VHCA Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers


The Virginia-Highland Civic Association Annual General Meeting will be held September 22 at the Inman Middle School Cafeteria from 6:30 – 9:00pm. Grants will be awarded and the 2016/2017 Board of Directors will be elected. 

The Springdale Park Elementary Advanced Chorus, led by Music Director Brianne Turgeon, will kick off the meeting again this year, so be sure to arrive early to hear them! They will start at 7:00pm.

Please submit your grant applications to board@vahi.org. Applications can be found here. The association has given out grants to local non-profits, schools and other organizations doing work that benefits our membership right here in Virginia-Highland.

The nominating committee (Lola Carlisle, Kevin Cronin and Jess Windham) will be accepting bios from those interested in running for the Board. Please reach out to the Board with questions and review the activities and the mission of the association on our website. The Committees page and Strategic Goals from prior years are particularly informative. 

To be included on the printed and published ballot, please email your bio to jlwindham@gmail.com, lola@tailfin.com, and cronink@me.com by September 6. Please include a paragraph on your experiences in the neighborhood and goals for serving on the 2016/2017 VHCA Board. You can see bios of current board members here.


VHCA Annual General Meeting and Election of Board Members: Thursday, Sept. 19th, Inman Cafeteria, 6:30 PM

VHLogo_color_horiz_letterheadThe Virginia-Highland Civic Association’s annual meeting and election of board of directors will be held Thursday September 19th in the Inman Middle School cafeteria, starting at 6:30 PM.

The VHCA board consists of ten members and one alternate who are elected to one-year terms by residents at the annual meeting. There’s also an ‘Atkins Park designee’ board member who is chosen by the Atkins Park Homeowners Association prior to the annual meeting.

The alternate member has historically functioned as a full board member, but formally votes only if another member is not present. The VaHi resident getting the fewest votes of the top eleven residents receiving votes in the election serves as the alternate member.

DSC06465Our neighborhood thrives because of a high level of volunteer involvement by residents in a variety of areas. The framework for much of this volunteerism is provided through VHCA’s committees: Budget, Fundraising (Summerfest, Tour of Homes), Planning, Preservation and History, Parks, Safety, Education and Communications.  Please visit  https://vahi.org/inside-vhca/committees-and-chairs/ for a complete list of the association’s committees, their areas of responsibility and their current chairs/members.

A list of those serving on the 2012-13 VHCA board and their contact information is at https://vahi.org/inside-vhca/board-members/. Any of these board members would be glad to talk with you about the responsibilities and time commitments associated with board service and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Many citizens reach the board after serving on a committee, but this is not a specific requirement for running.  If you’d like to run for a seat on the board, please send an email to communications@vahi.org with your name, contact info, a short bio, and a few comments on how and why you’d like to get involved.  A list of all residents running for the board with brief bios will be published on vahi.org and included in The Voice e-newsletter prior to the September 19 annual meeting.

We encourage all VaHi residents to attend the annual meeting and make your voice heard.  (Please be sure to bring your ID or recent utility bill in your name as proof of residency). The more residents we have at the meeting, the more the VHCA’s 2013-14 leadership will reflect the collective thoughts and goals of our community.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our annual meeting in September.


Agenda Set for 2013 VHCA Annual/General Meeting

VHLogo_color_horiz_letterheadFollowing is the tentative agenda for tonight’s annual/general meeting of the Virginia-Highland Civic Association.

Virginia-Highland Civic Association Annual General Meeting

6:30 PM;  Thursday, September 19, 2013; Inman Middle School Cafeteria                       


Call to Order and Welcome

Intro of Choir

  • Music@SPARK Advanced Chorus –– Chorus Director, Brianne Turgeon

Opening Remarks

Recognition of City and Elected Representatives

  • APD
  • Georgia House of Representatives District 57: Rep. Pat Gardner
  • City of Atlanta District 6: Councilmember Alex Wan
  • APS Board of Education District 3:  Rep. Cecily Harsch-Kinnane
  • APS School Board Member-Elect Matt Westmoreland
  • Other elected representatives

Recognition of Guests

  • Candidates for At-Large seats on the APS Board of Education
  • Candidates for Atlanta City Council District 6
  • Candidates for At-Large City Council seats

Nomination Committee Report and Election of Board Members

Presentation of Committee Reports

Recognition of Retiring VHCA Board Members (Arturo Cruz-Tucker, Nicole Forschler Horn, Pam Papner, David Wolfson)

VHCA Grant Awards  for 2013

Announcement of Election Results

New Business

Closing & Adjournment