In Search of a Christmas Miracle for Ten Thousand Villages

By Bryan Hendrix, Virginia-Highland Resident

15369187_1425073127504083_2077304714292003107_oTen Thousand Villages, the fair trade gift shop that has been on St. Charles Ave. in Virginia-Highland for 25 years, needs our help. Business has been down recently and they’re struggling to stay in this location. Their mission is to support artisans in the developing world, particularly empowering women to improve their communities. (Plus they have cool stuff!)

Lea-Anne Jackson, a Ten Thousand Villages board member, told me they need a “Christmas miracle.” Let’s be that miracle. Let’s show our support for this little shop and its mission by joining together for a Highland Stroll for Ten Thousand Villages on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 11 am. We’ll gather in North Highland Park at the corner of N. Highland and St. Charles and stroll the short distance to Ten Thousand Villages where we can shop, make a donation, or just show support.

I know this sounds like the plot to a sentimental holiday movie but I have to admit that bringing a sentimental holiday movie to life actually sounds like fun to me! (We may even sing one specially customized holiday song but if you’re not into that you can just pretend you don’t know the rest of us!) Let’s show that Virginia-Highland still has a heart and soul and take this stroll. I know we’re all busy this time of year but this will take very little time and should put us all in touch with the holiday and community spirit. Hope you’ll join in and tell your friends and neighbors!

Please see our Facebook page, Friends of Ten Thousand Villages, Virginia-Highland. The event has also been posted on NextDoor.

Ten Thousand Villages is located at 1056 St. Charles Ave. They are open Mon-Sat 11 am-6 pm, and on Sunday from 1-5 pm. You can read more about Ten Thousand Villages here. 

Disclaimer: I have no professional or financial connection to Ten Thousand Villages.


Ten Thousand Villages Celebrates National Arbor Day

By Robin Ragland, VHCA Board Member

WP_20160405_17_03_41_ProTen Thousand Villages, our neighborhood fair trade retailer at 1056 St. Charles Ave., will participate in a nationwide campaign to plant 10,000 trees in our national forests. The program, which runs April 21 through May 1,  invites customers to donate $1 to plant a tree in a national forest through the Arbor Day Foundation. Ten Thousand Villages in Atlanta hopes customers will donate to plant 100 trees on behalf of our community. Ten Thousand Villages corporate office in Akron, Pa., will donate 1,000 trees to kick-off the campaign.

Store Manager Juliet White said, “We are excited about this opportunity to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 10,000 trees because it allows us to make a positive impact on our environment.” White continued, “As an organization, we are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable sourcing of products. We also make a positive impact in the lives of artisans around the world every day. Every purchase at our store provides vital, fair income which allows artisans to provide food, clothing and education for their families.”

blobThe campaign kicks off an in-store Earth Day Celebration April 22-23 and connects to the international Earth Day theme of Trees for the Earth (#Trees4Earth).

Other events planned for the Earth Day Celebration include the launch of the new “Landscapes” collection of home décor and garden items Friday, April 22; a sale that offers 22% off select sustainable items April 21-24; and contests to win fair trade prizes throughout the weekend.

10K photoAs a fair trade retailer, Ten Thousand Villages is committed to sourcing products made with sustainable materials and methods. The majority of the products customers will find at Ten Thousand Villages in Atlanta are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible—by hand. Many artisans recycle materials such as newspaper, post-consumer magazines and glass to create innovative and functional products. Ten Thousand Villages product line includes a wide range of items made with natural materials, from bamboo to water weeds.

Groups source renewable, natural materials to keep resources in balance. Artisans use local raw materials whenever possible, and many artisans use natural dyes. Several artisan partners also source sustainable wood, or “good wood,” from farms that replant trees after they are harvested.

For more information about Ten Thousand Villages or the campaign to plant 10,000 trees, please contact Juliet White, store manager, at 404-892-5307 or visit


Ten Thousand Villages

stroefrontVirginia-Highland’s Fair Trade Retailer for 20 Years

Ten Thousand Villages has been a Virginia-Highland staple since 1993. Located at 1056 St. Charles Avenue, the neighborhood shop has seen the ebb and flow of the local business community and, at one time, was the only open storefront on their side of St. Charles for nearly a year. Selling handcrafted items from nearly three dozen countries around the world, the locally run, non-profit store is committed to providing fair wages and steady employment to thousands of artisans through the sales of their products. The forty or more volunteers who give their time to helping customers and supporting fair trade love the local community and, while they hail from all over Atlanta, many of them live in Virginia-Highland and most live in surrounding intown neighborhoods.

childrens cornerThe staff and volunteers at Ten Thousand Villages enjoy being part of such a vibrant and special community.  There’s always a water dish for neighborhood dogs outside the shop and the staff is committed to keeping Virginia-Highland beautiful with seasonal plantings in their tree bed and regular sidewalk cleanup of theirs and neighboring storefronts. Ten Thousand Villages sales associates love to help customers shop for just the right gift, home décor accent, or piece of jewelry and are accommodating to all shoppers. There’s even a little nook where children can play, color and read while their parents shop.

spring trendWhether you are a long-time customer, have never visited, or it’s been a while since you’ve stopped by, the staff at Ten Thousand Villages would like to welcome you in for a visit. There’s always something new going on at the shop and this spring is no exception. There is a new collection of jewelry and accessories on trend for Spring 2015.  Planters, bird houses, wind chimes, and other garden décor are featured, and Mother’s Day shopping is made easier with thoughtful gifts, personalized assistance, and gift wrapping. With all of the online shopping these days it’s truly a pleasure to enter a brick and motor store that knows how to give a multi-sensory shopping experience: fragrant soaps and candles calm the senses, natural materials like stone and intricately carved wood beg to be touched, unique and vibrant color palettes draw your eyes to goods from Colombia to Kenya, global music often incites toe-tapping and hand-clapping, and samples of fair trade coffee and chocolate tickle the taste buds.

blue fountainFind out about upcoming sales and events at, on Facebook or visit the store during regular business hours Tuesday-Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 1-5.

Ten Thousand Villages

1056 St. Charles Avenue



Ten Thousand Villages Holds Month-Long Silent Auction

logo-3Passing along the following from our friend Juliet White at Ten Thousand Villages on St. Charles Ave.:

As a non-profit retailer, we occasionally find the need to do a bit of fund-raising. This year, in preparation for a mandatory (and rather pricey) technology upgrade, we are holding a month-long silent auction. Visit Ten Thousand Villages Atlanta any time during the month of May to view and bid on one-of-a-kind, artisan-made pieces, fair trade items no longer available, as well as goods and services generously offered by neighboring local businesses such as Atkins Park, The Warren, Bar Meatball, Hand-in-Hand, Surin of Thailand, Harry & Sons, Van Michael, Bridge Boutique, and George’s. Enjoy some friendly bidding for your favorite spot as you help support your local Ten Thousand Villages store!