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Thanks for taking a moment to fill out this survey. It is only with neighborhood input that we can identify the public transit (trolleys, shuttles, MARTA bus service) needs of the residents and businesses along Highland Avenue.

Please tell us about your household:

Household Status:

# of children in household:

# of household members in the following age groups:

Under 20





Over 60

1. Check each purpose for which you have considered or would consider public transportation in the neighborhood on Highland Avenue:
Shopping at Sage Hill
Dining in Morningside, Virginia-Highland, Poncey-Highland, Inman Park
Meeting friends for coffee at one of the neighborhood coffee shops

Shops and restaurants at University Drive (Alon’s, Mambos, Natural Body)
Running errands at Amsterdam Avenue (pet supplies, haircut, post office)

Going to the movies and stopping at Market One
Taking in a game at Manuel’s Tavern
Visiting the YWCA
Downtown (5 Points, Hotels, etc)
Highland Ave. & Elizabeth (Soto Soto, Highland Bakery, Jake’s, Roman Lily)
Doing laundry

Hospital and CVS

Going to church and/or synagogue
Attending Virginia Highlands Summerfest


2. What days and time frames would you likely ride public transit? Check all that apply.
Monday through Friday
Good weather only

Rain or shine

3. What is the distance from your home to the nearest transit stop along Highland Avenue or Johnson Road?
Less than a 5 minute walk
A 5-10 minute walk
More than a 10 minute walk

4. Assuming schedule reliability, what frequency would a transit schedule need to be on to meet your needs to consider public transportation to neighborhood businesses?
Run every 10-12 minutes

Run every 12-15 minutes
Run every 15 minutes
Run every 20-30 minutes

5. Do you currently pay for parking when you visit local businesses along Highland Avenue?

I go out of my way to find a free parking spot.
I’ll pay for parking but $ is my limit.
Paying for parking is part of intown living and I deal with it.

6. Regarding parking, please check the following:
I never have trouble finding a parking spot.
I sometimes have trouble finding a parking spot.
I always have trouble finding parking and I’ve about had it.
I valet park and don’t worry about it.

7. What is the MAXIMUM fare you would be willing to pay for hassle free, reliable, convenient public transportation along the Highland Avenue?
$1.75 per person per ride
$1.00 per person per ride
$1.75 per person unlimited ridership for a 4 hour time period
$1.00 per person unlimited ridership for a 4 hour time period

8. Please comment on transit stops in their current form:

I am fine with the current stops.
I would like to see shelter at the stops.

Other comments:

9. If an express service were offered from the corner of Virginia and Highland, where the final destination was a MARTA Rail Station, which station would you like it to serve:


Arts Center

Inman Park

10. Everyday transit needs
Have you taken public transit to for your everyday needs (work/school/rehearsals/meetings)?
If yes, how often?

If no, why?
Distance to transit stop
Time / transfers to destination

Would you like to be informed of our progress:
Email address:

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