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Virginia-Highland Civic Association
Monthly Board Meeting, YWCA
Monday, November 4, 2002, 7:00 PM



A quorum being present, Steven Kushner called the meeting to order.

New business / old business:

  • Anna Copello, Poncey Highland Neighborhood Association President, requested a letter of support in opposition to the zoning change requested by The Covenant House, a national social services organization serving young adults, to allow Covenant House to operate a 40 bed facility in Poncey Highland.
    • Ms. Copello had three main concerns:
      • balance with existing social service organizations
      • security / safety related to off-property loitering by associates of those being served
      • immediate neighbors of the property are against the zoning change
    • The Board discussed Ms. Copello’s request.


  • Steven Kushner noted that Highland Bagel is closing and that another restaurant is expected to open in that space.
  • Steven Kushner noted that Meridian Storage informed the Association that the Associations’ storage services barter agreement has been canceled. The cost of this service will be $180 per month beginning in November 2002.
  • Steven Kushner expressed concern that the sidewalk initiative should be accelerated. Chip Gallagher is writing an article for The Voice to describe the process by which residents receive reimbursement for fixing their sidewalks.
  • Jean Jordan noted that Rob Glancey has ordered the new association meeting announcement signs.


A speeding and jay-walking task force on the N. Highland corridor is underway. The Board discussed traffic issues on the N. Highland corridor.


  • The sidewalk initiative has fixed one sidewalk. The sidewalk fix reimbursement cost was $444.
  • The Voice is projected to exceed the net cost limit of $9,000 required by the association budget. Chip Gallagher made a motion to eliminate the $9,000 limit on the Voice. The board approved the motion.
  • Wiley Sommerville suggested greater board member oversight of The Voice. Bob Coomes volunteered to assist with the fiscal management of The Voice.
  • Logo items are not selling very fast. (The association purchased $5,000 worth of mugs and license plates and has sold $500.) Kris Reinhard offered to take samples to the next business association meeting to see if any of the shops would sell VA HI logo merchandise (especially in consideration of the approaching holidays).


No variance issues were introduced.


The Board approved a link to the VA HI Parent’s Association email list.


The Board noted the success of the recent volunteer planting efforts at Triangle Park.


Steven Kushner mentioned progress with Z93, volunteers, dining logistics and the footrace. Wiley Sommerville updated the Board on the city-wide festivals member organization. SummerFest may face significant increases in city licensing expenses and new/uncertain regulatory requirements beginning this year.

The meeting adjourned at 8:39pm.

In attendance:

  • Bob Coomes
  • John Craft
  • Kevin Cronin
  • Chip Gallagher
  • Linda Guthrie
  • Jean Jordan
  • Steven Kushner
  • Robert Ramsay
  • Kris Reinhard
  • Wiley Sommerville
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