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virginia-highland in the early 20th century

Calling All Virginia-Highland History Buffs!

June 27, 2013

The Virginia-Highland Civic Association Preservation & History Committee formed nearly two years ago and has made great progress.  We’re inviting all lovers of history to play an important role: join our committee for starters, and  become the History Champion of your subdivision. Virginia-Highland is actually made up of many subdivisions and was primarily developed from…

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30 Additional Historic Plat Maps Added

February 26, 2013

About a year ago, we posted 22 historic plat maps of various subdivisions that are now part of Virginia-Highland — these are the maps on which surveyors originally plotted how the land was subdivided into the lots that, for the most part, still exist today. To explore the maps, you can start by viewing the…

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1928 maps now online (and many more)

January 31, 2013

Historic maps lovers rejoice! A 1928 detailed topographic survey of Atlanta is now available online and includes Virginia-Highland roughly from Inman School on south. Our new Historic Maps page provides you the links. For future reference, the Historic Maps page is linked from our site’s menu under “Planning/Variances” and then “Preservation/History”, as well as from…

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Local businesses publish Highland Corridor map

December 3, 2012

Local businesses in Virginia-Highland have worked together with others in Morningside, Poncey-Highland, Inman Park, and the Old Fourth Ward to produce a foldable, glossy, paper map of the “Highland Corridor”, which is now being distributed at local businesses. Download the brochure as a PDF Google map of businesses listed on the map – perfect for…

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