1. Monitor and maintain the renovation completed several years ago.
  2. Evaluate neighborhood support in order to begin evaluation of cost and efforts required to conduct an Ecological Assessment and Community-Based Master Plan specifically considering:
  3. Improvements to the naturalized areas of the Park (along Elkmont and Brookridge), possibly including riparian restoration,
  4. Recommendations for renovation of the existing historic bridge,
  5. Recommendations for safety improvements for park access points,
  6. Consideration of park aesthetics, viewsheds, and visitor experience including those in shared use areas,
  7. Planting recommendations to enhance park character, sense of place and visitor navigation,
  8. Assessment of existing conditions of vegetation, stream health, and stormwater flows, and
  9. Management of invasive plants, installation of new planting supportive of native ecology.
  10. Stage volunteer days and participate in meetings with the Friends of Orme Park group as needed to work on plantings and cleanups, etc.
Orme Park