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Virginia-Highland Civic Association
Monthly General Meeting, Ponce de Leon Library

Wednesday, October 2, 2002, 7:30 PM



Steve Kushner opened the meeting with general announcements and introduction of the new board. Goals and Objectives for 2003 are being developed. $10,000 has been set aside for improving sidewalks.

Update from Anne Fauver’s office: (by Janet Kishbaugh)

Highland corridor meeting tomorrow with GA DOT, get project manager, update next month. New schedule for picking up yard debris. Virginia Ave will not be paved until BellSouth and AGL do additional work.

Public Safety

Steve Luben met for 2.5 hours on plan of action, traffic speed study will be conducted.

  • Several cars stolen, one on Clemont
  • Daytime home breakins-9: 30a.m.-2:30 p.m. Acting as if workmen, break in steal CD players, computers
  • Break in at 2:30 a.m. on 907 N. Highland
  • New box of checks stolen from several residents mail boxes
  • November, 10, Sunday, Citizens invited to attend thank your reception at 4pm 964 Edgewood Ave Trolley Barn
  • House on PDL and Bonaventure is abandoned and not boarded up removed several homeless people.

Report any unusual people who are “prowling” around to police 911.


November publishing for the VH Voice newsletter, Articles by 10-31.


No variances. Reminder BZA hearing October 4, 2002 at 1pm for 2 appeals

Treasury report

Wiley Summerville gave financial update on VAHI., 60k in bank, 24k in CD

Membership and Community outreach

Working on new Welcome package for next year. We would like coupons from merchants in VAHI community or info describing goods and services


Rob Glancy: 10 am Fall cleaning, at three islands on the Saturday 10-5 Please note planting day is 10-19

Stephanie: New arborist Connie Gray 404-330-6150 ext 5632

  • Work party on John Howell Park put in new mulch ( Need to have next work day go out on email reminder)
  • 10-5 SHAPE clean up on Ponce De Leon 9am
  • 10-26 9 am. Tree Planting Day: Planting trees Arlington Place and Rosedale, Steve Luben has tree options

Reviewed list of 9 business that are not in compliance with tree ordinance, Steve Kushner to write a letter to new city arborist

Summer Fest

Steve Kushner announced that Rob Frazer, a professional events planner, has been hired to run Summer Fest 2003. Works with Music midtown and other large events. His expertise will allow for us to be better equipped to negotiate fees and expenses. Will be able to streamline process and maximize profits. Will have volunteer Co-Chairs, Artist Market, Race, and Volunteers. Summer Fest applications for artist market are due out in later October.

New Business

  • City ordinance dictates trees per number of parking spaces, Letter being drafted to new arborist.
  • Suggestion to send info about the lots to bring them into compliance and publicize
  • Food vendor stopped payment on check for $2,000, Motion made to file small claims court for recovery of $2,000 plus costs and attorneys fees, approved by board.
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