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The Virginia Highland Civic Association held its Annual Meeting on September 5, 2001. The most important agenda items for this meeting have typically been the election of a New Board of Directors, recognizing contributions to the neighborhood and grants from the Civic Association to the various institutions and groups that help make our neighborhood a great place to live, shop and dine out.

Community Service Awards
Stephanie Coffin for her contributions and efforts to protect and preserve our neighborhood’s green spaces

Betty Baumann for creating the donation boxes for the entrances to Summerfest that resulted in donations to the neighborhood of over $1,000.

Kathy Barkley for her efforts in making the Summerfest Artist Market a wonderful success this year, and in the past

Chris Clark, our Summerfest Security Chief, for keeping the peace and maintaining order during what is always a hectic week. Chris and his crew successfully thwarted several thefts from artists and were instrumental in making key arrests of the perpetrators.

Each recipient of a Community Service Award was given a Gift Certificate to La Tavola Trattoria, which were graciously donated by its management company, The Fifth Group.

Grants by the Civic Association

  Atlanta Fire Department, Station 19 $    500
Trees Atlanta $ 1,500
PEDS $    500
Ponce de Leon Branch Library $ 2,000
Morningside Elementary School $ 2,000
Inman Middle School $ 2,000
Grady High School $ 2,000
YWCA, NE Intown Branch $    500
Virginia-Highland Baptist Church $    500
Project Open Hand $ 1,000
Council of Intown Schools $ 1,000
John Howell Park $ 3,500


The term for the new Board is October 1, 2001, to September 30, 2002. The list of candidates was as follows:

Betty Baumann*, Erin Chance*, Stephanie Coffin, Winnie Currie*, Patrick Flinn, Chip Gallagher*, Louise Glancy, Linda Guthrie, Mike Hastings, Jean Jordan, Steve Kushner*, Seth Lynn, Steve Luben, Kris Reinhard, Debbie Skopczynski* and Wiley Sommerville*

(*incumbent). Two Board members, Ruthie Penn-David and Ben Barkley, the Civic Association’s President and Vice-President for the past two years, chose not to run for re-election.

Prior to the election, the issue of whether voting by proxy was permissible was addressed to the Board. During a Board meeting, the consensus from a review of the Civic Association’s By-Laws and the Georgia Non-Profit Corporations Code was that proxies were permissible. The issue was discussed at length at the Annual Meeting, and conducting the elections with proxies was challenged. A motion was made from the floor to continue the meeting, which passed by a large majority of the members present.

The breakdown of votes, including votes by proxy, is listed below. The use of proxies had no impact on the election.

Nominee Votes in Person Votes by Proxy Total
Chip Gallagher 89 193 282
Seth Lynn 86 185 271
Wiley Sommerville 85 192 277
Kris Reinhard 83 186 269
Steve Kushner 81 177 258
Steve Luben 76 178 254
Louise Glancy 72 202 274
Jean Jordan 70 162 232
Kevin Cronin 68 137 205
Dave Ferguson 54 82 136
Stephanie Coffin 53 63 116
Patrick Flinn 50 44 94
Linda Guthrie 43 53 96
Betty Baumann 42 48 90
Winnie Currie 38 57 95
Erin Chance 33 60 93
Debbie Skopczynski 32 34 66
Mike Hastings 24 30 54

In addition to these elected members of the Board of Directors, two members are appointed, one each by the Atkins Park Neighborhood Association and the St. Charles/Greenwood Neighborhood Association. These appointed members are Conne Ward-Cameron for Atkins Park and John Craft for St. Charles/Greenwood.

The Civic Association’s new Board is as follows:

The following people were elected/re-elected to the Board of Directors:

Chip Gallagher
Seth Lynn
Wiley Sommerville
Kris Reinhard
Steve Kushner
Steve Luben
Louise Glancy
Jean Jordan
Kevin Cronin
Conne Ward-Cameron (Atkins Park)
John Craft (St. Charles/Greenwood)
Dave Ferguson (Alternate)


The new Board and a few members of the outgoing Board met during the Transitional Meeting required by the By-Laws on September 12. At this meeting, Officers were elected and committees formed. While each committee must include a Board member, committee membership is open to the entire neighborhood and we encourage you to join us on these committees. The new Officers and the initial members of each committee are as follows:

  President Steven Kushner
Vice President Steven Luben
Treasurer Wiley Sommerville
Secretary Louise Glancy
Membership Chip Gallagher, Jean Jordan, Kris Reinhard, Seth Lynn
Parenting & Education Louise Glancy, Jean Jordan
Parks Rob Glancy, David Ferguson, Louise Glancy
Public Safety David Ferguson, Steve Luben, Krista Miller, Billie Jo
Planning Kevin Cronin, Conne Ward-Cameron, John Craft, Chris Bailey
Communications Krista Miller, Seth Lynn, Chip Gallagher, Conne Ward-Cameron, Jean Jordan, Steve Luben
Summerfest Chair – Pam Trettle, Co-Chair – Steve Kushner
Summerfest Steering Wiley Sommerville, Kris Reinhard, Jana Wolkow, Aaron Gross
Summerfest fundraising Chip Gallagher, Jean Jordan
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