Voice – Fall 2011

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– Summerfest success
– President’s corner: volunteer for the board!
– Safety update: street captains, graffiti removal
– New Highland Park brick purchases
– 2011 Gold List of neighborhood businesses
– Street tree do’s and don’ts
– Patrols expand in VaHi and Old Fourth Ward
– VaHi history book published
– Parks update: Orme and New Highland
– Bella Cucina
– Repairs coming near Chevron and The Cavern
– Garrison Afterschool expands


New FBAC Website Now Online

Thanx to Brian Gross for stepping forward to assist Beth Marks in getting the word out about our off-duty subscription VaHi police patrol – Fight Back Against Crime. Their new website is at www.fbacvahi.com Please visit this site to find answers to your questions about how this patrol operates and use handy pay-pal to join up. The website also has a listing of their patrol activities for all of 2009 – these guys are busy adding another layer of protection for the neighborhood, and looking out for the member’s homes and property.


Our “Fight Back Against Crime” Private Security Patrol

Beth Marks, this group’s dedicated coordinator, has announced that we STILL do not have enough folks committed to extend this effective off-duty patrol service to the southern part of VaHi -basically south of Highland View and Rosedale Drive down to PDL Avenue. She also would like a volunteer to step forward to help her with marketing this wonderful service to the whole neighborhood and keep it viable. E-mail her at bethmarks@bellsouth.net I live in the current service area, am a member and enjoy the feeling that we have an extra layer of security over and above our APD patrols.


FBAC (Fight Back Against Crime) South

If you live south of the established service area for this subscription safety patrol group and have been wishing for extra security for your home, family or business – now is the time to send an e-mail to Beth Marks, the co-ordinator, at bethmarks@bellsouth.net to sign up or get more details. This basically is the area south of Highland View and/or Rosedale Drive.


FBAC Expansion Plans

For the many, many folks in the southern half of VaHi that have asked for the off-duty patrol services and protection of the Fight Back Against Crime (FBAC) your wish has been granted. Tentatively set for December 1st, FBAC II will begin operation southward to PDL Avenue and the total group will then cover the entire neighborhood. On this date we will cease the civic association paid for off-duty patrol on Friday and Saturday nights and go to a 4 night per week patrol of FBAC in this new area. Now – I expect all of you (and more) to sign up for FBAC II to make this a reality. We will need a minimum of 60 households or businesses to pay for this initial coverage and the more we get signed up – hopefully 5 nights per week coverage will be possible soon. You can belong to FBAC for $300 yearly – due in two installments of $150 each. FBAC membership will get you the patrol’s cell phone number, out-of town house checks, the monthly schedule of patrol hours, and the satisfaction of knowing there is another set of eyes and ears looking for problems that could affect you. Contact Beth Marks at bethmarks@bellsouth.net to sign up or to ask questions, and also to inquire about rates for multi-unit condo or apartment buildings. Together, we can make this expansion a resounding success for the whole neighborhood.


Neighborhood police patrol now has cell numbers

Neighborhood Police Patrol
(note: number removed from archived news article 3/7/12 as this is no longer active)
This is the cell phone number for access to our civic asociation sponsored off-duty police patrol while they are on duty. Their patrol hours are usually 10 p.m. til 2 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This is NOT to be used as a substitute for a 911 call in the event of an emergency situation, but for quality of life and non-emergency situations, and only within the confines of VaHi. Our service boundaries are Amsterdam Avenue on the north, the BeltLine tracks on the west, Ponce de Leon Avenue on the south and Briarcliff Road and/or the city limits on the east. Please do not ask them to go outside the neighborhood limits. After calling 911 for an emergency – leave that line open til police have called you back or they have arrived – then you can call (number removed) for further assistance if our patrol is on duty.

Please contact our neighborhood Safety Chair, John Wolfinger, with questions.


Voice – Winter 2004

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– Find out how the Joneses live and support your community (Tour of Homes)
– Civic Association award more than $40,000 to local organizations
– Letter from the President, by Kevin Cronin (opposing Piedmont Park parking deck)
– Orme Park drainage problems to be addressed
– MARTA oughta to be smarta, by Chip Gallagher
– Tour of Homes 2004 (description and picture of each picture)
This could be you: sad shamed and sued, by Chip Gallagher
– Five taxi stands should reduce traffic problems
– Civic association offers funds for off-duty police patrols, by Jean Ellen Jones
– The Good Neighbor (portrait of Cynthia Gentry, who led efforts to build Cunard playground at John Howell Park), by Nonie Daniel
– The Highland Hoer: Time for outdoor cleanup, by John Wolfinger
– Community survey form


Voice – Spring 2002

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– VHCA unveils new web site for the new year and years to come, by Gina Davis
– PEDS update, by billie jo
– Summerfest committee introduces new chair of the Summerfest Artists’ Market, by P.K. Trettel
– President’s Address
– Ask Officer Dave
– Intown Women’s Group to host charity fundraiser, by Laurie Dugoniths
– Taking care of the trees in your neighborhood, by Kenyetta Lindsey
– Fire Station #19 dedicated new state of the art engine, by Jenn Ballentine
– THe history and future of John Howell Park, by Stephanie Coffin
– Taste great, less filling: population density and Virginia Highland in context, by Chip Gallagher
– The Highland Ho-er by John Wolfinger
– Fight Back Against Crime, by Beth Marks


Voice – Fall 1994

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– The Greening of the Neighborhood, by Stephanie Coffin, co-chair Parks
– SummerFest ’94, by Arnold Gross
– President’s Corner, incl. “the croissanting of VaHi”, by J.D. Christy
– Summerfest 1994 financial report (pre-tax profit $36,242)
– Post office changes inside and out, by Shelley Scher
– Bike Stuff, by Mike Goodman
– St. Charles-Greenwood proposed downzoning spawns task force, by Melanie Davenport
– Environmental potpourri, by Nan Hunter
– Highland herbalist: Tarragon
Col. Mustard reviews and ranks seven places to have “a fancy cup of coffee”: Virginia’s Koffie House, San Francisco, The Dessert Place, Red Light Café, Chef, Aurora, and Highland Coffee
– Tips from the trade: profile of The Herb Shop Prevention Center
– Helping children at risk (for crime; discusses “CAR” program), by Paula Miller
– John Howell Park project, by Tinka Green
– A shopping tail (bringing your pets with you shopping), by Shelley Scher
VaHi security patrol update (neighborhood-wide patrol was not started), by Beth Marks


Voice – Summer 1994

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– Summerfest time again
VaHi Security Patrol (neighborhood-wide) set to start July 1, only $150 per year, by Beth Marks
– Mayor Bill Campbell addresses growing VaHi Business Assn., by Susan Guerroro, VHBA president
– The times, they are a-changin’ (Superior Foods closes its doors), by Swan McKnight
– Green facelift planned for N. Highland, by Stephanie Coffin and Kathy Couch
– Summerfest volunteers confess they did it for fun, by Bryan Hendrix
– The Highland Herbalist: Basil
– Bike stuff, by the Bike Guy
– Col. Mustard reviews Savage Pizza
– John Howell Park update (photo: Commissioner Boxill congratulates VaHi), by Tinka Green
– Recycle today, by Nan Hunter


Voice – Spring 1994

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– Board action (Summerfest will be a fundraising even in June similar to last year’s), by Mary Jo Peed
– Highland Hardware, since 1978, by Deborah Cox
– Intown Bicycles moves
– VaHi Business Association, by Beth Marks
– FBAC update
– Recycle today, by Nan Hunter (Murphy’s goes totally non-smoking!)
– Bike trail news, by Mike Goodman
– Col. Mustard reviews Capo’s Café
– The Highland Herbalist: growing rosemary
-40 out of 4,000 (VaHi residents that belong to the VHCA), by Amy Waterman
-John Howell Park, by Jerry Bright
-First Union Grand Prix comes to VaHi, by Jett Marks
– Freedom Park master plan nears completion, by Jett Marks
– Crime statistics


Voice – Summer 1993

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– Volunteers needed for Summerfest success
– Tim Shirley’s neighborhood outreach
– 911…operator this is an emergency (how to use 911), by Joyce Gross
– Keep your lights on (for safety), by Swan McKnight
– Buy a brick for John Howell Park, by Jerry Bright
A guide to buying art in VaHi (review of VaHi’s galleries), by Tinka Green
– Mike’s rules on buying a bicycle, by Michael Goodman
Col. Mustard reviews Fleeman’s Drugstore
– Help make our neighborhood beautiful
– Recycle today, by Nan Hunter
– Crime statistics
– Kidsfest ’92 (photo essay)
– A neighborhood-wide off-duty police patrol (will not happen for now), by Yvette Weatherly