GDOT Weekend Construction Press Release: July 11, 2013

trafficsbadmkeaFor Immediate Release:
Thursday, July 11, 2013
Contact: Mark McKinnon 404.326.6672 Mobile
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Connector Contractor Working Around Braves Traffic
lane closures planned for I-20, I-285 top end, sr 13 and downtown connector this weekend

ATLANTA -Motorists beware! Georgia DOT is urging motorists to plan ahead this weekend before they venture on to I-20 on the east side, I-285 on the top end, and the Buford-Spring Connector (SR 13) and I-75/I-85 downtown. Lanes will be closed in all of those locations at various times this weekend, weather permitting. However, the contractors working on the downtown connector will open the lanes to allow a smoother entrance and exit from the Turner Field area for the Braves series with the Cincinnati Reds.

“We know the Braves are in town and we want to accommodate the fans as much as possible but we also need to get some work done on the Downtown Connector,” said GDOT Metro District Construction Engineer Shun Pringle. “So, the contractor has agreed to open all lanes about three hours before each game and not close them again until about three hour after each game ends. That should help alleviate some of the congestion,” he added.

The Downtown Connector work Pringle is referring to is a bridge painting project that will require up to three right northbound lanes closed from MLK, Jr. Boulevard to Fulton Street except during the Braves traffic.

On the Buford-Spring (SR 13) Connector, one left lane will be closed in both directions all weekend between Armour Drive and Lindbergh Drive for bridge joint work. Heavy delays are expected and motorists are encouraged to seek alternate routes.

Across the I-285 top end, up to three right westbound lanes will be closed all weekend for bridge work between Roswell Road and State Route 400 and various rolling lane closures will be occurring in both directions in several locations on I-285 on the north and west sides of Atlanta for striping.

Additionally, two right eastbound lanes will be closed all weekend on I-20 from Wesley Chapel Road to Panola Road for bridge joint work.

Motorists should also be aware that there will be times during the bridge work closures on I-285, SR 13 Connector, and on I-20 where it appears no work is being performed. After concrete is poured for the bridge work, it must be allowed to dry (or cure) for approximately 24 hours to ensure proper strength before opening the lanes to traffic. The Department often gets complaints from motorists saying there were lane closures in place and no one was working.

Here is a full list of this weekend’s work in metro Atlanta:

1. Cobb, 7/12/13 to 7/22/13, 9pm till 5am

I-285 EB, from MP 18 (Paces Ferry Road) to MP 19 (Ashford Dunwoody Rd), 1 or 2 lanes closed for striping using rolling closures beginning on the inside lane next to the barrier and working to the outside shoulder.

2. Fulton, 10/5/12 to 12/31/13, 4:30am till 3pm, continuous

GA 400 NB, from MP 0.5 (I-85) to MP 1 (Sidney Marcus Blvd), one right lane closed to construct bridge bents for new bridge.

3. Fulton, 5/4/12 to 12/31/13, 9am till 3pm, daily

SR 13 NB/SB, from MP 2 (I-85) to MP 3 (Lenox Road), one outside lane closed with flagging operations to support construction activities if needed to move equipment.

4. Fulton, 1/7/13 to 6/30/13, 9am till 5pm, daily

Deering Road EB, about MP 0 (Peachtree Street), DEERING ROAD CLOSED for construction on the Amtrak Station.

5. Fulton, 1/22/13 to 7/22/13, 7pm till 5am, continuous

I-85 NB/SB, form MP 0 to MP 0.25 (Lindbergh Drive), HOV Ramp closed on to construct bridge bent #11.

6. Fulton, 1/12/13 to 12/31/13, 7pm till 5:30pm, weekly

Sidney Marcus Blvd EB/WB, from MP .5 to MP 1 (Sidney Marcus Blvd), road closed on Saturdays only for construction activities.

7. Fulton, 1/12/13 to 12/28/13, 7am till 5:30 pm, weekly

Cheshire Bridge Road EB/WB, from MP 0 to MP 0.25 (Sheridan Road), Road Closed on Saturdays only for construction activities.

8. Fulton, 1/12/13 to 12/28/13, 7am till 3:30pm, weekly

SR 13 NB, from MP 0 to MP 0.25 (Lenox Road), road closed on Saturdays only for construction activities if needed.

9. Fulton, 2/14/13 to 7/22/13, 9am till 3:30pm

SR 236 WB, from MP 1 (Armand Drive) to MP 1.5 (Adina Drive), one lane flagging operation for equipment entering and exiting the roadway.

10. Fulton, 4/23/13 to 7/31/13, 9:30am till 3pm

GA 400 SB, from MP 1 (Sidney Marcus Blvd) to MP 0 (Lindbergh Drive), one left lane closed for overhead signage work.

11. Fulton, 4/25/13 to 7/31/13, 9:30am till 3pm, daily

SR 400 NB, from MP 0 (Lindbergh Dr) to MP 1 (Sidney Marcus Blvd), either right or left lane closed for construction activities.

12. Fulton, 6/8/13 to 9/7/13, 3pm till midnight,

SR 13 NB, from MP 2.5 (Lindbergh Drive) to MP 3 (Cheshire Bridge Dr), one right lane closed for (90 days) construction activities.

13. Fulton, 6/14/13 to 12/31/13, noon to midnight, 

GA 400 SB, about MP .5 (Sidney Marcus Blvd/I-85), one right shoulder closed for new bridge construction.

14. Fulton, 6/24/13 to 7/13/13, 9pm till 5am,

I-285 SB, about MP 13 (Bolton Rd), two right lanes closed for concrete slab repair.

15. Fulton, 6/25/13 to 7/12/13, 9am till 3pm, 

GA 400 Off Ramp, about MP 0 (GA 400 to Sidney Marcus), one left ramp lane closed for wall construction.

16. Fulton, 7/12/13 to 7/15/13, 9pm till 5am

I-285 WB, from MP 27 (GA 400) to MP 25.5 (Roswell Rd), three right lanes closed for bridge joint work.

17. Fulton, 7/8/13 to 7/29/13, 9pm till 5am, continuous

I-75/I-85 NB, about MP 248 (MLK Jr Dr), either three right or three left lanes closed for bridge painting operations.

18. DeKalb, 6/27/13 to 7/31/13, 7am to 7pm

I-20 EB, from MP 69 (Wesley Chapel Road) to MP 71 (Panola Road), two right lanes closed for bridge joint construction.

19. Fulton, 6/30/13 to 7/14/13, 9pm till 5am,

I-285 SB, about MP 45 (ramp from I-285 SB to I-20 WB), one right ramp lane closed for grading operations for gravity wall.

20. DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb, 7/12/13 to 7/22/13, 9pm till 5am,

I-285 WB, from MP 29 (Ashford Dunwoody Rd) to MP 18 (Paces Ferry Rd), one lane closed at any given time with a rolling closure for striping operations beginning on the inside lane next to the barrier and working to the outside shoulder.

21. Fulton, 7/12/2013 to 7/15/2013, 9PM til 5AM

SR 13 Buford Hwy Connector SB, one inside (left) lane closure at Clear Creek Bridge between Lindbergh Drive and Armor Drive to perform bridge joint repairs.

22. Fulton, 7/12/2013 to 7/15, 9PM til 5AM

SR 13 Buford Hwy Connector NB, one inside (left) lane closure between Armor Drive and Lindbergh Drive to perform bridge joint repairs.

Motorists can access real-time, statewide, route-specific information on accidents, road work, traffic and weather conditions through Georgia 511 – a free phone service. By dialing 511, callers also can transfer to operators to 24 hours a day to report incidents or request assistance. The system can be used to access transit providers, major airports, rideshare organizations, tourism information and 511 systems in surrounding states. Additionally, 511 is available online. Georgia DOT partners with sponsors for assistance in funding 511, thereby preserving tax dollars and helping sustain critical services. For more information about 511, visit For information on the Department of Transportation, visit; you also may follow Georgia DOT on Facebook ( and Twitter (



Georgia DOT provides funding and technical assistance to support construction and maintenance of the State’s harbors in Savannah and Brunswick, which contributes an annual economic value of $18.5 billion and supports more than 350,000 jobs. The Department is a local sponsor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that constructs and maintains these harbors.

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Traffic Backup at Orme Park

VHCA Board President Jack White captured these rare images last week of a traffic tie-up – at Orme Park.

Witnesses say a group of patrons was heading home from a busy day at the park when the lead vehicle apparently encountered an obstacle it couldn’t overcome. No word on the whereabouts of any of the drivers involved or why they abandoned their vehicles so quickly (although rumor has it nap time was a contributing factor).

If you’re out and about in the ‘hood and capture an image you think speaks to life in VaHi – and you wouldn’t mind sharing it with your neighbors – send it to Include a caption if you like. We’ll post the best ones for everyone to enjoy.


Publix Georgia Full and Half Marathons Return to VaHi March 17

You’ll want to plan your travel carefully the morning of March 17 as the Publix Georgia Full and Half Marathon races return to Virginia-Highland.

Organizers expect over 16,000 runners to participate this year. Both races will start and end in Centennial Olympic Park and all runners will pass through VaHi. Following is a list  of full and partial road closures and the times you may want to avoid these areas.

For more information on the Publix Full and Half Marathon races and the Luckie 5K race, click here.

7:13 – 9:30 AM (Half Marathon runners)

N. Highland Ave. (from North Ave. to Virginia Ave.):  All lanes closed to traffic; no roadside parking

Virginia Ave. (from N. Highland Ave. to Park Dr.):  EB lane only open to traffic

7:17 – 9:45 AM (Half Marathon runners)

Park Dr. (from Virginia Ave. to Piedmont Park bridge):  All lanes closed to traffic; no roadside parking

8:25 AM – 12:35 PM (Marathon runners)

Stillwood Dr. (from Briarcliff Rd. to Los Angeles Ave.):  EB lane only open to traffic; traffic must turn south on Briarcliff

8:30 AM – 12:45 PM (Marathon runners)

Los Angeles Ave. (from Stillwood Dr. to N. Highland Ave.):  EB lane only open to traffic; traffic must turn south on N. Virginia to Briarcliff

N. Highland Ave. at Los Angeles Ave.:  EB Los Angeles can turn south on N. Highland

Los Angeles Ave./Brookridge Dr. (from N. Highland Ave. to Elkmont Dr.):  EB lane only open to traffic; traffic must turn south on N. Highland

Elkmont Dr. (from Brookridge Dr. to Orme Circle):  EB lane only open to traffic; traffic must turn east on Crestridge

Orme Circle (from Elkmont Dr. to Park Dr.):  NB lane only open to traffic; traffic must turn east on Elkmont

8:35 AM – 1:00 PM (Marathon runners)

Park Dr. (from Orme Circle to Piedmont Park):  All lanes closed to traffic


Bike lanes, turn lane coming to Ponce

by Brian Gross

On Feb. 7, John Wolfinger and I attended the City and BeltLine’s Open House about the planned improvements to Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Here were the improvements discussed: note, #3 is a very big change!

1. Resurfacing of Ponce between Juniper and Briarcliff/Moreland (GDOT)

2. Pedestrian safety improvements between Piedmont and Briarcliff/Moreland (GDOT)

3. Improvements from Boulevard/Monroe to Freedom Parkway. (BeltLine)
This would reduce the number of traffic lanes from three in each direction, to two wider lanes in each direction but add:
a) a center lane for turns and with some pedestrian islands and
b) as far east as Ponce de Leon Place, a bike lane in each direction. The bike lanes will be buffered from the car traffic by barriers approx. 1 to 2 feet wide. Unfortunately, the road is not wide enough so that the bike lanes can stretch as far east as Freedom Parkway.

The City rep told us there is not a fixed date, but he expected the work to be completed in the summer.

4. Ponce City Market Plaza Interface (BeltLine)
– A plaza that will let pedestrians walk between the BeltLine and the rail shed along the east side of Ponce City Market. (The rail shed will be turned into retail and food outlets). The BeltLine is hoping that funding will also allow for a ramp at North Avenue.

Well, that will connect Ponce City Market – but what about access from Ponce itself, without going through the Market? (I asked). The City planning rep told me that there are plans for a ramp to the BeltLine from the CVS on Ponce and also the Ponce City Market is considering an elevator from the top level of the rail shed down to street level.

On a related note, here are some links to some additional projects underway in Midtown:  project descriptions on the Midtown Alliance website and a recent progress report published on the Midtown Patch site.

Please also see the full handout from the event below, and the map presented:
(note: a “HAWK” signal is a signal at a mid-block pedestrian crossing)


Improvements Coming Soon to Monroe/10th Intersection

According to the website, significant pedestrian safety improvements will be made soon at the intersection of 10th Street and Monroe Drive. The improvements are designed to support the recent opening of the Eastside BeltLine trail which currently terminates a few feet from the east side of Monroe, just across from Park Tavern and Piedmont Park.

Here’s the pertinent text from the article on the BeltLine website and a drawing of what the intersection will look like after the improvements are made:

“The improved section of Eastside Trail ends at Monroe Dr. adjacent to Park Tavern and Piedmont Park. The City of Atlanta Public Works Dept. approved the design for traffic signal and pavement striping improvements for the intersection. Eastside trail users will be able to cross Monroe Dr. to Piedmont Park more easily with new pedestrian signals and a 28’ wide striped pedestrian crossing with new curbramps built into the sidewalks on either side of Monroe Dr. The traffic signals for the Virginia and 10thStreet intersections with Monroe will be re-timed and coordinated in anticipation of heavier pedestrian and bicyclist activity through the area. Construction on the improvement is slated to begin in early November and be completed by mid-December (weather permitting). While improvements will occur on all four “corners” of the intersection, we have requested that the contractor prioritize the interface between the Park Tavern corner and the Eastside Trail.”



Komen 3-Day Walk Begins Friday, Will Pass Through Virginia-Highland

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure kicks off a 60-mile walk Friday that will start in Stone Mountain and, over the course of the weekend, take participants through Decatur, Virginia-Highland, Midtown, Candler Park and eventually to Turner Field.

Walkers will pass through VaHi on Sunday morning and early afternoon. From 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. John Howell Park will be the site of an official cheering station where residents can gather as a group to support the walkers. We’ve received no notice of any road closures in connection with this event.

Click here to read a Patch article about the 3-day walk or here to visit the event’s website.


BeltLine Master Plan for Sub-area 6

The BeltLine Master Plan for “sub-area 6” includes the western edge of Virginia-Highland along Piedmont Park and Monroe Drive. These include proposals for improvements to the intersections of Monroe and 8th; Monroe and 10th/Virginia/Kanuga; and for converting Monroe to two lanes with a median/turn lane. Diagrams cover proposed bike access and transit.

The download can take a while as it’s 45 MB large: download main document here; there are also appendices (72 MB).

BeltLine master planning homepage

Here are some pictures from the document:


Atlanta Marathon Coming Through VaHi; Expect Road Closures

This year’s Atlanta Marathon and Marathon Relay will be held October 28 and the course will bring runners right through the heart of Virginia-Highland.

Mile 14 brings runners up N. Highland Avenue from Poncey-Highland where they will eventually turn left on Virginia Avenue. Runners will then turn right on Park Drive where Mile 15 continues on into Piedmont Park. Click here to view the complete route map.

Expect full or partial road closures. The right hand side only of northbound N. Highland Avenue will be closed from approx. 7:50 a.m. until approx. 10:45 a.m. The right hand side only of westbound Virginia Avenue will be closed from approx. 8:00 a.m. until approx. 10:50 a.m. All of Park Drive will be closed from approx. 8:05 a.m. until approx. 11:00 a.m. Click here for a complete list of road closures.

For more information on the Atlanta Marathon, visit


10th Anniversary Breast Cancer Walk Coming to VaHi, Seeks Supporters

Get ready – the streets of Virginia-Highland are going to be very, very busy this weekend.

Not only do we have the second Streets Alive event taking place on Sunday, but participants in a two-day breast cancer walk will be passing through VaHi on both Saturday and Sunday. Event organizers are hoping residents will line the route and show support for the walkers as they pass through the neighborhood.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer sponsored by It’s The Journey, Inc.  Streets aren’t closed for the event – participants use sidewalks or coned areas where there aren’t sidewalks. Here are the routes walkers will take as they move through VaHi on both days and the approximate times they’ll be here (route maps also below):

Saturday October 6: 7:40 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Exit BeltLine, turn right onto Greenwood Ave. (walkers will begin to arrive around 7:40 a.m.)

Turn left onto Ponce de Leon Pl.

Turn right onto Virginia Ave.

Stay on Virginia Ave. until Briarcliff Rd.

Turn left onto Briarcliff Rd.

Sunday October 7: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Exit 10th St., turn left onto Monroe Dr. (walkers will begin to arrive around 9:00 a.m.)

Turn right onto Park Dr.

Turn left onto Elkmont Dr.

Turn right onto Crestridge Dr.

Turn right onto Brookridge Dr.

Turn left (stay on Brookridge Dr.)

Turn left (stay on Brookridge Dr.)

Turn left onto Amsterdam Ave.

Turn left (stay on Amsterdam Ave.)

Turn right onto Monroe Dr. (walkers will begin to arrive around 10:00 a.m.)

On Saturday, Tailfin Marketing located on the north side of Virginia Ave. just west of Briarcliff, will be the site of an unofficial rest station and VaHi residents are invited to join in the fun of supporting participating walkers. Walkers should begin to arrive at Tailfin around 9:00 a.m. with final walkers passing by somewhere around 10:30 a.m.. Tailfin has limited parking so please plan to walk to join the support team there.

Come on out Saturday and Sunday and cheer on the walkers and other volunteers supporting this worthy cause!

For more information on the walk, visit the event’s website.


Phone Numbers to Report Music Midtown Problems Announced

The PARKatlanta phone numbers for reporting parking/traffic problems related to the Music Midtown festival are 404-201-5086 and 404-201-5396.

The phone number for Whitten Management for reporting trash/litter problems is 770-655-7281. Whitten will have crews out all weekend picking up trash/litter and emptying trash cans – but if there are still problems on Monday morning this is the number to call for trash/litter that’s left behind.

All other emergency problems should be reported to the APD as usual via 911.


City crew makes street fixes that VHCA requested

Did you see our hard working City Public Works crew out in the neighborhood June 21? VHCA submitted this list of street repair requests to the City, through the PEDS on-line reporting system on Tuesday June 19. On Thursday June 22, the City had a crew in the neighborhood making the repairs!!! What a great response!

City Street Repair Crew installing pedestrian crossing signs - photo courtesy of Jack White.

City Street Repair Crew - photo courtesy of Jack White

The repairs were requested by neighbors who identified these issues and asked VHCA to take them to the City. VHCA accumulates requests and submits them in batches every few months so the City can handle the requests efficiently (Peggy Berg — email: The City completed the last batch of requests from the neighborhood (thank you Public Works!). The batch the City is currently working on is (quote):

  1. Crosswalks along North Highland in Atkins Park need to be repainted, St. Augustine, St. Charles, St. Louis and Greenwood all need repainting badly in some directions and are in slightly better shape in other directions.
  2. Crosswalks at Ponce De Leon and North Highland need painting badly in all directions.
  3. We need the stand-up Pedestrian Signs replaced along North Highland and would like to have them anchored to the street.
  4. I was told that the street light in front of Yogli Mogli at the corner of Virginia and North Highland needs to be connected (but haven’t been up to the corner after dark to see if this is fixed).
  5. Would you install a countdown signal with walk/don’t walk sign for pedestrians at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and Park Drive. This has heavy traffic from the Middle School and no signs, so it is a safety issue.
  6. There are two yield signs on Park on the east side of Monroe, turning south. One is in really bad shape, would you take it off the back of the sign to which it is attached, or replace it?
  7. The pedestrian signal needs repair at Monroe and Park on the east side of the street.
  8. Greencove Ave. needs repaving. It is severely potholed and broken, particularly at the dead-end of the street; a large hole on Clemont where it meets Greencove needs repair.
  9. The neighborhood has been concerned about the intersection of Monroe/Tenth/Virginia around Grady, the Park and the Plaza. It’s dangerous. I know the City has been aware of the problem for a long time and has been studying it. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to encourage improvements at this intersection. (unquote)

Section of Ponce to be closed

To enable Eastside Trail construction, portions of Ponce:

  • between Ponce de Leon Place and
  • the Midtown Place Shopping Center (across from Ponce City Market)

will be closed

  • June 8 – 11 (9 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. Monday)
  • June 15 – 18 (9 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. Monday)

Download the road closure map

The Eastside Trail project, now under construction, spans more than two miles from the southeast tip of Piedmont Park to Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward neighborhoods. It is the next major component of the Atlanta BeltLine slated to open to the public. This project includes a 14-foot wide multi-use concrete trail for walking, running, biking and skating, as well as a significant amount of underground infrastructure to accommodate current and future utilities. It also includes retaining walls, landscaping and the preservation of right of way for the transit system which will be built in the future. The Eastside Trail is the first part of the trail system to be built within the old rail corridor, which will eventually connect 45 neighborhoods.

The weekend of June 22 through 25 has been identified as a back-up weekend should inclement weather warrant. During the first weekend (June 8 – 10) crews will disassemble the scaffolding that has allowed workers to safely remove lead-based paint and make structural repairs to the bridge over the past two months. The bridge will be lowered to its final elevation during the week of June 11-15. During the second week, the contractor will pour the concrete trail and complete touch-up repairs.

All vehicular access points to the shops at Midtown Place, the Kroger shopping center, Ponce Place and Ford Factory Lofts will be open and accessible during this road closure! Road signs will be in place for the two weeks leading up to the closures to alert drivers on Ponce de Leon Avenue. Sidewalks will periodically be closed to pedestrian traffic as work requires underneath the bridge. Detour signs and off duty-police officers will be provided to direct motorists.


Atlanta Streets Alive on N. Highland

The organizers of Atlanta Streets Alive have approached the VHCA with a proposal to close N. Highland Ave. from 2-7 PM on Sunday, May 20th to promote their goal of “making Atlanta a more lively and connected city”. The flyer (click on the image to open) has more information. This event has been held several times over the last few years, most recently along Edgewood Avenue. It sounds like it has great potential as a community event, and we want to hear what you think. It will be discussed at the March meeting of the VHCA Board – Monday, 3/12/12, 7 PM, at the Library, 980 Ponce de Leon Ave. You are welcome to come, and you may also share your thoughts by writing us at


Traffic Speeding

Just a word to the wise that both Zones 2 and 6 Commanders have vowed to be on the watch for speeders on our major north-south commuter routes on Briarcliff Road, Lanier Boulevard, Monroe Drive, North Highland Avenue and Barnett Street. Both of these commanders also ask you to note if speeding is abated on these routes – they need to know if their efforts are successful – so let me know, and I’ll pass reports on to Majors Browning and Meadows.


“Being Mary Jane” TV Pilot filming 4/23 & 4/24

Breakdown Productions, Inc. is currently in preproduction for the television pilot entitled Being Mary Jane for the BET tv network. The one hour drama involves the professional and personal life of Mary Jane Paul, an established television news anchor living in Atlanta. The show will star Gabrielle Union (Think Like a Man, Good Deeds, Ugly Betty, Seventh Heaven) and an ensemble cast that will begin filming April 23, 2012.

The production company states “We are currently preparing to film at Glamour Paws, 780 North Highland Ave as a local pet store.” and that they “will have the assistance of the Atlanta Police Department to insure N. Highland and St. Charles Ave traffic flow during filming. We have no plans for any road closures. The
scenes inside and outside the store are simply dialogue between actors.”

See the attached resident letter for more information on the filming and restoration schedule.


Filming 3/13/12 affecting Los Angeles and N. Highland

S & K Pictures, Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., will be filming scenes for a new feature film to be shot entirely in Georgia currently titled, “Trouble With The Curve”. Filming will take place for a half day on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 inside of George’s Restaurant and Bar in the Virginia Highlands. S & K Pictures has applied to the City of Atlanta for a permit to block the south-­ curb lane and sidewalk of Los Angeles Ave. between N. Highland Ave. and Lanier Blvd. NE. from 6am-­12pm on Mon., March 12th and Wed., March 14th. We would like to close that same lane and sidewalk from 12am – 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 13th. Also, we have applied for the east-­curb parking lane of N. Highland Ave. between Los Angeles Ave. and Virginia Ave. (before the Chevron gas station) from 12am to 11:59pm on Tues., March 13th. The company will take great care not cause traffic problems. Safety Signal Corporation and off-­duty Atlanta police officers will be handling traffic safety. Driveways and loading zones will not be blocked. Traffic will not be stopped. If anyone has questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me. Thank You, Stephen Dirkes Key Assistant Location Manager S & K Pictures, Inc. #404.217.6809


Neighborhood Races and Festivals

  • The Intown10 Race on 3/4/2012 news at – for times of street closings.
  • The Publix Georgia Marathon on 3/18/2012 news at – for times of street closings.
  • The proposed Streets Alive festival plans slated for 5/20/2012 will be presented and discussed at the next VaHi Civic Association meeting on 3/12/2012 at 7 at the PDL Avenue library.


Traffic Alerts

There is to be an outdoor festival in the Mix parking lot on North Highland Avenue @ Briarcliff Place on Saturday10/22 from 2 til 10 A reminder to festival patrons that the streets in this area have resident only parking after 6 p.m. on Saturdays. Non-resident parkers on these marked streets are subject to being towed by PARKatlanta. These are the three Saint named streets in Atkins Park as well as Briarcliff Place and Arlington Place.

The Atlanta Marathon will be going thru VaHi on 10/30. Route info at click on event info then click on spectator info to get to street closings. Plan ahead!

The Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk will also be coming thru VaHi on Sunday morning 10/23, with a cheering section in John Howell Park on Virginia Avenue from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Limited route info is at The Sunday morning time should not cause too many traffic problems, except for the attendees of Virginia Highland Church on Virginia Avenue. Hope the walk folks have been in contact with the church to make plans.

The Park Drive bridge entrance to Piedmont Park is scheduled for renovations/repairs thru 11/15 with limited usage at times and limited access to the dog park.


Voice – Summer 2011

Download PDF here (7.5 MB)

– Summerfest
– Recent accomplishments of VHCA
– Maintaining curb appeal
– Funding received to benefit Orme and New Highland parks
– Rosedale Dr./N. Virginia intersection improvements made
– New businesses (Catalyst, Genki)
– History Part XI


Voice – Spring 2010

Download PDF (3.0 MB)

– Triangle island renovation nears completion
– Home Tour recap
– Local Haiti relief efforts continue
– President’s Corner: Callanwolde silent auction results
– SPARK students introduced to debate
– Spotlight on Grady High School
– Grow fruit in your garden
– Streetscape update
– Green Dream silent auction a success
– Safety update: Reed administration and the APD
– Orme Park Phase One improvements
– How healthy are your trees?
– History part VI
– Col. Mustard reviews Rosebud


Streetscape Meeting

For the many of you who have voiced concerns about the changes at Virginia and North Highland and some of the unintended consequences of this project, VaHi president Pam Papner has scheduled a meeting to go over these concerns, and create a list of suggested solutions. Meet at the traffic island on Thursday, July 30th at 7 to collectively look at the corner and then walk to Church of Our Savior for a sit down session and, as a group, work on a list of realistic ideas to solve these problems. This confab is for residents and business owners alike.


Safety Team Report Special Report 6/20/09

Zone 6 Strikes Again!!

Just in case you are not aware of all the break-ins that happened to the beleagured Urban Body Fitness Studios on PDL Place the past couple of weeks – read the AJC story.

Now – just tonite I got the following narrative from our Major Propes as to the capture of the persistant thief, Donald Rayfield.

“Two outstanding members of our Zone 6 team conducted the undercover surveillance of the business. Officers Heckenkamp and Levine work the Morning Watch (11p.m. to 7 a.m.). They are our “go to it ” guys. They routinely are responsible for nabbing the bad guy! This time they concealed themselves at the location and watched as Mr. Rayfield attempted to kick in the door. They called in the uniform support and caught him in the act!

These two officers are also the ones that went in the burning house back in 2007 and rescued the two women from the burning house in the Inman Park area. The State Bar Association recognized them as Officers of the Year for that act of heroism. They were also the two officers that caught Andre Grier the last time he was arrested for breaking into a car in Inman Park. They are good! The furloughs haven’t stopped them!”

They also, I might add, were the ones that caught Roger Corley here in VaHi after he burglarized a residence on Orme Circle and left a stolen Jeep on Crestridge Drive. We are lucky to have these two gentlemen on duty here in the middle of the night. Thank you Major for this report.

Hopefully there will be a CourtWatch opportunity when Rayfield comes to court. We need to ask for him to be banned from the entire PDL Avenue corridor neighborhoods when he gets out of jail again, since this is where he seems to like to do his dirty work.

Traffic Alert!!

Tenth Street will be closed next Tuesday evening from 8 til 11 p.m. from Argonne Avenue to Monroe Drive for a trial run of a Soap Box Derby race to be actually held August 29th. If you will be traveling east on Tenth – you will be able to use Argonne Avenue to get to Monroe and then on to your destination. You might be better off that evening just using PDL Avenue and stay away from the congestion in the Tenth Street corridor.

Major Propes assures me there will be plenty of officers to handle the traffic diversion. Plan your Tuesday nite trips accordingly.

Job Opening

Our long-time and dedicated NPU “F” liquor license chair, Liz Coyle, has resigned to make her run for our City Council District 6 seat. This is a fascinating and vital job for our NPU and offers a chance for someone to really get involved in our local scene. I’m sure Liz will make herself available for assistance and giudance and I’ll be glad to assist also. Contact our NPU chair, Dianne Olansky at, if you would like to see how this whole process works and help your neighbors at the same time.

Speaking of liquor licenses

Club Eros on Monroe Drive has a new manager who was at our recent NPU meeting and offered his cell phone number for a contact – it is 404-840-4682. If you live in Piedmont Heights and are bothered by excessive noise from this club – don’t be shy about calling him to complain.

Stolen Driver’s Licenses

This tip about replacing a stolen driver’s license comes from Johanna Chapin who posted this info on the vhlist a while ago. She states – the DMV will only issue a replacement license with the same #, and not invalidate the old #, unless you have a police report that specifically says that your driver’s license was stolen. With another valid copy of your drivers license out there, someone could take that and cause a lot of identity theft damage. Bring the police report with you to the DMV and be prepared to rattle some cages (so she says) to get a license with a new # on it. Thanx Johanna, for posting this vital info. As an aside, the DMV office downtown in the stadium area is very easy to reach and is very well organized. I recently renwed my license there and was amazed at how smoothly and quickly their operation goes.

Two Interesting Websites

This web site – EveryBlock not only has houses for sale – but pin points crime locations. You can change zip codes for different info. And, if you are wondering about how many registered sex offenders are in our midst – go to

Speaking of sex offenders

the Fulton County Jail web site says that Kenneth Lamb was released from Rice Street on 5/26. I haven’t heard of any sightings of him yet. Remember – he was the shoeless beggar who frequented shopping areas on PDL Avenue and Monroe Drive. Midtown’s MPSA chief investigator says he has a registered address in ATL 30318 – living with 4 other registered sex offenders.

Be alert and stay safe!!



PEDS Walk In Virginia-Highland – March 22

There will be a very important PEDS walk on Thursday, March 22 from 3:00-5:30 the neighborhood.

Seven neighborhoods are participating during this time — it will be a very large event. Please meet in the CVS parking lot promptly at 3:00 p.m. to secure your signs and assignments. We are crossing 27 crosswalks en masse from Ponce de Leon to Los Angeles along Highland in an effort to slow traffic and make drivers aware of the crosswalks in the neighborhood. Please join us!

Volunteers are needed to make signs for the event. If you can help, please come to the PEDS office at 1447 Peachtree Street, Suite 801 on Saturday, March 17 at 10 a.m. Free underground parking is available. Please contact me if questions.

Thank You!
billie jo, Safety Chair


Slow down Atlanta!

Let’s keep our streets safe for children and pedestrians! Aaron Gross, Public Safety Chair, has 48 “Slow Down Atlanta” signs on his porch for pick-up and use along the streets in Virginia-Highland. No tools or stapling are required to install the signs. Please feel free to stop by and pick one up for your street. Aaron’s address is 1076 Rosedale Drive, just off North Highland Avenue.


Voice – Fall 1991

Download PDF (2.8 MB)

– The taming of Piedmont Park – traffic and illegal activity around perimeter of park
– Piedmont Park’s combined sewer overflow controversy – the anatomy of a setback, by I. E. Saporta, architect
– Letter to the editor by Ruthie and Tom Penn-David in cautious support of Summerfest (and not “Drunkfest”)
– A day in the life of Orme Park, by Vicky Favorite and Yvonne Weatherly
– Summerfest opinion – residents and businesses speak out
– Adopted highway “Ponce” needs your help
– Moving right along with (John Howell Park) plans, by Jerry Bright
– Schools update
– What a weekend! Summerfest ’91. Over $2100 raised!
– Doing your share: recycling is so easy in VaHi, by Nan Hunter
– Carefree vacations, by Maggie Baron
– Library forced to reduce hours, services, by Kathy Couch
– The new YWCA offers relief, renewal, by Vicky Favorite
– Report to taxpayers on financial issues affecting the Atlanta Public Schools, by Joseph G. Martin, Jr., president
– Morningside PTA fundraiser has something for everyone, by Ginny Connelly
– Home Alone: Security for children with working parents, by Ken Lavine
– Better bicycling