Trees Atlanta, Many Volunteers Plant 90+ Trees in VaHi

By Stephanie Coffin and Lola Carlisle; Photos courtesy Lola Carlisle

img_1498November 12th was a fun day of tree planting in Virginia-Highland! There were many helping hands from Virginia-Highland, local schools and organizations. Due to the lack of rain, it took all the volunteers working very hard to dig through the hard soil to plant.

We planted Kousa Dogwoods, American Fringe Trees, Trident Maples, Carolina Silverbells and other species provided by Trees Atlanta and funded by the tree recompense fund of the City of Atlanta. You can view the planting list here. 

img_1494Protecting and adding to the overall tree canopy in Atlanta are critical to improving our environment and promoting healthy lifestyles. Virginia-Highland is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets and these Trees Atlanta plantings, and those we all do privately, are increasingly important as we continue to lose old growth trees from development pressures and environmental impacts.

Due to the drought we ask that you please help by watering the trees in the planting strips near your homes. Even under our watering restrictions new plantings may be watered for 30 days after they are planted. Use a couple of buckets for each tree, once a week. Pour the water slowly around the tree, so it gets a chance to saturate the soil and not run off. If it rains, don’t worry about watering.

Special thanks to all the volunteers, VHCA, Alex Beasley of Trees Atlanta, and Stephanie Coffin for a successful planting!

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Trees Atlanta VaHi Planting Set for February 22


Editor’s Note: A headline for this article in our Voice e-newsletter listed a February 15 date for this event. That date is incorrect. The correct date is February 22. We apologize for the confusion.

Trees Atlanta will conduct a major planting event in Virginia-Highland later this month, and you’re invited to help.

Anyone who wants to assist with the planting should RSVP by clicking here. Volunteers will meet at New Highland Park  (corner of N. Highland Ave. and St. Charles Pl.) at 9 AM Saturday February 22. Please wear work clothes and bring work gloves. All other supplies will be provided.

DSCF0011This planting event will focus primarily on the following VaHi streets: St. Louis Pl., St. Charles Pl., St. Augustine Pl., Briarcliff Pl. and Greenwood Ave. Most of the trees to be planted will be silver maples (acer saccharinum), trident maples (acer buergerianum) or crape myrtles (lagerstroemia indica).

VaHi resident Stefanie Coffin worked with Trees Atlanta to organize the planting, as she has done several times previously.

vahighbillkid205“These annual plantings focus on areas of the neighborhood with high density and traffic to help mitigate the impact of pollution from autos,” Coffin says.

“Focus is on street trees that survive,” Coffin says. “The average life of a street tree is around 17 years, so tree selection is a big part of the planning process.”

Coffin points out that funding for the annual planting comes from the yearly grant given to Trees Atlanta by the VHCA and a generous contribution from UMC Cub Scout Pack #17, as well as recompense funds paid to the city by anyone found to have taken down or destroyed a tree illegally (these latter funds flow through the Tree Conservation Commission).

The planting event is part of Trees Atlanta’s NeighborWoods program, in which the non-profit partners with neighborhoods across metro Atlanta to plant native species, raise awareness about the benefit of trees, and create a core group of tree advocates. NeighborWoods is a collaborative effort to replenish and sustain the tree canopy, while also educating the community on tree care and management.

Click here to view a complete list of what kind of trees will be planted where.