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DSC_0009At its Monday night meeting, NPU-F reacted strongly against the City’s proposal to nearly triple the price it charges to repair sidewalks. The proposed price is $10.28/sq. ft. compared to the current $3.90/sq. ft. In Virginia-Highland, where the VHCA has worked with property owners for three years to improve our sidewalks, this increase would surely impede our ability to make further improvements.

The proposed legislation enables the City to collect money for sidewalks without making any commitment as to how many months or years they would hold the funds before actually delivering the work. In addition, the legislation includes no reporting or accountability requirements. In fact, the City still has not implemented the recommendations from a recent study to reduce its sidewalk red tape, which is the major factor driving up the cost of sidewalk repairs.

NPU-F passed a motion against this legislation. However, City Council still has the option of passing it. You can let City Council know how you feel about this by emailing Alex Wan at, and our at-large representatives,, and

Happily, the city has allowed a few additional properties to join the repair bundle currently being installed. If you have been considering repairing the sidewalk abutting your property, the current $3.90/sq. ft. price should be available until any new price is approved by City Council. You may wish to consider acting now rather than later. If you’re interested in learning more, contact VHCA Safety Chair Peggy Berg at or the city at 

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