Summerfest 2014 Photos

IMG_6215Anyone enjoy Summerfest this past weekend? We sure did, and by all accounts it was another successful festival.

Here are links to a few Google albums with photos from this year’s festival we thought you might enjoy viewing. Thanks to Lola Carlisle for contributing to this collection. We didn’t get to take as many pictures as we would have liked so if you have photos of the festival you’d like to share, send them to and we’ll upload them to one of our albums.


Click on the appropriate link below for albums of:

Summerfest 2014 Community Parade and Dinner (Friday June 6)

Summerfest 2014 Day One (Saturday June 7)

DSC_0141Warren Bruno Celebration Ride at Summerfest (Sunday June 8)

Summerfest 2014 Day Two (Sunday June 8)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summerfest 2015!



Voice – Fall 2003

Sidewalk memorial to Cunard family

Download PDF (4.1 MB)

– Vote for your Board of Directors on September 3
– President’s Address by Steven Kushner (criticism of Atkins Park resident parking)
– Proposed amendment to VHCA bylaws
– Security patrol update, by Officer B. Miller, Jr.
– Virginia-Highland by the numbers, by Chip Gallagher
– Meet congressman John Lewis
– Pictures from Summerfest 2003
– Highland Hoer: Late summer gardening, by John Wolfinger
– First person: Barrel of Fun, by Robert Ramsay
– Picture of sidewalk memorial to Cunard family
– City arborist suggests ways to check on your trees’ health


Voice – Fall 1995

Download PDF (2.3 MB)

– Summerfest ’95
President’s Corner: city Zoning board did not issue exceptions to Cartel Properties to build a 27,000 ft2, 2000-patron restaurant/entertainment complex, the largest in the city, on the site of the Colgate Mattress warehouse at 712 Ponce de Leon Place. Access was only via 2-lane Ponce Place and parking would be all-valet with only 3 spaces on-site.
– Tips from the trade (review of Kliphph Where? clothing store)
John Howell Park Project: playground is finished! Outwrite Bookstore donates $3000 earned from Greg Louganis book signing event.
– Tree news: new tree ordinance protecting trees takes effect
– School roundup
– Finally, an intown farmer’s market
– Environmental potpourri
– Col. Mustard reviews St. Charles Deli
– Green with energy (weatherization tips), by Sarah Tomaka
Summerfest 1995 photos (2 pages)


VOICE – August 1981

Download PDF (3.9 MB)

  • Virginia-Highland … The Best Living Intown
  • General Meeting
  • Victory at Last … Parkland Dedication
  • Ms. Tastefully Tacky … Gail Goodwin
  • Involvement … The Residents
  • Redlining
  • Pushing Atlanta Together
  • About Briarcliff-Summit
  • Community Bulletin Board
  • Calendar
  • Atlanta Lost to New Orleans
  • Is There Wasted Land in Your Neighborhood
  • Ponce De Leon Take a Look
  • Employment Opportunities for the Blind
  • Furniture Man – Jerry Chambers
  • Intown Celebration Report