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Two Upcoming Citizen Police Academies

April 1, 2012

APD has announced a spring Citizen’s Police Academy starting April 18 and continuing for 7 weeks. I am a graduate of this program and highly recommend it. I have applications I can pass on to you or you can contact Sergeant Scott Hannula at or 404-546-7511 for info. The Fulton County Sheriff’s department also…

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Fulton Co. Sheriff Citizens’ Academy

March 12, 2012

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Academy. Even though the intent of this educational program is somewhat akin to our APD Citizen’s Academy – it is really enough different for even those of us who have done the Atlanta program to consider enrolling in this program also. This program begins 4/25/2012 and continues for 6…

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Citizen’s Police Academy

March 31, 2010

Ever wanted to ride with a cop some nite just to see exactly what happens in an 8 hour shift? This is one of the benefits offered in the next session of this terrific course scheduled to start April 13th. It involves a time commitment every Tuesday evening for 12 weeks – but is well…

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Citizens Police Academy

August 7, 2009

A new session of this eye-opening training class is forming now to start Tuesday evening, August 18th, and continuing for at least 10 weeks. This is a real hands-on experience to find out what our APD officers face every time they go on duty. I have the applications –

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