Voice – Winter 1994

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- Board members each answer 6 interview questions (J.D. Christy, Debbie Skopczynski, Winnie Currie, Tom Austin, Bruce Taylor, Arnold Gross, Amy Waterman, Steve Jaggers, Mary Jo Peed, Melanie Davenport, Paul Concannon)
- Everything you wanted to know about zoning but were afraid to ask, by Stephen Jagger and Debbie Skopczynski
- President’s Corner, by J.D. Christy
- Annual meeting seats new board, by Beth Marks
- Photos from annual meeting
- Bike Stuff
- Environmental potpourri, by Nan Hunter
- Col. Mustard reviews Camille’s
- Happy (1st) birthday, Virginia-Highland Business Association
- Art supports A.I.D.S., by Shelley Scher
- Local group (CAUTION) makes a difference, by Shelley Scher
- School news
- Tips from the trade: Review of The Common Pond, which sold environmentally friendly products
- John Howell Park project, by Tinka Green
- Greening up for the gold, by Stephanie Coffin, co-chair Parks
- Letters of thanks from recipients of VHCA grants

Voice – Winter 1990

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- Neighbor profile: Foot patrolman Officer Chris Clark, by Beth Marks
- Ponce de Leon task force to speak at December meeting
- Historic preservation presentation update, by Burn Sears
- Front porch living, by Yvette Weatherly
- Holiday entertaining like a pro, by Shelley Pedersen, director of catering at Murphy’s
- Historic designation – what is means to you
- John Howell Park update (by Jerry Bright) and events (by the L.A.M.P. project)
- Historic designation survey form
- Outline of City zoning preservation ordinance
- Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools (CINS), by Barbara Van Dyke
- Grady students to author VOICE articles
- Morningside Elementary volunteers
- Inman needs tutors too
- Recycling, it’s habit forming, by Nan Hunter
- The road that was almost built (Georgia 400/I-485), by Warren Pritchard with Charles Longley
- Building permits, by Steve Jagger
- Ponce de Leon Task Force gains momentum in reaching for a consensus
- Interview with Chief Eldrin Bell, by V. Evans
- Personal safety (reprinted from ProTech Security Systems newsletter)

Voice – May 1973

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  • May 8 meeting
  • VHCA’s first birthday party to be held in June
  • Working together with Morningside to fight I-485
  • Home Improvements Committee
  • Planned neighborhood garage sale and art fair
  • Zoning help from GA Tech
  • Banners for restored homes
  • 1973 Tour of Homes
  • Groundbreaking for “Virginia Park 485″
  • Zoning committee
  • Enforcement of housing codes