Agenda: October VHCA Monthly Board and General Meeting

VaHi-Logo-Vertical-Hypen-RGBFollowing is the tentative agenda for the Monday October 13 monthly Board/General meeting of the Virginia-Highland Civic Association:

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Welcome from Reverend Zachary Thompson

Police & Fire Dept. representatives: Zone 6

City of Atlanta officials; other public officials & municipal representatives


V-14--200; 841 Virginia Circle (SW corner of De Leon Ave.); the zoning is R-4 in the BeltLine Overlay.

Applicant Cathie Magnan Power (on behalf of owners Allan & Lori Levy) seeks a variance to reduce the required half-depth front yard setback (along De Leon Ave.,  on the west) from 17.5’ (existing) to 8’ to allow for a rear addition (with a garage underneath) to an existing single-family dwelling.

The addition will be level with the main floor of the existing home; garage access will be from De Leon Avenue.   A new terrace will act as a rain garden to capture stormwater.  Unrelated to this project, concrete from an old parking pad in the very rear of the lot adjacent to a very old oak tree will be removed by hand. Letters of notification were sent on 9/29/14 to 825, 826, 840, 843, & 844 Virginia Aves and 828, 840, & 846 Adair Avenue.

The Planning Committee unanimously recommended approval conditioned on the applicant’s provision of a revised site plan stamped by the City showing elevations and better tree details.

V-14-213; 815 Drewry St. NE.   Deferred at request of applicant.

V-14-197; 657 Cresthill; the zoning is R-4 

Applicants and owners Kasey Libbey seek a variance to reduce the west sideyard setback from 7′ (required) to 3′ to allow a new addition and deck on the rear of the property.

The proposed additions total 1081 s.f. and bring the lot coverage to 50%. Two boundary trees (a 36’ hardwood and a 24” pine) will be lost. Though the applicant’s infiltration test suggests that no formal mitigation is required by city regulations, they are adding a 65 s.f. rain garden at the southwest corner to accommodate new stormwater.

The Planning Committee unanimously recommended approval based on the applicant’s provision of a revised site plan matching that one signed at the Planning Committee meeting that included the rain garden. (Mr. Bulloch did not participate in this vote.)

2014/15 Committee Appointments:

  • Communication: John Becker, Chair; Lola Carlisle
  • Finance: Peggy Berg and Jack White (ex-officio), Co-Chairs; Lola Carlisle; Jess Windham
  • Fundraising – Summerfest: John Becker & Paige Hewitt, Co-Chairs, Lola Carlisle, Pam Papner.
  • Fundraising – Tour of Homes: Robin Ragland & Angelika Taylor, Co-Chairs; Lola Carlisle
  • Parks: David Brandenberger, Chair; John Becker, Lauren Fralick, Colleen Lysen, Jack White
  • Planning: (rotating chairs); David Brandenberger, Chip Bullock; Lola Carlisle; Karen Feigh, Jenifer Keenan, George Van Horne, Jack White, Jess Windham
  • Safety: Peggy Berg, Chair

Appointments to the Virginia-Highland Conservation League (VHCL) Board (term is three years): Genny Ferrero, Judy Potter, Jack White

ToH update – Angelika, Robin

Music Midtown update – Jack

JHP construction update – David

Calendar update – Lola

New Business



Agenda for March 11, 2013 VHCA Board and General Meeting

Virginia-Highland Civic Association Monthly Meeting

7:00 PM, Monday March 11 2013; Ponce de Leon Ave. Library

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda and Approval of Minutes  

Reports from Police and Fire Representatives

City of Atlanta Officials  

Other Elected Officials and Guests

Planning Committee: Lola Carlisle

> Addition of new member Jess Windham


V-13-017, 617 Cresthill Ave NE

V-13-019, 1049 North Virginia Avenue NE

V-13-027, 988 Lanier Blvd NE

V-13-028, 750 Drewry Street NE

V-13-033, 994 Lanier Blvd NE

VHCA Goals and Budget for 2013


> Summerfest update – Pamela Papner

Parks:  Lauren Wilkes-Fralick

> John Howell Park report

> New Highland Park grand opening event – Pamela Papner


> Sidewalks Update – Peggy Berg

New Business

Calendar Items: Lola Carlisle



Minutes – Board Meeting – January 14, 2013

Virginia Highland Civic Association Board of Directors Monthly Meeting
7:00 PM; Monday, January 14, 2013; Ponce de Leon Library


Mr. White called the meeting to order at 7 PM.

The following Board members were present: Jack White, Lola Carlisle, Jenifer Keenan, Arturo Cruz-Tucker, John Becker, Nicole Foerschler Horn, Genny Ferrero, and Lauren Wilkes Fralick; Peggy Berg is teaching class and arrived subsequently, as did Pamela Papner. David Wolfson was absent with notice.


Mr. White made and Nicole Foerschler Horn seconded a motion to adopt the agenda attached hereto as Annex A. The motion was approved unanimously.


Lieutenant Klutzer reported on the crime levels in the neighborhood. He noted that property crimes are the main issue; he touched again on the ‘Clean Car’ campaign. Most vehicle break-ins involve the theft of computers and such, and he explained that a perpetrator will often break into a car that contains a gym bag hoping that it contains valuables. Upon questioning from the audience, he further advised that alarms, dogs, and high exterior visibility discourage home break-ins.


Atlanta City Council District 6 member Alex Wan reported that he will remain on the Zoning Committee this year, and will also serve on the Finance/Budget committee and Utilities. Tomorrow the City will be voting on the recently revised ‘green infrastructure’ stormwater management ordinance; Mr. Wan complimented the neighborhood as being cited by the Department of Watershed Management for its persistent championing of methods that improve on-site stormwater collection and reduce impervious surfaces.

Mr. Wan also touched on the proposed attempts in the Cheshire Bridge corridor to phase out existing non-coming grandfathered uses. He explained that zoning was changed in 2005, and he believed that eight years has been sufficient time to recover investments. Negotiations about this matter will be ongoing for some time.

At the request of Ms. Horn, Mr. Wan also spoke about the proposed football stadium. The Atlanta Falcons ownership wants a stadium with a retractable dome, partly to assist in the pursuit of future Super Bowl events. A new stadium will require paying off the existing bonds, the approval of the Georgia legislature of the hotel/motel rental tax for construction, and an estimated $200-300M in infrastructure repairs by the City. Mr. Wan opposes the proposal, since the stadium was renovated only a few years ago; he would prefer that the legislature use hotel/motel taxes for other purposes.

An audience member asked about overhead power lines. Mr. Wan noted that it is generally very expensive to bury the lines and that Georgia Power has not been broadly supportive of such efforts.

An audience member questioned whether any attempts had been made to address loitering at Ponce City Market. Mr. Wan explained that the City recently passed a panhandling ordinance, which attempted to more clearly define what constitutes “panhandling” in the City. We are only 60 days into the new bill, and he expects that the APD is “ramping up its ability to deal with it.”


Piedmont Heights Master Plan. Mr. Bill Seay of Piedmont Heights presented that neighborhood’s Master Plan as part of its outreach to the other communities in NPU-F. He detailed the history of the Piedmont Heights area and how it has evolved to its present state. Experiencing greater traffic with limited ingress and egress points to the community, the Piedmont Heights community viewed the building of the Beltline and its associated changes as an opportunity to address major transportation problems in that community. Their proposed master plan contemplates a number of solutions to improve access and ameliorate traffic on Piedmont and Monroe, including their adoption of the Beltline recommendation to reduce the section of Monroe Drive from Montgomery Ferry to Piedmont from 4 lanes to 3, with separated bike lands and a middle turn lane. Mr. Seay specifically pointed out several potential roundabouts (including one at the intersection of Piedmont and Monroe) that might improve traffic movement. All surrounding neighborhoods have contributed to the revised master plan. After questioning from the audience, Mr. White noted that this plan would not address the segment of Monroe south of Piedmont Heights, and that this Board may want to consider a study that anticipates and addresses the already existing high volumes of traffic in that span, which includes Morningside and Virginia-Highland. He further noted that Mr. Wan supports our efforts to examine what possibilities for traffic studies may occur in the anticipated bond issue.

After thanking Mr. Seay for his presentation, Ms. Ferrero made a motion to express VHCA support of the Piedmont Heights Master Plan at the upcoming NPU meeting, in order that that neighborhood may use it as a basis for future studies and negotiations for improvements. Ms. Berg seconded it, and the motion passed unanimously.

Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon. Danielle Puckerin ( spoke on behalf of US Road Sports regarding the upcoming Annual Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day. Some road closures will be expected, and such closures will be noted at Ms. Berg asked Ms. Puckerin to make all road markings for the marathon in washable paint; some prior road races have failed to do. An audience member also suggested that in future years, the marathon could consider using the Beltline to avoid creating a ring around various neighborhoods that substantially impedes traffic flow. Another audience member also suggested that efforts be made to address traffic for safety reasons. Mr. White asked if the clean-up efforts will match those of previous years; Ms. Puckerin assured the group that they will.


  • Planning – Ms. Carlisle spoke on behalf of the Planning committee with respect to the following item:
  • V-12-217; 842 Highland Terrace NE. –Architect Magdalena Bach spoke on behalf of the owner and co-applicant John Vertefeuille, who seek a variance from the zoning regulations to reduce the west side yard setback from 7’ to 3’8”. The renovation will involve lifting the roof three feet and will not change the existing footprint of the home. Ms. Carlisle reported that the Planning Committee observed no tree issues or stormwater concerns at its site visit; lot coverage will remain at 15.2%. The Planning Committee requested that the owner plant some additional trees and shrubs at the low area at the rear, above a previously-piped stream; the applicant agreed to do so. The Planning Committee unanimously recommended approval of the application. Ms. Papner explained that the home next door to this site had recently been sold and asked whether this information had been sent to the new owner. The property records have not been updated, but Ms. Papner volunteered to do so and Ms. Bach said she’s be glad to speak to them. Ms. Carlisle moved to approve the variance request and Ms. Horn seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
  • New Member of Planning Committee. Karen Feigh, who lives on St. Charles and teaches at George Tech, has volunteered to become a member of the Planning Committee, particularly to assist in its recordkeeping and outreach. Ms. Carlisle made and Ms. Ferrero seconded a motion that Ms. Feigh be appointed to that committee, and it passed unanimously.
  • Fundraising

Tour of Homes. Arturo Cruz-Tucker reported the financial outcomes of the 2012 Tour of Homes, as follows: Total Ticket Sales: $27,614; Total Sponsor Funds Collected to Date: $13,600, with $1000 still pending; Total Profits: $34,903. It was an outstanding performance by the Tour of Homes Committee, with a record net that exceeded last year’s previous record.

Summerfest. Ms. Papner provided an update on progress for the Summerfest 2013. To that end, she stated that almost all new contracts are in place, and that her committee has already made much progress (nearing $100,000) with respect to sponsorships. In particular, there has been a strong interest expressed with regard to beverage sponsorships for the event. Further, Ms. Papner noted that she has confirmed a media sponsorship with CBS Atlanta, and will be meeting with Creative Loafing to discuss other promotional materials.

  • Parks
  • John Howell Park. VHCA has received a $50,000 grant from Park Pride to apply to park improvements. We are in the process of receiving bids from contractors to determine where the work will be done. We are also beginning fundraising efforts to match the funds. Any interested party can go to the website to purchase bricks for John Howell.
  • VHCL / New Highland Park. We have received a contract proposal for monthly maintenance at New Highland Park from Evergreen. The maintenance proposal is for $40 per month, and includes cutting, edging, blowing, removing debris. Additionally, benches are now installed at New Highland Park, and only a few incremental planning items remain (all of which will be completed before the grand opening on March 16). Festivities will take place at noon.
  • Budget Committee – The 2013 budget will strongly resemble the budget for 2012 and that information will be available online or at the next meeting.
  • Safety Committee – Ms. Berg noted that she has been working to recruit street captains to fill the few gaps that exist, and has identified severral good cnadiates. She further noted that she recently had a meeting with FBAC, which has had a change in management, and she hopes to be working with them as time goes on. She also mentioned putting together a packet for new homeowners in the neighborhood. The cost will be approximately $500 per year, and will also address renters. The package will include coupons to businesses in the neighborhood (including some Morningside businesses as well). With regard to the sidewalk project, Ms. Berg reported that the City received a bid to complete the sidewalks at an amount equal to $13 per foot, which is much higher than was anticipated. Ms. Berg has asked the City to obtain a new quote that reflects a more realistic number. Additionally, Ms. Berg noted that the City now has an official sidewalk committee, of which she is a member.


David Rein has resigned as an alternate board member. Several people have expressed interest in replacing him.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


Minutes – Board Meeting – December 10, 2012

Virginia Highland Civic Association Monthly Meeting
7:00 PM; Monday, December 10, 2012

Ponce de Leon Library


Unusual circumstances resulted in the customary library meeting room being unexpectedly inaccessible at the last moment. No suitable alternative space being available, the Board determined that it would be prudent to simply hear those planning matters that were most pressing and to defer all other agenda items.

Ms. Carlisle therefore called the meeting to order at 7 PM outside the meeting room.

The following Board members were present: John Becker, Peggy Berg, Lola Carlisle, Arturo Cruz-Tucker, Genny Ferrero, Nicole Foerschler Horn, Jennifer Keenan, Pamela Papner, and David Wolfson. Jack White was not far away, but he was not present.


The following planning items were addressed:

LRB-413: Applicant Nadir Noormohammed Pirana presented his application for a new license (beer and wine only) for ‘Welcome 8 Foodmart’ at 730 Barnett Street NE, Unit C. The applicant reported that he has successfully maintained retail establishments at other locations for over ten (10) years, has installed safety features at the site, has an alcohol serving training program in place, and has no record of alcohol violations in the past ten (10) years. Based on this information, the Planning Committee voted unanimously to recommend approval at its meeting on December 5, 2012. In response to a question from the Board, Mr. Pirana confirmed that single-size portions of alcohol would not be sold at the site. The Board voted unanimously to support the application.

V-12-172; 1029 Bellevue Drive NE

Applicant Roderick Cloud requests a varied to reduce the (west) side yard setback from 7’ (required) to 4’ to construct a new garage behind a new house currently permitted and already under construction at the location. The Planning Committee made a series of site visits on this matter; the original application was sited near the rear setback, was over 50% impervious and requested a variance therefrom, was 20’ high, and had a 2nd story with a window overlooking the neighbors to the rear. After hearing the Planning Committee was highly likely to oppose such a plan in its entirety, the applicant withdrew those requests and presented a plan that moved the garage forward and reduced its footprint (ending the >50% impervious content), removed the window, reduced the overall height to 16’, included 4 trees on the rear of the garage for absorption of water and screening, and provided 440 gallons of onsite stormwater retention in the form of rain barrels.

The Committee approved these aspects of the plan at its meeting on 11-7-12, at which point the neighbors to the rear indicated that their privacy and runoff objections had been addressed.

That notwithstanding, VHCA member John Jugovic (address) reiterated his belief that this house was too big, that such McMansions should not be allowed, and that they were ruing the neighborhood. Committee members noted yet again that they too had lots of varied of personal opinions about a number of aesthetic issues and trends in the neighborhood but knew very well that the BZA based its own decisions on code-based factors. Eventually Mr. Jugovic reasserted his belief that >50% of the conditioned space in the basement is above grade now and would be at completion and should therefore be included as floor area in the FAR computation. If Mr. Jugovic is accurate, the FAR would be over the allowable limit and would therefore not be legal and ineligible to receive a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

VHCA Planning Committee members Mark Arnold and Chip Bullock (both registered architects with decades of experience and practice) independently visited the site as it stands under construction and disagreed with Mr. Jugovic’s assessment. The Board and the applicant had agreed to a 1-month deferral at the November BoD specifically to give Mr. Jugovic time to request an inspection by the city, notwithstanding that such matters are not typically ruled on by the Bureau of Buildings until a CO is requested after construction is substantially complete.

Mr. Jugovic appeared at the Planning Committee meeting on December 5th and said he had not been able to get the city to respond to his phone calls. Asked if he had made the request in writing at any point to any specific individual, he said he had not. Asked if he would like Planning Committee assistance, he declined and said he would continue to pursue this on his own.

Committee members pointed out repeatedly that the calculation of FAR is a code requirement issue independent of the variance request before it and therefore outside the purview of this variance, the Bureau of Zoning Adjustment, and the NPU. Mr. White pointed out that a 1-month deferral had already been granted without even a formal request in writing being submitted and asked again why Mr. Jugovic had made only anecdotal and undocumented attempts. The Planning Committee meeting ended with the committee still in support of the revised variance application.

These issues were discussed several more times in the Board meeting, after Mr. Jugovic insisted that a second deferral was appropriate. After several more iterations of the discussion, Ms. Carlisle made and Ms. Ferrero seconded a motion to approve the variance request conditioned the revised site plan date-stamped 11/08/12 that included the features noted above and added the standard garage conditions (16’ height, 60A electrical service, and hose bib only) and provision of all letters of notification. Ms. Papner, Ms. Ferrero, Ms. Keenan, Mr. Cruz-Tucker, Ms. Forschler Horn, Ms. Carlisle, and Mr. Becker all voted in favor. Mr. Wolfson abstained.

V-12-179; 1171 Rosedale Drive NE. Applicant and owner David Woodbury seeks a variance from zoning regulations to reduce the east side yard setback from 7 ft (required) to 4 ft and rear yard setback from 15’ (required) to 10’ and to reduce the lot coverage to 52.39% from its previous 50%. After several site visits and a one-month deferral, a revised plan was submitted that increased the side setback an additional foot, featured276 gallons of stormwater retention on site, a grassed median strip on the front half of the driveway that drains north toward Rosedale, additional planting at the rear of the garage, and a raised curb to prevent stormwater from exiting the property from the driveway to the rear (south). Mr. Woodbury received unanimous recommendation for approval from the VHCA Planning Committee, conditioned upon site plans (with those features) stamped and dated December 6, 2012 , with standard garage conditions (16’ high, 60A, hose bib only), and provision of all letters of notification.

Ms. Carlisle therefore moved and Ms. Forschler Horn seconded a motion to approve per the Planning committee conditions. The Board agreed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:15 PM and most people went home. Mr. White did not.


Minutes: October 8, 2012 VHCA Board Meeting

Monday, October 8, 2012; the Church of Our Saviour 


Mr. White called the meeting to order at 7 PM.   The following board members were present:   John Becker, Lola Carlisle,  Arturo Cruz-Tucker, Genny Ferrero, Pamela Papner, David Rein, and Jack White.  Lauren Wilkes Fralick, Nicole Foerschler Horn,  Jennifer Keenan, and David Wolfson and were absent with notice.  Peggy Berg had provided notice of a conflict and arrived subsequently.


Father John Bolton extended a warm welcome to the Association, guests, and community members.


Mr. White moved to approve the agenda, the motion was seconded by Ms. Carlisle, and the motion passed unanimously.


The evening shift commander for Zone 6, Neil Klotzer, spoke.   He noted that while he he did not have any statistical data available, the neighborhood’s crime statistics are available online.  He further welcomed any questions from the audience.

It was reported by an audience member that there were three robberies last month in the neighborhood, and that there is an unofficial discussion is ongoing as to whether the people who recently committed similar robberies in Midtown were the same.   Mr. Klotzer advised that he would look into the matter and invited further inquiries by providing his contact information (; 404-617-8157.    Following additional questioning, Mr. Klotzer further indicated that there were no reported incidents from the recent Streets Alive event.

Other elected officials & guests


VHCA Committee reports

Organizational Board Meeting.   Ms. Carlisle reported that the Board had its Organizational Board Meeting on September 23 and that Board officers were elected at that time as follows:   Jack White, President; Lola Carlisle, Vice President; Arturo Cruz-Tucker, Treasurer; Genny Ferrero, Secretary.   Ms. Carlise further commented on the appointment of committee chairs, all of which will be available on the VHCA website.


V-12-070;  1041 Greencove Ave. NE.   Applicant Mark Arnold spoke on behalf of owners Karrie Furman and Jeffrey Glover, who have requested a reduction in side yard setback from 7’ (required) to 3.5’.   Ms. Carlisle reported that during a site visit, no tree issue or runoff issues were observed and that the Planning Committee unanimously recommended approval.  Mr. White moved that the Board recommend approval to the NPU, conditioned upon the site plan dated 9/19/12 and proof of mailing to adjacent neighbors; the motion passed unanimously.


Mr. White spoke on behalf of Lauren Wilkes Fralick.  He reported that the application for a grant in support of the Association’s recently-approved John Howell Park Conceptual Plan had been submitted to Park Pride and that a decision was expected in the next month.  He further acknowledged and thanked all of the volunteers who made the October 7th Triangle Planting a success.   Ms. Papner spoke regarding New Highland Park, noting that construction of the park was proceeding  apace and should be substantially complete by the next meeting.   An audience member questioned whether Mr. Glancy has provided the funds raised from his race to the VHCA yet for the construction of New Highland Park.   He has not, Ms. Papner reported on behalf of VHCL.


Tour of Homes.   Angelika Taylor provided an update to the Board, stating that the TOH committee already has $10,000 in sponsorships. There will be six homes and one B&B on the Tour this year, and several magazines have also agreed to publish articles on the event.

Summerfest / New Highland Park.   Ms. Papner informed the Board that this was the best year ever – netting approximately $195,000 in Summerfest proceeds.

Safety/ Sidewalks  Ms. Berg spoke regarding ongoing and proposed sidewalk projects.   She noted that many crosswalks in the neighborhood have been recently improved at her request, and that she is investigating the possibility of adding ADA curbs on various sites.   She also presented a check to the Board for the amount received from the recycling and sale of pavers removed from old sidewalks during replacement.  She explained that the St. Charles bundle will be installed in the next couple of months and, moving forward, she moved for Board permission to investigate three possible bundles in the future and make necessary repairs that fall within the allotted budget.   Mr. White seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Communications.   Mr. Becker spoke regarding the communications committee, and noted that all communications projects are proceeding smoothly.

There was no new business.

Calendar Items

Lola Carlisle commented that the next board meeting will also be held at the Church of our Saviour on November 12.

John Wolfinger reported that there is a graffiti clean-up scheduled for Saturday, October 20, at 9:00 am, to address the remaining graffiti at the back of the Highland Theater.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.


Minutes: September 10, 2012 VHCA Board Meeting

7:00 PM;  Monday, September 10, 2012; Ponce de Leon Library

Call to Order

Mr. White called the meeting to order at 7:01. The following board members were present:  Peggy Berg, Lola Carlisle, Frazier Dworet, Genny Ferrero, Brian Gross, Nicole Foerschler Horn, Pamela Papner, Jack White, John Wolfinger, and David Wolfson.  Lauren Wilkes Fralick was absent with notice. Mr. Glancy did not attend.

Adoption of Agenda &  Approval of Minutes

Ms. Foerschler Horn made and Mr. White seconded a motion to adopt the attached agenda, which was approved without objection.

Reports from Police & Fire representatives


City of Atlanta officials


Other Elected officials & guests


VHCA Committee reports


V-12-134 – 870 Adair Ave.   Applicant Charles Toti (architect Jeffrey Griffin) seeks variances to: (1) reduce the front yard setback from 35’ (required ) to 20’, and (2) reduce the half-depth front yard (along Barnett St.) from 17.5’ (required) to 7’ to allow a second story addition. Architect Jeffrey Griffin spoke on behalf of the applicant.   He noted that the application did not increase the existing lot coverage and only went upward.   He reported that letters of notification have been sent to all neighbors; no concerns have been expressed. Ms. Carlisle noted that the Planning Committee performed a site visit on August 17th and that no tree or runoff issues were observed.  The Planning Committee  unanimously recommends VHCA approval based on site plans dated and stamped August 8, 2012 and proof of mailing to notification of specified adjacent property owners.  Ms. Carlisle moved to approve per the Committee’s recommendations; Ms. Foerschler Horn seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

V-12-135 – 880 Virginia Circle. Ms. Carlisle reported that applicant Matt Perrine has requested deferral for one month, and this item was not heard.

V-12-138 – 1100 Rosewood Dr. Applicant Jason Douget seeks a variance to (1) reduce the required front yard setback from 35’ to 25’ feet (existing) and to (2) reduce the required side yard setback on the south from 7’ to 2.6’ (existing) to allow a 2nd-story addition.

Builder Tony Tripoli spoke on behalf of the applicant and stated that the existing roof line will remain virtually unchanged; proof of mailings to all neighbors have been supplied.  Mr. Tripoli noted that three of the neighbors have supplied written approval of the plans, and that a fourth neighbor has indicated verbal approval.

Ms. Carlisle noted that at the Planning Committee site visit of August 30, 2012, no apparent runoff or tree issues were noted. The Planning Committee therefore unanimously recommends approval conditioned on site plans stamped and dated August 21, 2012 and proof of appropriate notification of specified adjacent property owners. Mr. White moved to approve the Planning committee recommendations; Ms. Carlisle seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

V-12-140 – 700 Park Drive. Applicant Barry Wright seeks a variance to reduce the required half-depth front yard setback from 17.5’ to 8.3’ (existing) to allow for a 2nd-story addition and to construct a new driveway 23’ wide (20’ allowed.)  Mr. Wright presented the variance request.   He has three of eight signatures from the neighbors, and he is attempting to reach the remaining neighbors individually, but all proofs of mailing have been sent out.

A discussion ensued regarding the width of the driveway entancec and the slope of the lot upon which it sits. After a site visit on August 28, 2012, the Planning Committee asked for new stamped elevations attached to the site plan showing that the slope of the hill and height of the wall adjacent to the proposed new driveway  will conform to the existing grade in the half-depth front yard, to ensure proper visibility of and from cars backing from the driveway. Two public trees – one which was deemed hazardous by the Parks arborist – will be removed.  One public tree will be removed; the applicant will pay recompense as calculated. Ms. Carlisle requested that Mr. Wright provide an update on trees. Due to the removal of several trees on the site, the applicant is seeking to add four trees along their property at Elkmont, and four more at John Howell Park.

Ms. Carlisle reported that the Planning Committee unanimously recommended approval conditioned as amended and proof of appropriate notification of specified adjacent property owners. She therefore moved to approve the application based upon the site plans dated August 22, 2012, and the amended driveway sketches dated September 9, 2012 (which address the sight lines). Mr. White seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

Nominating Committee and Annual General Meeting – Lola Carlisle

Ms. Carlisle spoke on behalf of the nominating committee and listed the individuals who have agreed to run as Board candidates on the upcoming Annual General Meeting – John Becker, Peggy Berg, Lola Carlisle, Arturo Cruz-Tucker, Genny Ferrero, Lauren Wilkes Fralick,  Nicole Foerschler Horn , Jenifer Keenan, Pamela Papner, David Rein,  Jack White, and David Wolfson – all of whom it recommended for election.

Mr. White thanked the Committee for its work and moved to approve the committee’s recommendations; Ms. Ferrero seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Mr. White further mentioned that a few members will be leaving the board and that we will take a moment to thank them for their service at the general meeting on September 13.

Other Committee Reports 

Mr. Wolfinger spoke regarding $171 that was previously supplied to the Association by the street captain on St. Charles for the removal of graffiti.  The intent was to use the money for the reimbursement of those community members who expended funds in removal efforts. However, because their reimbursement has been done in another fashion, the donor would like the funds returned. Mr. White asked Mr. Dworet if the Association can simply refund the money, and he affirmed that it can.

Ms. Foerschler Horn provided an update regarding school issues, noting that additional neighborhood children are using APS buses based on the extended routes. The City has a set up a meeting with GDOT to discuss better signage along Briarcliff road for children crossing on their way to school.

Mr. White discussed the Parks Committee’s preparation of an application to Park Pride for funding support for the renovations at John Howell Park outlined and specified in the Association’s recently-adopted conceptual plan. If successful, such an application will require support from the Association in a combination of in-kind and cash match on a dollar-for-dollar basis, predominantly cash.  He asked that the board approve and support such an application; Ms. Carlisle seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

New Business


Calendar Items



The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.