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Crepe Myrtles in Our Neighborhood
Stop! Don’t cut that Crepe Myrtle!
The neighborhood has planted over 100 myrtles along North Highland beginning in 1995 to prepare for the Olympics. The myrtles stretch from Ponce de Leon to Amsterdam. The idea was to create a long avenue of beautifully formed myrtles. Just this winter Trees Atlanta added about 17 new crepes to fill in on the west side of North Highland. Trees Atlanta prunes the trees every year to create a consistency of shape and size. Although many people think that it is proper to prune myrtles, actually it weakens the tree forcing rapid growth into many shoots. In addition, the tree in a weakened condition is open to insects, primarily mites in myrtles. Another problem is the severe cutting usually results in sprouting right at the height of Stop and Pedestrian signs. This year is no exception. We only have one more weekend until the trees have leafed out. Help us protect the myrtles on Highland. Any questions, please feel free to write me at

Many thanks!

Stephanie Coffin
ISA Certified Arborist

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