Anna Jensen featured in OPENspace Gallery Project

A special installation by Anna Jensen is featured at 1048 N Highland (formerly Savory Spice) as part of the OPENspace Gallery Project thru October 17.

Anna Jensen was born in Atlanta, GA.  She began making portraits of teachers and classmates to entertain herself and friends in grade school.  Anna went on to attend the University of Georgia and Agnes Scott College; the latter as a Pre-Med student.  She then moved to New York City and completed intensive training in the field of theatre acting.  She brings both her love of natural observation and obsessive precision as well as spontaneity and emotional expression back to her explorations in drawing and painting.  Influenced by many she emulates no one, hoping only to present personal yet universal truths in an affecting form.

Open Space is a not for profit organization whose goal is to provide quality gallery services to emerging artists by hosting shows in vacant commercial real estate spaces. We bring excitement and attention to vacant spaces thereby assisting real estate professionals in their marketing and leasing programs. We also serve as a conduit that introduces emerging artists to gallery owners and the art loving community of Atlanta.

“How’re We Doing On Joy”

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