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Timothy Kozak, the remaining co-defendant in the burglary ring that plundered through VaHi, Fourth Ward, Poncey Highland and Midtown, pled guilty to all charges and was sentenced to serve 20 years – 10 in prison. Kozak admitted to burglaries at Camden Midtown Apartments, the VaHi Church and adjoining pre-school, and various residential burglaries.

Kozak was sentenced as a recidivist, meaning, he will serve every day of the ten years in prison due to his prior record. The balance of his sentence is to be served on probation with conditions – he be banned from this area and that he undergo drug treatment.

The excellent investigation and cooperation by Zone 5 and Zone 6 burglary squads made this conviction possible. Sgt. Cooper of the MPSA assisted Zone 5 Lt. McGee in the apprehension in Midtown. Sgt. D. Schierbaum, Officer C. Gurley, and Sgt. Cooper pursued this case with significant personal sacrifices, as they appeared in court numerous times, spending hours, often on their off-days to see that Kozak was convicted. Our community is so fortunate to have such dedicated law enforcement officers serving us.
Thanks to the many members of Citizen’s CourtWatch, who have patiently followed this case for the past year. In spite of the many court appearances, which took place on short notice, they were unwavering in their support. Their persistence in seeing justice served certainly paid off.

The above report was from Sharla Jackson, our community prosecutor. You can thank her at sharla.jackson@fultoncountyga.gov You can commend Sgt. Schierbaum to Zone 5 Major Williams at kwilliams@atlantaga.gov and Officer Gurley to Zone 6 Major Propes at epropes@atlantaga.gov These are folks who deserve a pat on the back from us!

Lamb Sentenced!

Kenneth Lamb appeared before Judge Jackson Bedford on 9/21 for a probation revocation hearing – stemming from a probated 2006 sentence for cocaine possession. The warrant for arrest was issued by his probation officer for not completing his required drug treatment program. Lamb was sentenced to two years prison time – the maximum allowed for this violation. He is then banned from Fulton County for the remaining five years of his sentence. Lamb still faces 3 more hearings for other probation violations and a terrorist threat charge. This process will go on for a long time yet. But he is safely behind bars on Rice Street in the meantime.

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