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In case you have not yet been on PDL Avenue lately and seen the disgusting graffiti defacement on 3 sides of the tower – the building was entered one night late last week by an unknown number of vandals, who managed to get to the top of the building and must have spent several hours up there doing their dirty work. The City though has responded quickly and is in the process of enacting the following steps – they are soliciting bids for the paint removal, the underbrush is to be removed on the PDL Avenue side of the parking garage, an additional private security person is being added on all three shifts for patrol inside and outside, the fence along the BeltLine side of the building is being repaired and enhanced (razor wire I hope), the a/c, as well as interior lighting, is to be turned off to make the interior less desirable for camping, and Zone 5 will now make hourly visual checks and will issue criminal trespass warnings or make arrests as needed. I have always worried about fire in this building and hopefully these security measures will minimize the chances of this happening now, and minimize the risk to we the taxpayers until the final sale of this building is completed. It is a shame though, that this graffiti attack had to happen to enact these security changes.

Speaking of graffiti – don’t forget the organizational meeting of our local Graffiti Team at the Warren City Club on North Highland Avenue at 7 on the 23rd. Your help is needed to battle this growing scourge on our city-scape. Direct any questions to

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