Voice – Spring 2010

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- Triangle island renovation nears completion
- Home Tour recap
- Local Haiti relief efforts continue
- President’s Corner: Callanwolde silent auction results
- SPARK students introduced to debate
- Spotlight on Grady High School
- Grow fruit in your garden
- Streetscape update
- Green Dream silent auction a success
- Safety update: Reed administration and the APD
- Orme Park Phase One improvements
- How healthy are your trees?
- History part VI
- Col. Mustard reviews Rosebud

Voice – Winter 2009-10

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- VaHi Green Dream silent auction
- 15th annual Tour of Homes
- President’s Corner
- SPARK opens its doors
- Spotlight on Grady
- VaHi’s Green Dream
- Spotlight on public safety
- Spotlight on businesses: Atlanta Activewear and Knitch relocates
- City responds to streetscape project concerns
- Col. Mustard reviews George’s
- Update on Callanwolde drainage concerns

Voice – Fall 2009

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- Summerfest success
- Safety: our neighborhood connection VHList with 331 members
- President’s corner: past year’s achievements
- Streetscape Phase II (Triangle area) update
- Neighborhood arboretum coming to VaHi
- History part IV
- School news: MES, Inman
- New Highland Park fundraising update
- Join the New Highland Park Conservancy
- Neighborhood feels impact of Callanwolde construction
- New afterschool program (Garrison)
- City Storage
- Col. Mustard reviews D.B.A. Barbeque

Voice – Summer 2009

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- Summerfest
- Neighborhood preservation committee update
- Planning for 2009 Tour of Homes
- Historic Fourth Ward Park under construction
- President’s Corner: fundraising for new park
- News from MES and Inman
- SPARK gets name and principal
- Join New Highland Park Conservancy
- New businesses: Glamour Paws, D.B.A. Barbeque, Silverstein, Thomas & Carter
- VHCA wants you!
- Rufus Henry Stansell (1929-2009) neighborhood folk artist
- Col. Mustard reviews Belly General Store
- History of Virginia Highland Part III

Voice – Winter 2007-8

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- Phase II Streetscape plans finalized
- President’s Corner
- 2007 Tour of Homes recap
- Area homes included on tour of kitchens
- Zipcar comes to VaHi
- VaHi Safety Team report
- Neighborhood preservation initiative gains steam
- Trees Atlanta visits VaHi
- The Bus Stop: school news
- Col. Mustard reviews La Tavola
- Intown cycling: family style
- Orme Park master plan takes shape, by Jack White

Voice – Winter 1995

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- VHCA Goals
- President’s Corner: Entertainment complex at site of Colgate Mattress warehouse remanded to BZA
- Profiles on 1995-96 board members
- Biking to the Olympics, by Dennis Hoffarth
- Tree News, by Stephanie Coffin, Parks co-chair
- Survey form: change in the Voice?
- Recycling pays off, by Nan Hunter
- Col. Mustard reviews Chow (1026 1/2 N. Highland) and Dark Horse Tavern
- Green with energy (how to decrease exposure to indoor pollutants), by Sarah Tomaka
- John Howell Park project: Felix deWeldon (who designed Washington, D.C.’s Iwo Jima Memorial) has donated design for sculpture “HOPE (International AIDS Monument)”

Voice – Fall 1995

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- Summerfest ’95
- President’s Corner: city Zoning board did not issue exceptions to Cartel Properties to build a 27,000 ft2, 2000-patron restaurant/entertainment complex, the largest in the city, on the site of the Colgate Mattress warehouse at 712 Ponce de Leon Place. Access was only via 2-lane Ponce Place and parking would be all-valet with only 3 spaces on-site.
- Tips from the trade (review of Kliphph Where? clothing store)
- John Howell Park Project: playground is finished! Outwrite Bookstore donates $3000 earned from Greg Louganis book signing event.
- Tree news: new tree ordinance protecting trees takes effect
- School roundup
- Finally, an intown farmer’s market
- Environmental potpourri
- Col. Mustard reviews St. Charles Deli
- Green with energy (weatherization tips), by Sarah Tomaka
- Summerfest 1995 photos (2 pages)

Voice – Summer 1995

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- Showtime again, Summerfest ’95 just around the corner, by Deborah Cox
- Many thanks, Steve Jagger (profile of Steve Jagger) by Debbie Skoczynski
- President’s corner: Storage facility at Virginia and Kanuga turned down, permit vetoed for “Hilan Billiards” at 800 N. Highland
- Atkins Park thanks supporters of landscaping of gate area
- Bike Stuff by Mike Goodman
- Girl Scouts do more than sell cookies, by Roberta and Sarah McQuade
- Neighbors and city team up to clean up (Ponce at St. Charles)
- Environmental potpourri
- Col. Mustard reviews Harry and Sons
- Green with energy (tips to lower water use), by Sarah Tomaka
- John Howell Park project, by Tinka Green
- Easter egg hunt at John Howell Park, by Sunny Williams
- Ponce Coalition update, by Jett Marks
- VaHi tree planting continues, by Stephanie Coffin

Voice – Winter 1994

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- Board members each answer 6 interview questions (J.D. Christy, Debbie Skopczynski, Winnie Currie, Tom Austin, Bruce Taylor, Arnold Gross, Amy Waterman, Steve Jaggers, Mary Jo Peed, Melanie Davenport, Paul Concannon)
- Everything you wanted to know about zoning but were afraid to ask, by Stephen Jagger and Debbie Skopczynski
- President’s Corner, by J.D. Christy
- Annual meeting seats new board, by Beth Marks
- Photos from annual meeting
- Bike Stuff
- Environmental potpourri, by Nan Hunter
- Col. Mustard reviews Camille’s
- Happy (1st) birthday, Virginia-Highland Business Association
- Art supports A.I.D.S., by Shelley Scher
- Local group (CAUTION) makes a difference, by Shelley Scher
- School news
- Tips from the trade: Review of The Common Pond, which sold environmentally friendly products
- John Howell Park project, by Tinka Green
- Greening up for the gold, by Stephanie Coffin, co-chair Parks
- Letters of thanks from recipients of VHCA grants

Voice – Fall 1994

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- The Greening of the Neighborhood, by Stephanie Coffin, co-chair Parks
- SummerFest ’94, by Arnold Gross
- President’s Corner, incl. “the croissanting of VaHi”, by J.D. Christy
- Summerfest 1994 financial report (pre-tax profit $36,242)
- Post office changes inside and out, by Shelley Scher
- Bike Stuff, by Mike Goodman
- St. Charles-Greenwood proposed downzoning spawns task force, by Melanie Davenport
- Environmental potpourri, by Nan Hunter
- Highland herbalist: Tarragon
- Col. Mustard reviews and ranks seven places to have “a fancy cup of coffee”: Virginia’s Koffie House, San Francisco, The Dessert Place, Red Light Café, Chef, Aurora, and Highland Coffee
- Tips from the trade: profile of The Herb Shop Prevention Center
- Helping children at risk (for crime; discusses “CAR” program), by Paula Miller
- John Howell Park project, by Tinka Green
- A shopping tail (bringing your pets with you shopping), by Shelley Scher
- VaHi security patrol update (neighborhood-wide patrol was not started), by Beth Marks

Voice – Summer 1994

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- Summerfest time again
- VaHi Security Patrol (neighborhood-wide) set to start July 1, only $150 per year, by Beth Marks
- Mayor Bill Campbell addresses growing VaHi Business Assn., by Susan Guerroro, VHBA president
- The times, they are a-changin’ (Superior Foods closes its doors), by Swan McKnight
- Green facelift planned for N. Highland, by Stephanie Coffin and Kathy Couch
- Summerfest volunteers confess they did it for fun, by Bryan Hendrix
- The Highland Herbalist: Basil
- Bike stuff, by the Bike Guy
- Col. Mustard reviews Savage Pizza
- John Howell Park update (photo: Commissioner Boxill congratulates VaHi), by Tinka Green
- Recycle today, by Nan Hunter

Voice – Spring 1994

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- Board action (Summerfest will be a fundraising even in June similar to last year’s), by Mary Jo Peed
- Highland Hardware, since 1978, by Deborah Cox
- Intown Bicycles moves
- VaHi Business Association, by Beth Marks
- FBAC update
- Recycle today, by Nan Hunter (Murphy’s goes totally non-smoking!)
- Bike trail news, by Mike Goodman
- Col. Mustard reviews Capo’s Café
- The Highland Herbalist: growing rosemary
-40 out of 4,000 (VaHi residents that belong to the VHCA), by Amy Waterman
-John Howell Park, by Jerry Bright
-First Union Grand Prix comes to VaHi, by Jett Marks
- Freedom Park master plan nears completion, by Jett Marks
- Crime statistics

Voice – Fall 1993

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- Summerfest contest was a piece of art
- My home, my castle and my office (profile of residents who work at home), by Deborah Cox
- Crime down sharply in FBAC area
- More B.S. (that’s bike stuff), by Michael Goodman
- Col. Mustard reviews Red Light Café at Amsterdam Walk
- Full text of updated VHCA bylaws
- Olympic trees, going for the green. Profile of Stephanie Coffin and her tree planting. By Kathy Couch
- Recycle today, by Nan Hunter
- John Howell Park fundraising update, by Jerry Bright
- Kidsfest successful 3rd straight year
- By-laws committee completes its work

Voice – Spring 1993

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- Property tax season: VaHi is on first list (of assessment mailings) to homeowners
- Friend, board member (Ed Neal) passed away
- President’s Corner: Summerfest success, DOT property on Ponce (now The Carlton condos, ed.) released, Murphy’s still in court
- Bicycles Require Care, Maintenance, Year Round Many Adjustments will Require Bike Mechanic, by Mike Goodman
- Your City Council, By Sheilll Martin-Brown, councilperson-at-larg
- Remember Your 3 R’s… Redvce. Reuse. Recycle. By Nan Hunter
- Parking Survey Received Huge Response, by Jett Marks
- Piedmont Park has Become the Main Course on the Table, by Kathy Couch
- Gardening Volunteers Can Gain Hours for a Chance to Volunteer forthe 1996 Olympics, by Kathy Couch
- VaHi Can’t Flee from the Crime without Everyone’s Help, by Joyce Gross
- Don’t Be Shy To Your Own Neighborhood, by J .D. Christy, VP VHCA
- Col. Mustard reviews American Roadhouse
- Suitable Site For CSO (combined sewer overflow) Still Under Debate, by Jett Marks
- Sidewalks throughout the Virginia- Highland area are due for a facelift, by Ellen Kates

Voice – Winter 1992

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- VHCA amends its bylaws
- Parking survey opinion
- Planning Summerfest ’93
- Get “street smart” about safe bicycling
- Officially speaking: Handgun control, by Mayor Maynard Jackson
- Recycle today: save your “waste”, by Nan Hunter
- Home sweet Virginia-Highland home: portrait of longtime residents, by Jeni Evans
- John Howell Park renovation plans still under review, by Jerry Bright
- Col. Mustard reviews Neighbors Pub
- You can HELP! (fight crime), by Joyce Gross
- Neighborhood profile: Inman Middle School, by Betty Wells and Joan Walters
- Neighbors join to protect our streets: how to get off-duty police patrol coverage for your block, by Yvette Weatherly
- Crime statistics
- Personal safety tips from Pro-Tech Security Systems
- Learn about composting
- Traffic islands get make-over by Kathy Couch
- Parking survey

Voice – Fall 1992

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- Annual meeting brings BIG crowd
- The PATHway for bicycling
- Ponce Task Force has new plan
- School report by Joe Martin, Atlanta School Board
- Recycle today, you can make the difference, by Nan Hunter
- Summerfest ’92 a success! by Beth Marks
- What are we doing to our parks? by David Robertson
- Col. Mustard reviews Everybody’s Restaurant
- Ponce property under discussion (disposal of 6 lots facing Ponce between Barnett and Bonaventure), by Jerry Bright
- Profile of Morningside school, by Mary Joe Peed
- Parks committee needs flower power, by Kathy Couch
- VHCA gets new phone service, by Nyna Gentry
- Murphy’s restaurant update
- Crime statistics

Voice – Summer 1992

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- Letter to the editor from Douglas W. Jones, president of the Ponce de Leon Corridor Association, urging action to oppose Grady Hospital from expanding onto Ponce
- Rep rap, by Rep. Jim Martin
- Reduce, reuse and recycle: participating streets, by Nan Hunter
- New parking committee comes to life, by Elmo Colburn
- Col. Mustard review of Mid City Fish
- Update on Murphy’s move, by Jeni Evans
- Ponce Task Force focuses on reducing risk to investors, by Jett Marks, VaHi rep to PTF
- Piedmont Park Conservancy by city councilmember Mary Davis
- John Howell Park, by Jerry Bright
- Plan to save your life in case of fire, by Ken Lavine
- School update
- Crime graphs and statistics
- Composting comes home, by Nan Hunter
- Summerfest ’92
- Danny’s Run 5K and fun run