Help clean up “urban camper” site on BeltLine

The group that has adopted the BeltLine section north of Park Drive will meet at 10 a.m. at the entryway behind Amsterdam Walk. If parking in this lot, please put a paper on your windshield stating “BeltLine Cleanup” so the Amsterdam Walk security will know you will be gone at noon or shortly thereafter.

Wear long pants, sturdy shoes and bring along your gloves. Tools, trash bags and water will be provided by the organizers. They have arranged for a dumpster and weeds that are to be cut on Friday will need to be picked up, along with the usual litter.

This group is also planning to cut down the bamboo grove in a few weeks that also provides a hiding place for urban campers, and is a safety concern for Orme Circle residents.


The Suspicious Person on Orme Circle

Since I made the report about this mid-eastern or light-skinned b/m lurking in his black pick-up truck in the pre-dawn hours on both sides of Monroe Drive, thanx to an alert resident, we now know a license plate number – BW392A – and also know that he has been spotted in the evening hours also. Our Zone 6 commander, Major Dalton, asks that anyone spotting this guy make a suspicious person 911 call immediately. Our beat officers have been informed about this activity.


Suspicious Person on Orme Circle

I have received two reports of a male in a black pick-up truck lurking in the early morning hours (4:30 to 5:30) in the vicinity of Orme Circle and Park Drive. He is described as having black hair, a broad face and body build and appears to be either Middle Eastern or light-skinned African-American. No reports of criminal activity yet – but what is someone doing parked at that corner at that time of morning? Zone 6 has been alerted – if you are up at that time of morning and see him – please make a suspicious person 911 call and let Zone 6 find out what he is doing.