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Monday morning’s scheduled hearing for Timothy Kozak was a disappointment for we CourtWatchers, as his hearing was yet again postponed til a later date to September 28th. Remember, he was one of the robbing crew that looted and desecrated the Virginia Highland Church and the adjoining pre-school facility several months ago. Since I realize that is hard for working church members and pre-school parents to attend these daytime hearings, I am asking that these folks send me a short, concise statement expressing your disgust and how this invasion affected you – I will then take these statements with me to court on 9/28 in the hopes that I will be able to read them aloud when community input is asked for. I am hopeful that the next hearing will be in Judge Glanville’s courtroom again,as he is supportive of getting citizen’s comments before sentencing. Send your comments to me at

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