal, Ms. Yolanda Brown, and 911 call center director, Lieutenant Brenda Ross, for their help in setting this up. Thanks also to the alert and aware parents we have for training their kids about urban safety.

Then shortly later, SPARK students got to meet APD Officer McGruff, for more safety training. This story at –

Speaking of Lieutenant Ross – congrats to her for achieving a 90% answer rate in 10 seconds for 911 assistance calls. This achievement rate did not happen without a lot of hard work on her part. The story at –

Let me know if there is interest in presenting these same programs at Morningside School and I’ll get busy.


Register for Smart 911

To aid you when you have to make a 911 emergency call for help – sign up for the APD Smart 911 system to have your household vitals already registered. It’s so much easier to remember facts in this enrollment process at your keyboard than when you are frantically calling for help in an emergency. To learn more about this helpful APD and AFR aid – read the article at East Atlanta Patch. This enrollment does not ask for social security or driver’s license numbers. The city hopes to have at least 20,000 folks signed up by year’s end.



If you have not already filed your household/family info with the new Smart 911 system – go to for info as to how to let our 911 folks know about details you may have trouble remembering when you make a 911 call in an emergency. So much easier to get all the facts straight before an emergency situation.


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