As another great academic year begins at Inman – our second under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Kevin Maxwell – we are proud to report that the Inman Middle School Foundation experienced a record year in 2017/2018, raising nearly $100,000 that was put to direct and immediate use in our Inman classrooms.

The Inman Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting initiatives that fall under two primary elements of the school’s Strategic Plan: Systems & Resources and Talent Management.

Thanks to the generosity of Inman families, neighborhood businesses and organizations, and other community members during the last two school years, the Foundation has succeeded in funding:

Inman students utilizing Chromebooks in the classroom.

More than 250 Chromebooks supporting the 1:1 initiative to provide every Inman student with his or her own dedicated Chromebook in the classroom

“A Chromebook in every student’s hand individualizes student learning with endless access to online resources, each that cater to different interests, comprehension, and vocabulary levels.  Additionally, Google integration provides classrooms limitless opportunities for collaboration and creation through powerful apps.” instructional coach Sarrita Allen said.

“Kids love technology. But they are using the device to create, curate, evaluate and synthesize info,” Dr. Maxwell said. “The Foundation understands how technology can be a vehicle for students to be engaged in the classroom.”

A highly effective in-school tutoring partnership with the Educational Advisory Foundation

Bringing experienced and highly trained outside educators to work one-on-one or in small groups during school hours providing intensive instruction in reading and math for students who require extra attention. The EAF program effectively reduces class sizes by allowing teachers to continue instruction for students not in the program at a pace appropriate to their level.

“We’ve seen statistically significant increases in test scores with those students. It’s definitely working,” Maxwell said.

Inman Principal, Dr. Maxwell, demonstrating a mobile Chromebook charging/storage cart also purchased by the Foundation.

Level 1 Google Certification for 30 teachers

Which lead to improved efficiency among teaching teams when

 the same learning platform is utilized in addition to gifted certification training for 14 teachers, which helps keep all class sizes smaller and permits greater flexibility in teacher assignments.

“I love the benefits of Google Classroom. No more stacks of paper. You can see a single kid’s entire work flow. It keeps families informed and you see real-time progress.” said 6th Grade Science teacher, Melissa Nunnink.

Although the Foundation has made significant progress, it has not yet fully attained all
objectives. Inman still needs approximately 300 Chromebooks to reach the 1:1 goal. The Foundation has also committed to continuing the EAF tutoring program this year and providing additional gifted and Google certifications.


Whether you are a current, past or future Inman Eagle, local business, relative, or community member, EVERY donation makes a real and lasting difference in each Inman student’s education experience. A donation of just $500 covers the cost of a Chromebook or 1 teacher’s gifted certification training. Or a donation of $250 equates to the cost of one student in the EAF tutoring program. Your investment goes a long way.

Visit for more details and how you can help! Your gifts will ensure that our Inman Eagles take flight and soar!

Thank you in advance. …Your Inman Middle School Foundation


Submitted by Kim Meyer, Trustee, Inman Middle School Foundation


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