Graffiti in Cunard Playground in John Howell Park

In case you have not seen the disgusting graffiti in the Cunard playground are of John Howell Park – it has been reported to parks department for removal. I also took pix and sent them to APD’s gang unit to see if they have any gang relationship. I also heard that Grady High School had a lot of graffiti this past weekend – but it has been removed. It has been suggested that we have a standing committee of graffiti removers to counteract future and current displays. Let me know if you are interested in keeping this type of vandalism out of VaHi – before it becomes a real big problem here. Let me know if you would like to serve as the need arises – if we had a half-dozen or so folks available I think we could keep abreast of infestations. I can get supplies from Keep Atlanta Beautiful.


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