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The City of Atlanta and ATLPlus will sponsor the “Don’t Get the Boot” program to promote parking education and assist in the resolution of unpaid parking citations.  This program will waive late penalties added to citations issued before March 24, 2017. The “Don’t Get the Boot” program will only last 15 calendar days ( Friday, June 1, 2018 through Friday, June 15, 2018) and will be limited to citations issued before the ATLPlus program began. Citations rates will be reduced to the original fine amount.  At the end of the late penalty waiver program, all outstanding citation amounts will go back to their previous amount and include the previously added late fees.

For addition information on Don’t Get the Boot program visit: https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments/public-works/office-of-transportation/parking-services/don-t-get-the-boot-program

To pay outstanding citations visit: www.ATLPLUSmobility.com

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