Voice – Spring 2011

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– Tree planting
– Neighborhood responds to recent crime wave
– Volunteers
– Orme Park construction
– Sidewalks/walkability
– FBAC doubles patrol area
– Home Tour success
– Graffiti task force update
– History Part X


The Annual PEDS Wire Hunt

PEDS, our watchful city-wide pedestrian advocacy organization is sponsoring its annual hunt for fallen utility wire hazards and needs your help to find them. Go to http://peds.org/wire-hunt/ to find out how to report and enter the contest.

(3/21/10): From our good friends at PEDS – our local and very effective pedestrian advocate – two stories of important interest. The first deals with their annual Hazardous Wire Hunt Survey that is in full swing right now. We’ve all seen hanging wires on sidewalks all over the city – make sure they are reported.

The second story deals with keeping sidewalks clean and free of vegetation, overgrown shrubbery, low-hanging tree limbs etc. This is your responsibility as a property owner.


The PDL Avenue CVS Construction Site

At first this area only presented a pedestrian hazard with the destruction of the sidewalks here – but City of Atlanta had the contractor move the “sidewalk closed” sign eastward to PDL Place solving that problem. But, now the contractor has moved out into the traffic lanes – effectively forcing westbound traffic in the curbside lane to move over. I reported this to Public Works – but they have deferred to the GaDOT – since PDL Avenue is a state highway. Hope a warning sign is posted soon before there is a terrible accident in this area.


Monroe Drive Pedestrian Perils

This is an extremely dangerous street for pedestrian crossing – so please use extreme caution here. The following is a report from Major Calvin Moss of APD Special Operations – “On Wednesday, August 12, Zone 6 responded to an adult male pedestrian struck by a vehicle at Monroe and Dutch Valley Road shortly after 1:00 p.m.. According to witnesses, the pedestrian was crossing Monroe with the signal when a silver Nissan traveling south glanced off another vehicle, struck the pedestrian in the crosswalk and continued through the intersection against the red light. The driver was on the scene and cited for the accident. The pedestrian was transported to Grady Hospital with a badly broken arm and other contusions and abrasions, but his injuries are not believed to be life threatening.” Thanx to Cary Aiken for alerting me to this tragedy and to Major Moss for doing the research to find out the details.


PEDS Walk In Virginia-Highland – March 22

There will be a very important PEDS walk on Thursday, March 22 from 3:00-5:30 p.m.in the neighborhood.

Seven neighborhoods are participating during this time — it will be a very large event. Please meet in the CVS parking lot promptly at 3:00 p.m. to secure your signs and assignments. We are crossing 27 crosswalks en masse from Ponce de Leon to Los Angeles along Highland in an effort to slow traffic and make drivers aware of the crosswalks in the neighborhood. Please join us!

Volunteers are needed to make signs for the event. If you can help, please come to the PEDS office at 1447 Peachtree Street, Suite 801 on Saturday, March 17 at 10 a.m. Free underground parking is available. Please contact me if questions.

Thank You!
billie jo, Safety Chair catladybilliejo@mindspring.com