News (and movies) from VHCA Annual Meeting and 40th Anniversary Celebration

The Board of Directors for the 2012 (October) through 2013 (September) period has been elected.

Minutes of the meeting are forthcoming; however you can watch videos of the meeting, including the many special events such as:

  • SPARK choir performing (watch video)
  • Joe Drolet‘s educational address about the formation of the VHCA to fight construction of an interstate highway through our neighborhood (watch video)
  • Addresses by Pat Gardner, Ceasar Mitchell and Alex Wan (watch video)
  • Remembrance of Warren Bruno and and address by his wife Sandra (watch video)
  • Recognition of former and exiting Board members (watch video)
  • Discussion and voting on amendments to the VHCA by-laws (watch video)
  • Grants to community organizations (watch video)

See a slideshow of the achievements of VHCA and its volunteers below. You can also download it as a PDF file.

Finally, here is the new history video which premiered at the meeting, based upon the book Images of America: Virginia-Highland by Karri Hobson-Pape and Lola Carlisle. It was first shown at the 40th anniversary celebration (2012 annual meeting) of the VHCA. You can watch it full-screen by clicking the square icon in the bottom right of the video.


3/12 VHCA meeting – quick recap

Quick recap of the March 12 VHCA meeting:

  • Discussed the ongoing public schools redistricting process ahead of tonight’s special meeting on the topic
  • Heard the APD’s Capt. Van Hobbs, the new Asst. Commander for Zone 6, report that crime levels remain low and down from a similar period last year.
  • Heard a proposal from Streets Alive to close N. Highland Ave. from 2-6 PM on Sunday, May 20th for a pedestrian and bike-friendly event; it will be discussed again at the April meeting
  • Heard a presentation on the Red Bull Soap Box Derby and the closure on 10th Street (Friday, June 8, 9 AM – Sunday, June 10, 6-12 in the evening); the event organizers agreed to notify nearby VaHi residents
  • Heard a report from Georgia House Rep. Pat Gardner (57th District) on the current legislative session
  • Approved (with conditions) Variance V-12-018 (1117 Virginia Ave. NE) and sent it on to NPU-F
  • Heard updates on the new VHCA website, e-updates, and online Voice, as well as our ongoing attempts to improve sidewalks
  • Approved pruning, transplanting, & mulching work at John Howell Park and the final planting plan for the Triangle at Virginia-Highland (note — there is a planting work day this Sunday March 18, 1:00-3:30 pm)

Video coverage of the meeting is available on YouTube (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) – provided by VHConnect – VHCA assumes no responsibility for the videos.

Minutes will be posted at when approved by the Board.


Community Safety Meeting November 15th, 2011

Another reminder to mark your calendars for 11/15/2011 at 6:30 p.m. at the YWCA on North Highland Avenue with Major Dalton from Zone 6 and Major Browning from Zone 2. Sometime in December, the area north of Amsterdam Avenue is slated to become part of Zone 2, as part of APD’s long ago announced redistricting plan.

Thanx to Councilman Alex Wan for organizing this session and he stated – ” There have been a number of serious crimes that have occurred in our neighborhoods recently. Additionally, the approaching holidays are a period when we tend to see increased criminal activity. I felt this would be a good time to have a discussion on public safety in our neighborhoods and an opportunity to have everyone’s questions answered. Plus we as a community need to know how we can work together to deter this activity from our neighborhoods.”

Notes from this meeting will be compiled by Rosedale Drive Street Captain Kay Stephenson. If you note significant items to be stressed to all folks who are not in attendance – please pass them on to Kay at These notes will be passed on to the community in my next report. I will not be able to attend due to a long-planned obligation – so take good notes.


VaHi Annual Board Election Meeting

Please make plans to attend this meeting Tuesday, the 22nd at 7 at Inman School. There will be some exciting news about the financial outcome of this year’s Summerfest. Pat Gardner has been invited to make a report about Oxendine’s new eastside highway plans he is making part of his governorship campaign. Unfortunately, I will have to miss this meeting due to Citizen’s Police Academy class that evening – we will be at the new 911 downtown call center and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see this new facility. Can only be at one place at a time.


Proxy Voting Available

We have had several inquiries from residents who may be unable to attend the annual meeting whether they may let another resident vote for them at the meeting. Although we hope that residents will make every effort to attend the meeting in person, we recognize that this is not always possible. All residents over 18 years of age who live within the Virginia-Highland neighborhood may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf in the 2001-2002 Annual Election of VHCA Board of Directors. To appoint a proxy, you must formally appoint an eligible resident who will be in attendance at the VHCA meeting by signing a statement and listing your full name, address, and phone number.

Click here to download a blank proxy statement.

Elections for VHCA Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, September 5, 2001 at the Inman Middle School Auditorium.

The following is a list of candidates for the Virginia Highland Civic Association 2001 Board of Directors:

Betty Baumann*, Erin Chance*, Stephanie Coffin, Winnie Currie*, Patrick Flinn, Chip Gallagher*, Louise Glancy, Linda Guthrie, Mike Hastings, Jean Jordon, Steve Kushner*, Seth Lynn, Steve Luben, Kris Reinhard, Debbie Skopczynski*, Wiley Sommerville*

* indicates incumbent

Betty Baumann, Secretary,
Virginia-Highland Civic Association



The annual meeting of the Virginia-Highland Civic Association (VHCA) will be held on Wednesday, September 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Inman Middle School auditorium at the corner of Virginia Avenue and Park Drive. The agenda includes election of directors for the 2000-2001 term, proposed amendments to the VHCA Bylaws, VHCA community donations and annual awards. The proposed bylaw amendments have been approved by the VHCA Board subject to approval at the annual meeting. The proposed amendments would:

  • change the beginning of the fiscal year of the VHCA from October 1 to January 1
  • increase from $200 to $1,000 the size of check that would require two signatures
  • revise the minimum vote required to amend the Bylaws to conform to Georgia law
  • permit the Board to designate a location other than the Ponce Library for storage of VHCA records
  • permit notices to Board members to be sent via email
  • permit alternate directors to attend Board meetings and participate (but not vote) in Board discussions
  • provide for the manner in which Board members may resign from the Board
  • conform the procedures for electing directors to previous Bylaw amendments
  • correct typographical errors and reflect name changes

The VHCA Board recommends approval of these proposed amendments. All residents of Virginia-Highland over the age of 18 are eligible to vote and we encourage you to attend. We have invited city and state representatives to attend and look forward to seeing you there.

If you wish to run for the VHCA board, please submit your name and qualifications to