Front Porch Package Thefts

Tis the season to be receiving gift packages and also the season to be losing some of these packages to thieves. Thwart these thefts by taking advantage of our safe address program at Intown Hardware, CityStorage and Highland Wine and Crystal. Stop by any of these local friendly businesses and sign up free to use their address for a safe delivery. Then, let your out-of-town relatives and friends know to use this address for your gifts. No FedEx and UPS packages sitting on front door steps mean that these thieves go to another neighborhood to ply their trade.

Our Front Doorstep Package Thieves

I continue to get reports of the thefts of FedEx/UPS packages. I know I am preaching to the choir if you are reading this – but please alert your neighbors to utilize the free safe delivery address service offered by Highland Wine and Crystal, Intown Hardware, City Storage and Urban Body to thwart these thieves that roam our streets looking for packages to steal. Even though I get reports of these thefts – they don’t show up on our Zone 6 crime stat reports – which tells me these thefts are not being reported to APD. These 911 calls also serve another purpose, in that APD resources are deployed to areas with the most 911 calls – so yes, it is worth taking the time to make 911 reports.

Front Porch Package Thefts

This continues to be a huge problem, with reports reaching me almost every day. Does anyone reading this report work for either UPS or FedEx? I’ve yet to figure out how to contact someone at these organizations to ask what they are doing on their part to stem this crime. Their web sites offer a place to report thefts – but no place to ask questions. Also continue to call 911 when a theft is discovered – I have a feeling that APD does not fully realize how big this problem is – and 911 reports are our only way to keep them apprised.

Holiday Planning

If you have travel plans during this upcoming holiday period – be sure to let your neighbors know when you are leaving, the date you will be back home, your cell phone number, and where you are going. If you live on a well-organized VaHi street, you will already have the e-mail contacts for your neighbors and this will be an easy task. This is just a common-sense practice in the world we live in now. Also remember to stop your mail delivery by going to , and put a hold on any newspaper deliveries. Nothing says “come and steal” more than an overflowing mailbox and papers on your front walk.

Also – go by Intown Hardware, City Storage or Urban Body Fitness to sign up for their free safe delivery address service for FedEx and UPS packages. Now is also the time to let your out-of-town friends and relatives know that you have a different address as they are sending you holiday gift packages. Save yourself the sickening feeling of finding an empty box addressed to you from Aunt Bertha along the street.

Front Porch Package Thefts

I keep getting reports of folks finding ripped open packages in our parks and streets. I have a feeling this problem is far more rampant than Zone 6 knows about. Please make a 911 report even if it is several days before you discover a package has been taken from your front porch. And – please take Intown Hardware and CityStorage up on their generous offers to receive your UPS and FedEx packages at their safe addresses. Go by either business to sign up for this free program and urge your friends and neighbors to do the same. We’ve got to eliminate the bait for these rats who are combing our streets looking for packages to steal.

Intown Hardware/FedEx-UPS package delivery program

I continue to hear about package thefts from front porches/doorsteps in the neighborhood. Remember you can have your anticipated packages delivered to Intown Hardware’s safe address. All you have to do is stop by their store and sign a form letting them know your packages will be delivered to them for safekeeping til you can pick them up. The fewer available packages there are for theft – these thieves will not find it profitable to roam our streets looking for packages to steal.