Crime reports

Beat # 603 Arrest
I know that many of you are familiar with this vehicle description – a 1998 burgundy Buick LeSabre, dark-tinted windows and license plate # BVJ 2541. The owner/driver is Paul Douglas Williams, and he was arrested by our Officer Cooper on 1/5/2010 for driving without a
license, and had a laptop in his possession that had been stolen earlier that same evening. I learned from the Fulton County Jail website that Williams was charged with theft of property and possession of burglary tools – both of which are evidently bondable charges. Williams somehow came up with the $5000 bond (stolen money?) and was released on 1/6/2010 and is back on the streets right now. But, Officer Cooper tells me that he is to appear before the Grand Jury on 1/12/2010 to obtain a new warrant. Though Officer Cooper does not think Williams will be stupid enough to make a VaHi appearance any time soon – he urges an immediate 911 call if this vehicle is spotted here. Williams is a 32 y/o, 6′, 190 pound b/m unconvicted thief. Local residents of Kentucky Avenue, Briarcliff Place and Virginia Avenue are folks who already know about him personally – you know who you are. I won’t name any names til Williams is safely behind bars. Thanx to Officer Cooper for the nab and the phone call and Officer Gurley for notifying me. Also thanx to my amateur detective friend in Midtown for helping me to connect the dots on previous reports so I could let Zone 6 know. This stuff takes a village!!

Now to the crime stats for the last two weeks of 2010 – which should have been two weeks of peace on earth and goodwill to men. Somehow, though, it didn’t quite work out that way here in Zone 6! These stats are for our 603 beat, but with news from around the Zone as it applies to and affects us. Again, as I always state – these are not meant to scare anyone – just to keep us alert and aware.

Auto Theft – Vehicles were stolen from Park Drive and Todd Road.

Aggravated Assault – At the PDL Avenue Kroger store two co-workers got into an argument resulting in one striking the other with a metal pole. Guess there is a job opening now at this store!

Commercial Robbery – At the Metro PCS store on Moreland Avenue – two perps, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun, said to the clerk “Give me everything you got” the clerk victim said he had nothing and the perps left! Our Ben & Jerry’s store on North Highland Avenue was not so lucky – they were robbed at gunpoint on 12/26 at 6:20 p.m. and the two perps even took the money from the clerk’s wallet. The Uptown Novelty store on Cheshire Bridge Road was also robbed at gunpoint on Christmas Eve at 2:20 a.m..

Commercial Burglary – Prima on Dutch Valley Place was entered via a smashed front door glass. The Unique Pizza store on PDL Avenue was broken into on Christmas Eve via a smashed front window. A storage unit was entered at Public Storage on Monroe Drive in Piedmont Heights.

Larceny from Auto – Vehicles were broken into on Arlington Place, Lanier Boulevard (2), North Highland Avenue (5), Virginia Avenue (4), Adair Avenue, and St. Charles Avenue. Of these 14 incidents – 12 of the owners were from outside of VaHi. Beer was stolen from a delivery truck in the Ansley Mall parking lot – wouldn’t you think these delivery drivers would lock the truck while making deliveries? Outside of 603 several yard care trucks had equipment stolen from them – warn your yard care guys to lock up their equipment on their trucks!
All around Zone 6 in this time period – NINE GPS systems were stolen, two license plates taken off (keep checking to make sure you have a plate), and 4 in-dash radios were ripped out.

Larceny Other – This I hate – Christmas decorations were taken from front yards on East Rock Springs Road, N.E. and Warren Street, S.E. A diamond ring was reported missing from a Lanier Boulevard residence. At the American Roadhouse restaurant – cash was taken from the unlocked office area. Credit cards were taken from a patron of the Cavern bar on North Highland Avenue. An unwatched purse hanging from the back of a chair at a PDL Avenue restaurant was taken. A thief was caught taking a spool of wire from the Georgia Power grounds on PDL Place. Our PDL Avenue Kroger and Publix stores caught 3 shoplifters. Can’t believe there were no shoplifting reports from the Target store in Edgewood. for these two weeks.

Residential Robbery – 3 Hispanics were robbed at their Lenox Road apartment. I always wonder as to how many incidents involving Hispanics are never reported.

Pedestrian Robbery – In the Ansley Mall parking lot at 12:50 p.m. (broad daylite) the victim was sitting in his car when the perp approached with a sawed-off shotgun and demanded the vehicle. The victim threw his keys on the ground (his window must have been open) and started yelling (naturally!) – people heard him and someone yelled “call the cops” and at which time the perp fled on foot.

Stay warm and stay alert and safe. Hopefully our thugs will not be so active during this cold snap.


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