Virginia-Highland Safety Team Report: November 1, 2012

By: John Wolfinger

Roy Latimore Found Guilty!!

Thanks to David Berl for taking the time to spend several days sitting on the hard benches of Fulton County courthouse courtroom 4-B to watch as the trial of Roy Latimore took place. Latimore is the one who was plaguing this part of the city a year ago with a series of armed pedestrian robberies. Thanx also to Paul Arena-Camarillo, our Zone 6 Community Prosecutor, for his meticulous research into these incidents, so he could present a good case to the jury.

The City Crime Rate is Down

Amazingly enough, our crime rate in the city still continues to abate.  The story at:  Another way to check our VaHi crime rate is to simply go to and read the Safety Team Reports in the safety section from 2 or 3 years ago. Thanx to Brian Gross for making these reports easily available for comparison.

The following reports have been gleaned from the APD Zone 6 ( crime stats for the 2012 weeks of 39 and 40 (9/23-10/6) with emphasis on our VaHi Beat 601, but with news from around the Zone as it applies to us.  Again, I state these reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what happens around us everyday, and to raise your level of alertness and awareness.

Aggravated Assault  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Auto Theft  –  Vehicles were stolen from Virginia Avenue, North Highland Avenue (this vehicle found abandoned in SW Atlanta) and a botched attempt on North Highland Avenue resulting in the ignition assembly being removed.

Auto Theft Recovery  –  No such finds reported here in Beat 601

Commercial Burglary  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601.

Nearby on Elizabeth Street in Inman Park, the King of Pops office was entered with the cash box and safe taken – this is a cash business and a substantial amount of cash was lost.

Residential Burglary  –  An Elmwood Drive residence was entered with no signs of forced entry.

Commercial Robbery  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Residential Robbery  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Larceny From Vehicle  –  Vehicles were entered on PDL Avenue, Monroe Drive, and on Park Drive, a landscaper’s pickup truck had equipment stolen from the open truck bed.  Please warn your lawn guys of the dangers of not having all of their equipment not locked down in the truck or trailer.

Larceny Other  –  A bicycle and lawnmower chained together were both taken from a St. Charles Avenue backyard.  Locked bicycles were taken from North Highland and Virginia Avenues in separate incidents.  I know that it is a pain – but consider taking the seat or a wheel off the bike when it has to be left and locked in a public space.  Then when not in use at home – hide the bike and just don’t assume that a front porch or apartment balcony is a safe parking space.

Elsewhere in the Zone – yet another iPhone was snatched from a sidewalk restaurant table, this time at Pure Tacqueria on Elizabeth Street in Inman Park.  These thefts have decreased lately – but don’t assume that you can now leave your electronics laying on a table and not risk losing them.  A whole ATM machine was taken from Angier Avenue at 5 a.m. in the Old 4th Ward.  And, on Ralph McGill Boulevard at 2:20 p.m. a buyer was waiting on a vehicle seller to arrive when she was approached by 2 males who snatched her purse with $4500 in cash within, and fled on foot.  Now – the victim still does not have a car or cash to buy another one probably.

Pedestrian Robbery  –  On 9/25 at 6:50 a.m. a Drewry Street morning walker was approached by 3 males (one with a handgun) who demanded his house keys – the victim threw the keys over their heads and into the grass with the perps grabbing the keys and fleeing.  No injuries reported.

The previously reported armed robbery of 9/23 on PDL Terrace where the victim lost her cell phone – she has reported to me that the perps in this incident were the same ones arrested for Midtown incidents per her Zone 6 investigator.

On 10/5 at 12:50 a.m. on North Highland Avenue near the YWCA, the victim advised that she and her roommate were walking home when she was grabbed from behind by 2 females who physically assaulted her and took her purse with the contents.  No serious injuries reported.

Residential Robbery News from Morningside  –  There were two messages on 10/30 on the vhmpa message board about Morningside incidents.

The first message stated – ” Yesterday (10/29) at 10:18 a.m., our home in Johnson Estates was broken into.  We were not home.  Our surveillance cameras showed that one man approached the house on foot from the sidewalk.  He knocked on the front door several times the proceeded to look in all of the front windows.  He walked back down the front steps and moments later a car backed into the driveway.  Three men got out ( a fourth stayed in the car) and they went to the back of the house.  They were all wearing green hoodie sweatshirts and green sweat pants – we assume to try to look like a landscaping crew.  They kicked in the back door (despite signs stating the house was under surveillance).  They went through the house looking for small items they could grab and sell.  They got away with lap tops, an IPad, a tv, credit cards and all my jewelry.

The police were able to locate the laptop with an app that is on my iPhone and use the video surveillance to apprehend the men.”

The other message stated – “Someone attempted to enter our house on Cumberland Road at 4 am this morning through a basement door.  Alarm went off and police were called.”  Evidently these guys escaped before the police arrived.

Please stay alert, enjoy this wonderful fall weather and remember “See Something – Say Something” – meaning that if you see something where your gut feeling tells you something is wrong – call 911 immediately with a report!  Don’t just assume someone else will call the police.


Virginia-Highland Safety Team Report: October 16, 2012

Jack Boys Guilty!!!!

Just in case there is someone who does not yet know that this loose-knit gang that terrorized the east side of Atlanta in the fall of 2010, culminating in the murder of Charles Boyer on Virginia Avenue on 11/22/2010, has gone through a trial and was found guilty of many, many charges – this will serve as notice. Thanx to Fulton County ADA Lance Cross for presenting an excellent case to the jurors – all of Atlanta owes him a resounding round of applause. The final story at A nice positive tv report on Fox5 followed the guilty verdict at  The sentencing hearing will be within the next 30 days and I will announce this as soon as I am told of the date and time on the neighborhood message boards.

A Neighborhood Cleanup on Saturday 10/20

Keep Virginia Highland Beautiful has announced a cleanup session for the St. Charles/North Highland Avenues business node for this day. Meet at the parking lot at this corner at 8 a.m. for a four hour session and then be treated to a Surin lunch at noon.  We could still use some more adults to supervise the teenaged volunteers. Sign up at This is an excellent example of the “broken window” theory of crime prevention – a clean, neat and orderly neighborhood signifies that folks who live and work there do care.

Two Nice Neighborhood Stories

A nice AJC Real Estate section story about new home-owner residents on Glen Arden Way, who mention the neighborly feel of this street. This is due in part to the leadership of Glen Arden Street Captain Laurie Harris.

The second tale is about Clemont Drive Street Captain Lisa Keyes finding a pile of papers along her street and instead of just ignoring them – Lisa took the time to do an internet search for the owner. The owner stated to Lisa that her car had been stolen in Decatur and evidently the thieves had dumped the glove box contents on Clemont.

The following reports have been gleaned from the APD Zone 6 (  crime stats for the 2012 weeks of 37 and 38 (9/9 – 9/22) with emphasis on our VaHi Beat 601, but with news from around the Zone as it applies to us.  Again, I state these reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what happens around us everyday and to raise your level of alertness and awareness.

Aggravate Assault  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Auto Theft  –  A motorcycle was stolen from Barnett Street.  Cars were stolen from Monroe Drive and Virginia Avenue, and a botched attempt was reported from PDL Avenue.

Auto Theft Recovery  –  No such reported findings in Beat 601

Commercial Burglary  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Residential Burglary  –  A Virginia Avenue apartment was entered via a 2nd floor porch and prescription medications were taken.

Commercial Robbery  –  No reported incidents in Beat 601

Residential Robbery  –  A female Greenwood Avenue apartment resident reported that 3 males with a handgun pushed their way in demanding money – but she had none.  No physical injuries reported.

Larceny From Vehicle  –  Vehicles were entered on Greenwood Avenue, North Highland Avenue, PDL Avenue, St. Charles Avenue, and Virginia Avenue (2).

Larceny Other  –  The tip jar was taken from Yogli Mogli on North Highland Avenue.  A laptop left at a Virginia Avenue neighbor’s house was taken after the neighbor left home.  (OK – I did not understand this narrative report either).

Elsewhere in the Zone – at the El Azteca restaurant on PDL Avenue a patron paid a $145 bill with a stolen credit card and fled.  Our PDL Avenue Kroger and Publix stores caught 4 shoplifters.  The Edgewood Retail District Target store caught 3 non-payers.  An unwatched cell phone was taken from a Masquerade concert goer, an unwatched purse was taken at a Carroll Street restaurant in Cabbagetown, and a cell phone was snatched from a victim at a Kirkwood park.

And yet another story of this oft-used ruse – at an unnamed Edgewood Avenue store 2 young b/m came in posing as Grady High School students asking for a donation for school uniforms and while the unsuspecting victim was in the process of getting some money for them the “students” fled with his I-phone.  Do not fall for this story – Grady does not send out kids asking for “donations” so I have been told.

Pedestrian Robbery  –  On 9/19 at about 7:30 p.m. a PDL Terrace resident was standing in her driveway when she noticed a white sedan with 3 b/m inside driving back and forth on the street, then the car stopped and one male exited and asked to use her phone.  The victim stated “no” and he pointed a handgun at her, grabbed the phone and they all fled in the car.  Major Meadows told me that as of 10/16 this investigation is still ongoing.

Nearby, at the Ford Factory Square parking lot on PDL Avenue on 9/22 at 7:30 a.m. a female pedestrian passed two males who then turned behind her striking her to the ground – they kicked her, grabbed her purse and fled on foot.  The victim was taken to ATL Medical Center – no report as to her injuries.

Stay alert. keep your parked cars cleaned out of all items and enjoy this fabulous fall weather while it is here.


Phone Numbers to Report Music Midtown Problems Announced

The PARKatlanta phone numbers for reporting parking/traffic problems related to the Music Midtown festival are 404-201-5086 and 404-201-5396.

The phone number for Whitten Management for reporting trash/litter problems is 770-655-7281. Whitten will have crews out all weekend picking up trash/litter and emptying trash cans – but if there are still problems on Monday morning this is the number to call for trash/litter that’s left behind.

All other emergency problems should be reported to the APD as usual via 911.


The VHCA published a quarterly print edition of the Virginia-Highland Voice until May 2012.
You may choose from the summary table of available PDFs below, or further down, you may browse the tables of contents for all available past issues.

Summary table of PDF files

For 1995 and previous, Winter editions were published at the end  of the year indicated, e.g. Winter 1995 was published in December 1995.
After 2006, Winter editions were generally published in November of the year prior to the year indicated below, e.g. Winter 2011 was published in November 2010.




Changes at Zone 6 Command Level

Congrats to former Captain Van Hobbs for his promotion to the rank of Major and subsequent assignment to the Commander of APD Zone 2 – north of Amsterdam Avenue Filling his shoes at the number two slot at Zone 6 is Captain Michael Giugliano. We welcome the Captain to our Zone 6 family. And to the west of us across the BeltLine trax – Zone 5 has a new Commander – Major Wayne Whitmire.


Zone 6 Welcomes A New Commander

When APD Deputy Chief Calvin Moss announced his retirement – his leaving the ranks created a series of command changes and promotions. On 2/16 our Zone 6  Commander Major John Dalton became Deputy Chief to head up all of the criminal investigation division, and our 2nd in charge Captain Vincent Moore became a Major as Chief of Staff (a tribute to his management skills). We have our two former Zone 6 Commanders as Deputy Chiefs now – Dalton and Propes. Zone 6 is the only APD Zone that encompasses two counties, which means two separate county jail and court systems to deal with – not an easy job.

We now welcome Major Keith Meadows as our new Commander and Captain Van Hobbs as 2nd in charge. Read more at Patch. Welcome aboard Meadows and Hobbs.


APD Chief Turner Interview

Great interview session with APD Chief George Turner on the city cable channel. Watch the video. In the interview he mentions the new Smart 911 – Emergency Safety Profile system that is now available for all City of Atlanta residents to file and let the 911 operators know about your household in advance of an emergency. Go to Smart 911 for details and to enroll your family.


Dark Days for APD

When the men and women of APD report to duty each day, they never know what dangers they may face in their job to protect us. Last week, in the middle of the nite, Senior Patrol Officer Gail Thomas, was struck by an alleged drunk driver on the downtown connector.

See also: a very eloquently written tribute to Officer Thomas by Chief Turner

Other stories at CBS Atlanta and AJC

Our own Zone 6 Sergeant Debbie Jo was the color guard member who solemnly and reverently received the American flag at the airport.

A memorial fund has been set up at any Bank of America branch in the name of Senior Police Officer Gail Thomas’ Daughter’s Trust for contributions, or our own Zone 6 Officer Pat Apoian’s Humble Heroes will have a fundraiser at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q on DeKalb Avenue on Wednesday 2/1/2012 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


The Year of Boulevard

Thanx to Major Dalton for taking a real aggressive stance in the Old 4th Ward’s Boulevard corridor by creating a special team to address the many problems there. Stories in Patch and at WSB-TV. Our former evening watch Officer Woolfolk and Sergeant Sokloski are on this new Boulevard team. I do have my doubts about the seriousness of the pledge by Wingate (the owner/manager of the Bedford-Pine apartments) to become a good neighbor in this area (given their past record) – but I would like to be proved wrong, in this case.


Zone 6 change in boundaries

As a result of months of meticulous planning – our Zone 6 changed boundary lines at 3 a.m. Tuesday – resulting in Amsterdam Avenue being the northern boundary of Zone 6, with our neighbors north of this street now being in Zone 2. At the same time Zone 6 welcomed much of the Old 4th Ward and Grant Park into its district. See the new city-wide changes as well as our new Zone 6 changes here. Our Amsterdam Avenue Street Captains will now have residents in two Zones.

Our Major Dalton responded to this challenge by creating a new unit specifically to address problems in the Old 4th Ward/ Boulevard area consisting of 8 Officers, a Sergeant and a Lieutenant. He emphasized that this new unit was created by additional personnel added to the Zone, so no resources were shifted from existing Beats. He stated to me – “Of course, decreasing crime (both on the newly acquired beats and the old beats) is the goal. When we decrease crime in the Old 4th Ward, it will have a positive impact on crime in nearby neighborhoods, both in Zone 6 and Zone 5.”

Two of the men in this newly formed unit are our former A Sector supervisor, Sergeant Sokloski, and our former evening watch patrolman, Officer Woolfolk. Officer Woolfolk proudly sent me this report on 12/15 after just two days on his new assignment – ” I took two convicted felons with firearms and drugs off the street tonight on Boulevard. My unit made 6 arrests in three hours yesterday and another 6 tonight. We also received some very good information from one of the arrestees. Our goal is to turn the tide on Boulevard and we are off to a great start.”

Officer Woolfolk sent me this farewell message as he moved into his new assignment by saying – ” I would like to thank you and the VaHi community for welcoming me in addition to giving me an opportunity to serve such a wonderful, dedicated and at times, even pugnacious group of people when it comes to keeping the Highland neighborhood safe. The experience has truly been invaluable and I will carry the lessons I’ve learned with me the duration of my career, as the VaHi community strengthened my understanding of community oriented policing and ultimately facilitated in making me a more well-rounded officer. It’s been an absolute pleasure serving as your beat officer each and every day.” I guess that one of the “pugnacious” folks he is referring to is the resident who went on a rampage with his vehicle last July on Arlington Place, Rosedale Drive and North Highland Avenue.

Our new evening watch man is Officer Lightkep and he wrote to tell me – ” Officer Cooper persuaded me long ago that this was the best community in Atlanta and ever since that conversation I have been trying to become the VaHi Beat Officer. I have filled in for Woolfolk and Cooper many times. I’m still technically a rookie as I am coming up on one year of service in January. In my short tenure I have over 80 arrests, ten of them for felonies, and just recently received Officer of the Week for nabbing the perps who stole the camera from the vehicle on Bonaventure Avenue (this was in the last Safety Team Report). I am becoming very familiar with the homeless/drug crowd that likes to hang out on PDL Avenue. I plan to actively patrol Ponce in efforts to keep them from wandering into the community, where they just can’t seem to resist looking into cars and knocking on doors. I look forward to policing in your community and establishing a healthy relationship with the people in it.”

We have been blessed by having diligent officers in the all-important evening watch period – starting with Officer Cooper, continuing with Officer Woolfolk and now with Officer Lightkep. Incidents in this evening watch time period are down dramatically from just a few years ago – thanx to these exceptional Officers, and to the expansion of the FBAC to the southern part of the neighborhood.


The APD Beat/Zone Redesign Change

The long talked about Beat Redesign program will take place city-wide next Tuesday 12/13. At this time our northern NPU “F” neighbors in Morningside, Piedmont Heights and Lindridge/Martin Manor will be in APD Zone 2 – with Amsterdam Avenue being the boundary between Zone 2 and Zone 6. Our Beat 603 now will be known as Beat 601, with the boundaries staying the same as our VaHi borders. Zone 6 will also lose the southernmost beat in the Thomasville Heights area and will be picking up two Zone 5 beats in the Old Fourth Ward just south of us. This massive city-wide beat redesign change has been in planning for a year or so and should happen without most of us seeing many visible changes.


Community Safety Meeting November 15th, 2011

Another reminder to mark your calendars for 11/15/2011 at 6:30 p.m. at the YWCA on North Highland Avenue with Major Dalton from Zone 6 and Major Browning from Zone 2. Sometime in December, the area north of Amsterdam Avenue is slated to become part of Zone 2, as part of APD’s long ago announced redistricting plan.

Thanx to Councilman Alex Wan for organizing this session and he stated – ” There have been a number of serious crimes that have occurred in our neighborhoods recently. Additionally, the approaching holidays are a period when we tend to see increased criminal activity. I felt this would be a good time to have a discussion on public safety in our neighborhoods and an opportunity to have everyone’s questions answered. Plus we as a community need to know how we can work together to deter this activity from our neighborhoods.”

Notes from this meeting will be compiled by Rosedale Drive Street Captain Kay Stephenson. If you note significant items to be stressed to all folks who are not in attendance – please pass them on to Kay at These notes will be passed on to the community in my next report. I will not be able to attend due to a long-planned obligation – so take good notes.


Zone 6 Awards

At the recent annual Crime is Toast Breakfast and Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Atlanta Police Foundation, Zone 6 personnel were honored in the following categories –

  • The Purple Heart Award – our still-recovering Investigator Pat Apoian We wish him a successful healing process
  • Supervisor of the Year – Sergeant Ryan Sinks
  • Civilian Employee of the Year – Ms. Gayle Rogers
  • Department Commendation – Officer Tanya Alejandro
  • 2010 Crime Reduction Award – All of the Zone 6 personnel led by Major Dalton

Detective Pat Apoian’s Recovery Process

Today, 9/1, will be the first of three surgeries he is facing on his road to recovery. Here is part of an e-mail I got from Pat recently. ” I am so blessed to have everyone’s support. All the different neighborhoods have been amazing and people from all over have sent donations. I am really in shock. Please let everyone in VaHi know that my spirits are good. I have done nothing but reflect on how much I want to be back at work with a community of such wonderful people. I look forward to sending you e-mails once again and asking for help to put away a criminal. Please also pass along to them that I said – above all stay alert and don’t get complacent”

There is a planned benefit on 9/17 from 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. at Los Maguey Mexican Restaurant, 5456 Bethelview Road, Cumming. Info from Then this event just came to me as I am typing –

Lots of folks are rooting for him.


Voice – Spring 2010

Download PDF (3.0 MB)

– Triangle island renovation nears completion
– Home Tour recap
– Local Haiti relief efforts continue
– President’s Corner: Callanwolde silent auction results
– SPARK students introduced to debate
– Spotlight on Grady High School
– Grow fruit in your garden
– Streetscape update
– Green Dream silent auction a success
– Safety update: Reed administration and the APD
– Orme Park Phase One improvements
– How healthy are your trees?
– History part VI
– Col. Mustard reviews Rosebud


Zone 6 Command Change

Immediately after newly-installed Mayor Reed appointed George Turner as our interim Chief of Police a number of staff changes were announced in APD. We were affected directly in that our beloved Major Propes has gone on to being Commander of the airport police zone to gain experience so that she can move on up the APD command staff. We wish her the very best as she assumes this all-important command position coordinating all of the many, many security agencies on duty at the world’s busiest airport. Now, we welcome Major John Dalton as our new Zone 6 commander, who is coming to us from the head of the Major Crimes division. We also welcome to Zone 6 Lieutenant Rodney Bryant from Zone 3 to be our 2nd in command and newly promoted Lieutenant Brent Schierbaum from Zone 5 as our evening watch supervisor. We are indeed in good hands with all these able and dedicated folks.

An interesting article about these changes is here though I do not agree with Ramage’s assessment of all of us Zone 6 residents. But her accolades for Major Propes and Major Williams are right on!

I attended the community meeting held 1/7/10 in Eastlake organized in response to Major Propes’ reassignment, conducted by Mayor Reed and Chief Turner. Some of the things I learned from that gathering – all agreed that our 911 call center operation is broken and a national search is underway to find a new director aiming for a March selection. Pay raises for APD personnel are high on the Mayor’s list of needs. Additional sensitivity training in APD will be conducted in response to the Eagle raid. APD is actively recruiting to fill the 50 positions afforded by our federal stimulus grant. Turner wants to actively involve the community in APD – there will be 4 of us from NPU “F” attending his 1st city-wide meeting 1/12/2010.


Safety Team Report 5/1/09

Safety Team Street Captain Meeting

All Street Captains and interested neighbors are urged to attend this informative session on Saturday morning May 9th at 9 in the community meeting room at the Ponce library. Please come a few minutes early, using the back door via the parking lot, and get your pin on the neighborhood map for your street. Join us to discuss how we can collectively enhance our quality of life by reducing crime and promoting community neighborliness. We have to be out of the room at 11, so we will start promptly at 9. Be an active part of the Safety Team and help to make a difference in VaHi.

The Safety Team Distribution List

I keep getting a lot of requests to be added to this ever-growing list, and I am grateful for this. What I do ask, though, is that added names be willing to take on the responsibility of a Street Captain, connect with your neighbors and pass on this report to them. This enhances my theory of crime prevention, in that folks who know each other look out for each other, Granted, I could have a list of several thousand names – but these folks would still be strangers to each other. Being a Street Captain is not meant to be any sort of a huge time consuming job and is a win-win for all involved.

Neighborhood Cleanups

The regular monthly cleanup session will be this Saturday morning – meet at 9 in the parking lot of Intown Hardware for a couple of hours of worthwhile exercise on North Highland Avenue. Saturday morning, May 16th at 9 is the time set for a cleanup of the new parkland at St. Charles Place at North Highland. Both of these events give you the chance to show your pride for this place we call home.


Go to the neighborhood website at , click on Summerfest to view the plans for this year and sign up for your volunteer time slot on this fun-filled weekend.

APD Thank You Notes

Attached to this VaHi Report is the current Midtown Safety Report which details the events of a recent Charles Allen Drive arrest. Please consider commending Officer Michael R. Carter (Badge # 4185) for this arrest by going to and use the “Commend an Officer” section to express your thanks. In fact, use this system any time you want to make sure an officer receives recognition for a job well done. In spite of all the city budget problems – we have a wonderful group of folks looking out for our common safety.

Crime reports from APD

The following crime incidents are gleaned from the APD Zone 6 statistic reports, with emphasis on our Beat # 603, but with news from all around the Zone as it pertains to us. This report covers weeks # 16 and 17 of 2009. Read this with an eye as to how you can avoid becoming a victim and become more alert to your surroundings.

  • Aggravated Assault – On 4/21 at 2:30 p.m. a b/m attempted to rob a victim who was sitting in his car in a Woodland Avenue parking lot – but his gun failed to fire and he fled on foot. The 4/19 three a.m. Taco Mac incident that was reported in my last report is in this category. The perp entered the business demanding money – the alert armed manager shot the perp and he fled in a stolen vehicle from Frederica Street, which he crashed on Highland View and escaped on foot. I have not heard of an arrest yet.
  • Auto Theft – A vehicle was stolen from Virginia Avenue. Elsewhere – two Proof of the Pudding catering trucks were stolen from their parking lot on Monroe Drive. Cars with keys in the ignition or door were stolen on Piedmont Road and Chantilly Drive. This is an interesting story from Inman Park – on Waddell Street the victim honked his horn at skateboarders and they in turn cursed and spat on his car. The victim stopped his car, confronted the skateboarders and a fight ensued – the victim and his friend got golf clubs out of the trunk and in the meantime – one of the skaters jumped in the car and sped off, hitting another vehicle at Druid Circle and Dixie Street – the car was recovered on Old Wheat Street with the keys still in the ignition and the engine running. You decide what the moral to this story is.
  • Auto Theft Recovery – A suspicious persons 911 call on Rockledge Road resulted in a stolen car recovered and one arrest. The license plate scanner in a patrol car on Moreland Avenue detected a stolen car with two arrests made after a foot chase.
  • Commercial Burglary – A witness saw a perp breaking a rear window at Fontaines on North Highland Avenue. Pura Vida on North Highland Avenue in Poncey Highland was entered via a damaged front door. The Taqueria del Sol on Cheshire Bridge Road was entered thru a smashed front glass door, and Urban Body was entered thru a pushed in window.
  • Larceny From Auto – Smash and grabs were reported on Amsterdam Walk, Frederica Street (2), PDL Avenue, Arlington Place, Greenwood Avenue, Los Angeles Avenue, Monroe Drive, North Highland Avenue, and PDL Place. Of these 10 reported incidents – 7 of the owners were from outside of VaHi. Please remind your visitors of the Clean Car Campaign to make sure their VaHi visit is not marred by a smash and grab. An arrest was made on Virginia Circle due to a suspicious person 911 call – the arrestee had been looking into cars along this street. All around Zone 6 in this time period there were TWENTY GPS systems stolen, 7 license plates taken off, 4 in-dash radios ripped out and 3 more handguns were added to the arsenal on the streets. Keep walking behind your car to make sure you still have a license plate.
  • Larceny Other – The Eros Tapas Bar on Monroe Drive lost a lot of food when padlocks were cut on outside storage bins. A cellphone was stolen from an Amsterdam Walk bar patron. A package was taken from a Drewry Street front porch. A bike seat was taken from a bike parked in front of the PDL Publix – the perp was caught and arrested. The Ansley Blockbuster had a shoplifter. An MJQ Club patron on PDL Avenue lost items from her unwatched purse. A Briarcliff Road resident lost credit cards, and a Drewry Street resident lost her wallet from her purse in the choir room at St. Phillip’s Cathedral in Buckhead – no, nothing is sacred anymore. This story I really hate to hear – a 75 y/o/f victim on University Drive let 3 suspects who claimed they were from the water department into her home to check her system – after they left a watch and $1000 in cash was missing. Please, please, if you have elderly neighbors – make sure they understand not to let unknown persons into their home!! The Target store at Edgewood caught 5 shoplifters as well as an employee who took a gift card from another store, activated it and got caught using it.
  • Pedestrian Robbery – On 4/25 at 12:30 a.m. two female Virginia Avenue residents were robbed at gunpoint in the 800 block of Virginia by a b/m and b/f who fled in a white vehicle. I had not been notified as to this scary incident – so do not know any other details. I hope the victims were not harmed.
  • Residential Burglary – A Bonaventure Avenue residence was entered via a smashed window. On St. Charles Avenue, entry was made thru a smashed basement window at 2:40 a.m. – the victims who were at home, confronted the intruder and he fled. South of here, on Faith Avenue, S.E., entry was made into a residence by removing a window a/c unit. If you know of folks who have window a/c units – make sure they have the units bolted into the window frame so they cannot be easily removed. All around Zone 6 in this time period, entry into residences was made via kicked-in doors 12 times.

Be alert and stay safe!!



Voice – Winter 1990

Download PDF (3.1 MB)

– Neighbor profile: Foot patrolman Officer Chris Clark, by Beth Marks
– Ponce de Leon task force to speak at December meeting
– Historic preservation presentation update, by Burn Sears
– Front porch living, by Yvette Weatherly
– Holiday entertaining like a pro, by Shelley Pedersen, director of catering at Murphy’s
– Historic designation – what is means to you
– John Howell Park update (by Jerry Bright) and events (by the L.A.M.P. project)
– Historic designation survey form
– Outline of City zoning preservation ordinance
– Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools (CINS), by Barbara Van Dyke
– Grady students to author VOICE articles
– Morningside Elementary volunteers
– Inman needs tutors too
– Recycling, it’s habit forming, by Nan Hunter
– The road that was almost built (Georgia 400/I-485), by Warren Pritchard with Charles Longley
– Building permits, by Steve Jagger
– Ponce de Leon Task Force gains momentum in reaching for a consensus
– Interview with Chief Eldrin Bell, by V. Evans
– Personal safety (reprinted from ProTech Security Systems newsletter)