Remembering April 20, 2010

I am sure that many of you parents still remember this date – the day that Michael Christopher Lloyd terrorized Morningside and VaHi and shut down our public schools til he was captured. Twice, now he has come up for a preliminary hearing in court, and the case has been set back both times, citing more time needed for an evaluation. I asked Paul Arena-Camarillo, our Zone 6 Community Prosecutor, for his take on what is taking so long for Lloyd to appear before the court. Paul stated – "In general, yes an evaluation can take a long time. If he is seeing a county doctor, it can take many months. Any defense attorney, whether public or private, would order a mental health evaluation in this case. I think a failure to do so could, in the future, allow this case to come back on appeal on an ineffective assistance of counsel claim." So – it may be a long while yet, before this case ever comes before the court for a hearing or trial. Stay tuned.

The Latest on the Burgundy Buick Story

Our new Community Prosecutor, Josh Geller, from the DA’s office, was successful on 2/13 in a bond revocation hearing for Paul Douglas Williams, and he is now our guest in a cell on Rice Street. This is the driver of the 1998 burgindy Buick LeSabre who has been repeatedly spotted in VaHi at locations where many smash and grabs occur. He was arrested in VaHi on 1/4, released on bond the next day, and then, taking advantage of his freedom, was back in action and arrested at a Midtown smash and grab on 1/14 and bonded out again. Now – thanx to Josh, he is no longer free and the Buick is grounded. The next step now is his hearings to determine his guilt or innocence and the ensuing sentencing if warranted.

The Burgundy Buick

As reported previously the owner of this 1998 vehicle, with license plate # BVJ 2541, who has been seen so often here on our neighborhood streets with lots of auto break-in incidents, was arrested by our Officer Cooper on 1/5, but bonded out on 1/6, has received an “invitation” from the DA to appear in court 1/19. I intend to attend his initial hearing Tuesday morning at 9 in Judge Woodson’s CourtRoom 8-C in the Fulton County CourtHouse. I’ll leave Vance Avenue at 8:15 that morning if you would like to ride with me – just let me know. This is an all purpose calendar that morning and in all probability, the only thing enacted will to be to set a complete hearing or trial date. But, he might just decide to plead guilty at that time – or then, there is also the possibility that he might now show up at all. Who knows? Keep a lookout for him though, if he decides to visit us before the 19th, if he has the need to raise cash with some smash and grabs.

Kenneth Lamb Sightings

Yes, I know this individual is creating a lot of frustration among us all. Our Community Prosecutor, Sharla Jackson, is working on a warrant for him – but in the meantime please continue to e-mail the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance folks at details of your sightings so they can keep tabs on him til such time when action can be instituted against him. Current pix of him are available at

Kenneth Lamb sightings

I continue to hear these reports from Cheshire Bridge Road and the I-85 exit ramps. As long as there are unwitting folks who will take pity on him and give him money – he will be in our midst. Continue to let MPSA at know of your sightings. He quite obviously has found a good place to stay – cash and drugs are both available to him in the same area.

BOLO – Mark Harper

This mug shot is that of Mark Harper who is still to be arrested for his warrant in reference to burglaries he committed with his partner in crime, Frederick Charles Stranahan, in March and April here in this part of the city. Stranahan was arrested at the Intown Suites on Piedmont Circle in early April charged with several offenses – the last of which I remember was a home burglary on Morningside Place. If you happen to spot Harper roaming the streets – please call 911 and report his position along with clothing being worn. This info was furnished to me by our own VaHi resident, Officer Chad Gurley, who wants to get Harper behind bars.