Grady High College and Career Center Says Thanks for Grant

Henry_W_Grady_High_School_AtlantaEarlier this year, the Virginia-Highland Civic Association awarded an $800 grant to Grady High’s College and Career Center in support of the work the center does with seniors to prepare them for life after high school. The grant was part of a total of $15,000 in grants awarded by the VHCA in 2013.

The center’s director, Susan Muntzing, emailed last week to say thanks on behalf of the students and staff who have directly benefitted from the grant.

Grady students Nadia Brewer (left) and Tatum Young use the facilities at the Grady College and Career Center.

“The Grady CCC is appreciative!” Muntzing wrote. “We could not accomplish what we do for the students without generous donations from supporters like the VHCA.”

“The VHCA Grant Committee is excited to support the Grady CCC,” says VHCA board member Peggy Berg. “It’s a remarkable resource with many volunteers doing excellent work with our graduating seniors.”

For more information on Grady’s CCC, click here or visit the center’s Facebook page at


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