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The Intowners real estate group (Julie Sadlier, Sandy D’Aprile and Peter Bade) is once again sponsoring an area in Kidsfest at Summerfest where children will be able to participate in painting a mural. Painting the mural has become a Kidsfest and Intowners tradition, and the VHCA is thrilled that Sadlier, D’Aprile and Bade have once again chosen to sponsor the activity.

The group is looking for a volunteer to help them create the design for the paint-on-canvas mural. For artists interested in volunteering to help, here are the requirements (please see image at right for example of previous year mural):

  • The design should support the festival’s overall theme of “Down on the Farm.” By this we mean the scene should include animals, characters and objects commonly found on a farm.
  • The words “Summerfest – Kidsfest 2013” should be incorporated into the design.
  • Mural dimensions are 10’ wide and 3’ tall.
  • Drawing should be done in black line art only (like a coloring book).
  • Art work must be converted to eps or pdf format so it can be enlarged as necessary for printing.

If you are interested in helping out with this most important Kidsfest activity and receiving a coveted volunteer t-shirt for your efforts, please contact Sandy D’Aprile at

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