Voice – Fall 1994

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- The Greening of the Neighborhood, by Stephanie Coffin, co-chair Parks
- SummerFest ’94, by Arnold Gross
- President’s Corner, incl. “the croissanting of VaHi”, by J.D. Christy
- Summerfest 1994 financial report (pre-tax profit $36,242)
- Post office changes inside and out, by Shelley Scher
- Bike Stuff, by Mike Goodman
- St. Charles-Greenwood proposed downzoning spawns task force, by Melanie Davenport
- Environmental potpourri, by Nan Hunter
- Highland herbalist: Tarragon
- Col. Mustard reviews and ranks seven places to have “a fancy cup of coffee”: Virginia’s Koffie House, San Francisco, The Dessert Place, Red Light Café, Chef, Aurora, and Highland Coffee
- Tips from the trade: profile of The Herb Shop Prevention Center
- Helping children at risk (for crime; discusses “CAR” program), by Paula Miller
- John Howell Park project, by Tinka Green
- A shopping tail (bringing your pets with you shopping), by Shelley Scher
- VaHi security patrol update (neighborhood-wide patrol was not started), by Beth Marks

Voice – Spring 1990

- Preservationists Karin Huebner (Urban Design Atlanta) and Ann Farrisee (Atlanta Preservation Center) to speak March 7th
- Profile of Nyna Gentry, chairman VHCA Preservation Committee and St. Charles Greenwood rep
- The VOICE says “Preservation”
- VaHi: Atlanta’s bungalow neighborhood, by Tim Crimmins
- More of everything at the new VaHi library, by Kathy Couch
- Support your neighborhood schools – CINS, by Barbara Van Dyke
- John Howell Park, by Jerry Bright: sidewalk replacement
- VaHi’s annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race
- Things are picking up (recycling), by Nan Hunter
- Volleyball, heads up!
- A letter from Rep. Jim Martin (on privacy, abortion, state budget)
- No parking? By Burn Sears
- Crime stats for VaHi (beat 610)

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Voice – Winter 1989

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- Adair Ave. residents led by Nan Hunter help raise awareness of recycling
- Voice starts publishing again after two year hiatus
- Council of Intown neighborhoods and schools (CINS), by Barbara Van Dyke
- First annual VaHi Christmas 5K run
- Update on John Howell Park: parkland dedicated, within City parks system, plan being developed
- Preserving VaHi’s character; possible historic district designation
- Wanted: nosy neighbors: neighborhood watch, SCGNA enters into PAC with police Zone
- Report from Highland View neighborhood watch