A New Way (at least to me) To Get Robbed

Thanx to Ron Rooks, Park Drive Street Captain, for passing on this alert from Georgia Tech. The following incident occurred at 10:40 p.m. just off Centennial Olympic Park Drive. “A non-student male stated that he was walking through Centennial Apartments near the leasing office when he heard a male voice screaming for help. He approached a male who was lying on the ground and bent down towards him. The male struck the victim’s back with a knife and removed cash from the victim’s pocket. The male was last seen running south through the apartment complex. The victim was transported to a hospital with minor injuries.” Park Drive resident Dan Smith suggests we should approach supposedly injured persons with extreme caution, telling them forcefully to show their hands before you get close to them. Or better yet – a 911 call for help would be prudent in this sort of situation. If there is a legitimate need for help – you will have summoned trained personnel for assistance and if it is a scam – the perp will “get well” and flee.


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