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We recently had a rash of reports of strangers at our front doors asking for donations or selling magazines for various reasons, and I hope that no one here got taken. This was quite obviously one of the rings that travel around to many cities, hit hard and leave. If this part of Atlanta was not successful for them, maybe we will be taken off the lists of good neighborhoods to hit at future dates.

I have also been informed that the Inman School will be having a magazine subscription drive and hopefully these kids will be wearing Inman t-shirts and have their parents in tow also and only be ringing doorbells on their immediate streets. If you are not interested in a magazine subscription, but would like to make a donation to the PTA you can send a check made out to Inman PTA and send it to Inman School, attn PTA, 774 Virginia Avenue, N.E., ATL 30306.

Interesting story about door bell ringers at This article underscores the distinct advantage we have here in VaHi with our Safety Team neighborhood watch in that you can know who your neighbors are and who is pulling your leg.

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