BOARD of DIRECTORS 2019-2020

Following is the list of candidates for the Board of Directors of the Virginia-Highland Civic Association who offered to serve and declared their candidacy prior to September 3, 2019, following our By-Laws that require that candidates must announce their intent more than fifteen (15) days prior to our Annual General Meeting and Election, which, this year, is scheduled for Thursday, September 19 at 7pm at the Virginia-Highland Church.

Below are the list of submitted candidates, and, there are spaces for any write-in candidates who may be nominated from the floor. The term of office begins October 1, 2019, and ends on September 30, 2020.

You may vote for up to – but not more than – 11 candidates. You may vote for fewer than 11 candidates. The 10 candidates who receive the highest number of votes will constitute the elected members of the Board, and the person with the 11th most votes will be the alternate. Please place an “X” in the line next to the candidates for whom you are voting for. You may also write in a candidate below. Please note that any ballots with more than 11 votes will be disqualified in their entirety.

For those submitting absentee ballots, this document can be printed and mailed to P.O. Box 8041, Station F, Atlanta, GA 31106. To be counted, they must arrive in the P.O. Box by 5PM the day prior to the election, which is September 18. Absentee ballots may also be hand delivered, with proper residency verification, at the Annual Meeting by 7PM.

For absentee, please put your ballot in a sealed envelope with your residency validation. Account numbers and license numbers should be blacked out.

In alphabetical order:

_______ David Brandenberger (I)

_______ Chip Franzoni (I)

_______ Jenifer Keenan (I)

_______ Mike Lewis (I)

_______ Barry Loudis (I)

_______ Leah Matthews (I)

_______ David Taylor-Klaus

_______ Katie Voelpel (I)

_______ Joshua Zane (I)

_______ ______________________

_______ ______________________

(I) Indicates “Incumbent”




Download a copy here. 

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