Virginia-Highland Civic Association (VHCA) welcomes you to enjoy North Highland Park. VHCA considers North Highland Park a publicly-accessible space for all to use and enjoy. We ask you please be civil and respectful to yourself while in this public space, to other users, and to park property during your visit. Though it happens infrequently, VHCA's authorized representatives may ask those who do not observe the rules and guidelines to leave the park at their discretion.

There are some specific guidelines governing behavior in the park that we would like to emphasize. Those statements are presented below. For information on reserving the park, please visit our Reservation Request calendar.

  • North Highland Park is open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. daily.
  • Report illegal activities to 911. Notify VHCA afterwards at
  • Place all litter in receptacles.
  • Pets are welcome, however we ask that they remain on a leash in the park. Persons with pets must clean up after the pet.
  • If you would like to replenish the doggie bag dispensers with empty bags, we welcome contributions.
  • Except for events with specific permission granted by VHCA in writing, we ask that you not bring tents or canopies, glass containers, horses or ponies, moonwalks, dunk tanks, or any equipment that requires usage of our electrical outlets, including music amplification.
  • No vehicles allowed on the gravel walkway.
  • No drugs or illegal substances allowed.
  • Be mindful you are next to neighbors' homes and yards.
  • As neighbors and community members, we support the commercial vendors nearby. Additionally, this park was created as a non-commercial, publicly-accessible space. Without specific provision or permission, no sales are permitted in the park. This includes food and beverage, ticketed events, or services.


For reference, the City of Atlanta's Park rules and guidelines tend to be our guide for North Highland Park, though of course, the park ordinances do not apply strictly in North Highland Park since it is owned and maintained by the Virginia-Highland Civic Association.