Water Restrictions Notice from Anne Fauver

From: “Fauver, Anne” <afauver@AtlantaGa.Gov> Subject: Exemptions to watering restrictions Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 10:08:47 Attention: District 6 Residents

Exemptions to City of Atlanta Watering Restrictions Specified

The following activities are exempted from the City of Atlanta’s new watering restrictions:

  • Personal Food Gardens
  • Newly (in place less than 30 days) installed landscapes – these may be watered any day of the week between the hours of Midnight and 10 a.m. for a period of 30 days following installation

The following commercial outdoor water uses are exempt from watering restrictions:

Professionally certified or licensed landscapers, golf course contractors, and sports turf landscapers: during installation and 30 days following installation only. Professional landscapers must be certified or licensed for commercial exemptions to apply.

  • Irrigation contractors: during installation and as needed for proper maintenance and adjustments of irrigation systems and equipment only.
  • Sod producers.
  • Ornamental growers.
  • Fruit and vegetable growers.
  • Retail garden centers.
  • Hydro-seeding.
  • Power-washing.
  • Construction sites.
  • Producers of food and fiber.
  • Car washes.
  • Other activities essential to daily business.
  • Watering-in of pesticides and herbicides on turf.
All other uses fall under the new service-area-wide restrictions which state:

City of Atlanta customers may only water outdoors on Saturdays and Sundays between midnight and 10 a.m.; even-numbered addresses on Saturday and odd-numbered addresses on Sunday. No outdoor watering is allowed Monday through Friday until further notice. This service area includes the City of Atlanta, Sandy Springs and unincorporated South Fulton County.