December 11, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda and VHCA Budget

General and Board Meeting

Monday, December 11, 2017; 7:00 PM

Grace Lutheran Church  1155 N. Highland Avenue


VHCA Directors:  David Brandenberger, Chase Johnson, Jenifer Keenan, Simon Lee, Barry Loudis, Steve Messner, Troy Murray, Stefanie Roberts, Kay Stephenson, George Zirkel, Emma Tinsley (alternate)

Call to order: 7:00 p.m. – David Brandenberger

  • Adoption of agenda

  • Approval of minutes from November Board Meeting as distributed

  • Atlanta Police Department – Recognized Upon Arrival

  • Elected Public Officials & Municipal Representatives

  • Councilwoman Elect Jennifer Ide

  • Councilman Elect Matt Westmoreland

  • Other Guests:

Old Business

Planning Committee (Planning Committee Goals)

  • Variances – Barry Loudis

V-17-317; 801 Adair Ave. NE; R-4 – DEFERRED FROM NOVEMBER CYCLE

The house faces northward on Adair just west of De Leon.

Applicant has been updated to Andy Steele of Park Atlanta Homes (on behalf of homeowner William Knight) requests variances to:

  1. reduce the front yard setback from 35 feet to 34 feet (existing) to build a 2nd floor addition above and along the existing dimension


  3. reduce the west side yard setback from 7 feet to 2.7 feet (existing at rear of home) to build a 2nd floor addition atop the existing dimension and extend the existing structure along the same dimension

  4. reduce the east side yard setback from 7 feet to 3 feet  to build a detached garage structure

  5. reduce the rear yard setback from 15 feet to 3 feet to build a detached garage structure

  • Master Plan Update – Jenifer

  • $2,500 grant from Councilman Alex Wan

Sidewalk and Transportation Committee  – Troy/Jenifer

Budget Committee/Treasurer’s Report (Budget Committee Goals) – George

Parks Committee (Parks Committee Goals)  – David

  • $15,000 Grant from Councilman Alex Wan for John Howell Park Project

Fundraising Committee (Fundraising Committee Goals)

  • Tour of Homes – Robin

    • Estimated Financial Results:

      • Total Net Revenue: $79,319 (2016 was $78,596)

      • $38,133 ticket sales, which was an increase of $4,730 over 2016

      • $40,906 in sponsorships, which was $4,287 decrease from 2016

      • Final Expenses Estimated to be  $23,000 – $24,000

      • Estimated Net Income  $54,000 – $56,000  (2016:  $56,160)

  • Holiday Extravaganza in North Highland Park – Stefanie

  • Other Fundraising – George, Steve, Kay, Stefanie

  • Vote on Morningside Mile MOU

Safety Committee (Safety Committee Goals) – Kay

  • Update on current initiatives

Communications Committee (Communication Committee Goals)

New Business

  • $55,000 Grant from Councilman Alex Wan

  • Discussion and Adoption of 2018 Budget 

  • Discussion and Adoption of 2018 Committee Goals

  • Announcements/Calendar: (All meetings are public)

    • NPU-F Monthly Meeting at Hillside: December 18, 2017

    • VHCA Planning Committee at Ponce de Leon Branch Library:  January 3, 2018 7 pm

    • VHCA General and Board Meeting at Grace Lutheran: January 8, 2018  7 pm



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